A Royal Mate

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Part 41

I looked at Val who nodded and soon I had told him the whole story from when I was born until when Jack went missing. He just stood there in awe as Val and I looked at each other. Without a word he knelt on one knee and bowed. Then he stood up said "Jack knew you were special he said he could feel it. When he came home after he met you for the first time he was a different person. I couldn't figure out why. He was always the strongest and smartest wolf but that week when he trained he was untouchable. Like seriously strong and stealthy. He sparred with almost every wolf and they couldn't even come close to tapping him."

I looked at him and asked "You think that was because of me?"

"Anna, I don't think you know how important you are. You are a Royal wolf, the most special wolf of our species."

"So I'm told." I said sarcastically.

"Anna, I am going to organize a search party and we will start searching the territory immediately. If you think he is still here then we need to find him. Do you know if Marina and her friends are still in town?"

"Yes they are. They are staying with Zel. Why?"

"Call her and tell her we are coming over. We need to see what else she may know. We have already searched over 85% of this territory with no sight of Jack but you said you think he is still here so there has to be something in the area that we haven't searched and we need her to give us some guidance."

Val picked up her phone and dialed Zel. I heard her walk away while speaking to her.

"Austin, do you think he is still alive? I mean I can't mind-link him but I feel him. I feel his pain and his emotions. It's like Marina awoke something in me that I never knew I had."

"Anna, he is alive. And we're going to find him." He put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed giving me a smile.

"Zel said we can meet her at the shop in 30 minutes. She said Marina has been having crazy visions all night and they are only getting worse." She looked at both us with pain in her eyes.

"Ok we have to get going. I'll contact Brayden."

"Why don't we ask Parker to help. He's a tracker."

"No, I don't trust him. Plus the ambassadors are still trying to get information on him, he could be a threat."

"He is harmless, and if you haven't forgotten he saved me from all those other wolves the night I went into heat. He is just a nice guy here to help a friend out. We can trust him."

"No, Anna. We saved you from him. He was going to take you somewhere and mate you, you didn't see him that night, yes he saved you from the others but he did it to keep you to himself. I will not allow him to get anywhere near you again." He turned around and stormed outside to the car.


He turned around and said "End of discussion."

Val grabbed my hand and said "He's just upset, Anna. He already feels bad because he thinks he let Jack down by not protecting you once. He's going to get hell from that too, believe me. But you have to trust him when he says he doesn't have a good feeling about people, his intuition is always right." She smiled and we walked out the door towards the car together.

15 minutes later we made it to Zel's shop. She was just opening the door when we got out the car so she hurried us in, locking the door behind her. "Marina and the others are here." She ushered us into the back room. I instantly locked eyes with Marina and felt relieved. I don't know what it was about her but she could calm a storm that Hades created himself.

Austin went to each member of the parliament and introduced himself, then finally he greeted Marina. Their interaction was so graceful and respectful. "Marina, it is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Austin Reynolds, Beta of the Birchwood Pack. I am here on behalf of my Alpha, who sadly has gone missing. Allow me to apologize for the way my ambassadors acted on their brief meeting with you a few days ago."

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Austin. I understand their plight in not wanting to help us. To be honest I would have been more than a little frightened to see such prestigious pack figures unexpectedly in my pack as well. But you must understand, we did not know the full extent of the situation until we got here and found Anna." She looked at me with a warm expression.

"I do understand and I wanted to come to the meeting instead of them but my council didn't want me here for security reasons. Now, may we get to business?"

"Yes. Last night I was experiencing some rather odd visions. There are a lot of uncertainties around this disappearance that I do not understand. When I helped Anna with her vision we saw him chained to a wall and that was it. Usually my visions give off a type of energy that can transport me to the exact site to which someone is but this one wouldn't allow me to project. There was a block somewhere in the transfer. I have been in contact with other entities and no one can answer my questions." She stood up and walked over to me putting out her hand. "Anna, I need to try again. Will you let me?"

I jumped up immediately and said "Yes, whatever it takes Marina." With tears running down my face I said "I would give my life to find him."

She nodded and addressed everyone in the room. "You may want to shield yourselves this may get a little more exciting than last time."

We assumed the same position as the other day and she began tracing my palm. Soon we were transformed inside a house. It was clearly not taken care of but what caught my eye was a door on the far side of the room that was illuminated. Marina was concentrating so hard that soon we were in front of the door opening it then descending down the stairs. My heart was beating out of my chest and my body was tingling everywhere. My core was on fire and I began trembling the closer we got to the bottom. I gasped at the sight in front of me. Jack!

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