A Royal Mate

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Part 38

***Buckle up ladies, this will be EPIC***

The next morning

I felt a blanket of warmth and comfort all around me. Like I was floating on fluffy clouds that were filled with pine scented feathers. I stretched my body out, feeling my muscles relax with the release of tension, as delicate little tingles tickled my skin. I inhaled the luxurious smell surrounding me and snuggled back in closing my eyes. I let my mind wander to the serene feel of the room. My thoughts were full of Jack. His eyes gazing over my body as he licked his lips hungrily. Watching his muscles flex as he saunters over to me with hunger. My need for him was so deep. Hearing his sexy, husky voice begging me to let him touch me, to love me.

Suddenly my body started burning up causing beads of sweat to form on my forehead. My eyes shot open and I pulled the covers off of me trying to cool off. My clothes were starting to suffocate me so I started clawing at them shredding them to pieces. A painful twist started in my stomach causing a shock from my navel to my core. I arched my back moaning and thrashing for release. Gripping the sheets as I rode through the waves of pain.

The door flung open and Val ran in with icy towels that she placed over my forehead and neck. "Shhhhh Anna. It's ok. I'm here."

The coolness helped dull the heat slightly but nothing was helping with the pain. I felt Val leave my side for a minute then returned with a shirt. She helped me dress in it and immediately my body relaxed and my stomach pains died down. My breathing slowed and I fell into a deep sleep.


Austin was staying outside in an attached apartment to keep from attacking Anna. I ran into the room when I heard her screaming. I hated seeing her like this but I was her friend and she needed me. Once I calmed her down I went back to my room which was right down the hall from hers.

Austin was coming up the stairs to check on her when I saw him. "It's ok Austin. I've calmed her down. But we need to talk about this."

"Fine Val. But we should go downstairs to the office."

Austin turned around and walked down the stairs towards the first floor. I followed behind him watching him carefully. There was something about him that was off but I couldn't put my finger on it. He was so protective of Anna almost too protective of Anna. Like the day at the market when she was talking to that guy. I even noticed that whenever I mentioned Jacks name near him he would tense and zone out.

I reached the office and Austin was standing in front the fire with his hands on his hips.

"Do you love her?"

He turned around and furrowed his brows "Do I love, who?"

My throat got dry because I didn't want to repeat the questions nor did I want to hear the answer. "Anna. Do you love her?"

He stared at me with a painful look and dropped his head down to the floor. He shook his head and looked back up at me. I didn't give him a chance to respond "Don't lie to me Austin. I've seen the way you act around her it's as if she's your mate or something. In fact any time I mention Jack around you, you get all tense and brood for the rest of the day. And don't get me started on last night. I know what you were thinking and...ugh I can't believe I didn't put this all together sooner" he cut me off.

"Val. Stop."

"No, Austin. I need you to tell me the truth. Why are you acting this way!" Tears were falling down my cheeks was I balled my fist by my sides waiting for his response.

"Val. I'm not lying. I am not in love with Anna. She is mated to Jack."

"Yes I know that but he isn't around so it's the perfect way for you to move in on her."

"Val, you are my mate. I do not and cannot love Anna. Because..."

My body was ready to explode. He was dancing around the issue and I was ready to rip into him "Because, what? Why couldn't you be in love with Anna? Huh. Tell me. TELL ME!" I screamed at the top of my lungs as he reached forward and grabbed my shoulders tightly.

"Because Jack is the Alpha of the Birchwood Pack." My eyes widened as he paused for a few seconds. "And I am his Beta!"


A few hours later my eyelids were assaulted by sunlight. I opened them blinking several times not wanting to leave the heaven I was enveloped in. There was a light knock on the door and I shot up finally realizing I wasn't in my bed. I jumped up as the door opened and Val peered in. "Good you're awake!" She said quietly.

"Val, where the hell am I? W-what happened?" I suddenly felt alone as I wrapped my arms around myself.

She sat down on the edge of the bed and patted the spot next to her. "Anna sit down. We need to talk." I looked at her not completely understanding why she was so calm as she walked over to sit next to her. "Anna, this is Jack's house. We had to bring you here last night after you went into heat in the middle of town. There were wolves trying to get to you so Austin and I drove you here."

I sat their stunned as I realized I was having dinner with Parker last night before I went into heat. Oh my goddess. Please tell me I didn't do anything.

Val noticed my mini freak out and she grabbed me by the hands saying "Nothing happened. We intercepted Parker before he could do anything. But you were driving all of the unmated wolves in town crazy, even my mate!" She said as she blushed. And looked down.

I didn't think I heard her correctly. Val and Austin still hadn't mated? "Wait. What did you just say? Val are you telling me you still haven't mated with Austin?"

She looked at me shamefully and whispered "No." I was so sad for her all this time they spent together and...wait she would have been in heat last night too. How come Austin had such strong feelings towards me but didn't feel her heat? I decided to ask her but I was cautious about the subject.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

Taking a deep breath she stood up and walked towards the window. "Anna, Austin is such a great guy. He's a gentleman and is so sweet to me. But he asked that we take things slow because he's under a lot of pressure right now. I was also in heat last night but nothing as severe as yours due to my mate being there with me." She turned and looked at me. "Austin has been taking over the Alpha duties for his pack."

My eyes were wide as I replied "Ok but that still doesn't explain why he wanted to ma...ugh you know...with me?"

She walked back towards me and said "He belongs to the Birchwood Pack which is 20 minutes from here, which is the territory that we are currently staying on and ..." She paused and looked at me cautiously judging how to choose her next words. "Austin is Jack's Beta."

I tiled my head in confusion. Then she continued "Jack is the Alpha of Birchwood Pack."

***Mic drop!!!!!!!!What just happened? Awesome twist, right?????? Who guessed it first?***

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