A Royal Mate

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Part 39


I don't even know what day it is or how long I've been down here chained to this wall. The silver had completely disabled my ability to shift and communicate with my wolf. But it was nothing compared to the pain I felt when Anna left me. I thought things were going good. I thought maybe once she realized her wolf was called by mine that she would warm up to the idea of us being her mate. But she just freaked out and told me she didn't want me.

I didn't want to leave but Jett needed to get away or he would have hurt her. I felt his pain. I felt the life being sucked out of his soul. I felt the torment he was going through. And we felt her wolfs anguish too. She was begging Jett to come back to make Anna see that she needed us but he was too distraught. I hoped and prayed that I would die. I wanted eternal sleep to grant me my wish. I begged the moon goddess every second to take my life because I knew that dying would hurt less than the suffering I was going through right now. Physical pain was nothing compared to emotional pain.

I was beginning to lose hope that anyone would find me until a few days ago. Right at the exact moment when I felt like giving up, a bright, white light appeared in my cell. It was hypnotizing but what really caught my attention was this beautiful melody of words, like a chant being sung by the Goddess herself, entering my ears warming my heart and soul. I couldn't look away and then I saw Anna's face. She was beautiful but she looked so sad and I couldn't help the tears I shed when I saw her. I knew it was her trying to find me. I tried to call to her but suddenly the light disappeared and the darkness settled back in.

I began to scream yanking on the chains hoping to pull them off the wall but that weak ass human must have heard me and came running back down the stairs ready to torture me again for making too much noise.

"Shut up, Mutt or you'll draw some very unwanted attention here that you can't defend yourself from."

I huffed and gritted my teeth growling to warm him. I may have been held back by chains but I was an Alpha and no one spoke to me like that. "You better watch your mouth, pup!"

"Or what? You're going to hurt me? I don't think so. See even if you happen to break through those chains, you're body and wolf are so weak you would probably die trying to attack me. And we all know that won't end well for you. Or your mate!"

I calmed myself down. He wanted me to continue to fight. He wanted me to become so weak that he could easily overpower me and kill me, or did he? I was already half as powerful as I should have been and he never even tried to hurt me. "Why are you keeping me alive? I mean you could have killed me the day you caught me or any day after that as a matter of fact."

"Well you see, Jack, I would love nothing more than to rip your throat out and kill you. But I need Anna alive so I can't do that!"

"WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH MY MATE?" I screamed and growled through my teeth I watched his beaty little eyes grow wide. He couldn't hide his fear from me. He might think he has the tough wolf act nailed down but he couldn't fool me.

"You're the Alpha, right? Taking away your mate weakens you. Get it?"

"You want my pack? Why not just challenge me? Huh little pup, too afraid the big bad wolf would tear you apart." I snarled as spit flew from my mouth. Anger seeping from my pores as he stood there noticeably shaken.

"I planned too but once I got here and saw you wondering around the forest, you were too easy to capture. I didn't need to fight you. You were already weak with dispair from letting some she-wolf wip you into submission. Now if you'll excuse me I have other things to do."

I screamed out in rage as he ascended the stairs closing the door behind him. Where is my pack? Why haven't they found me yet? Austin better have a damn good reason for not being here and the only reason I would except would be is if he were dead.

I needed to mind link them but I was so angry I couldn't concentrate. I also needed to get Jett to talk to me so I opened the communication link. I didn't know how much the silver had affected him so I summoned all of my strength and kept pushing through until I felt the mental block break.

Jett? Jett come on you have to talk to me.

(Faint desperate whimpers and growls) Go away!

Jett, please talk to me. We have to get out of here and find Anna. That Rogue wolf wants her. He wants to take away our mate.

What mate? She doesn't want us Jack. She pushed us away. Let him have her.

She does want us Jett. She is trying to find me and Aspen has been trying to find you. You know she is because she hasn't stopped linking you since Anna ran away. Aspen loves you. Please we have to get out of here.

If she loved me so much she wouldn't have let Anna take her away.

She didn't have a choice, Jett. Do you understand that you saved Aspen. You brought her back to life. She told you she was gone I heard you talking that day in the forest when you too were playing around. She kept saying she was tricked and that was why Anna didn't trust us. We have to let them know where we are. Please, there lives depend on it.

His ears perked up and he growled angrily from my words.

I don't want to get hurt again. But I don't want our mate getting hurt.

He stopped our link and shifted his attention to Aspen but with the silver chains his link was too weak to contact her and so was mine.

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