A Royal Mate

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Part 43

"No." I replied in disbelief. Everything in my body was on high alert.

"I bet you thought you would never see me again?" He took a menacing step towards me.

"I-it can't b-be." My ears were deceiving me, they had to be. "How?" I took a step back with every step forward he took. "Ryder? It can't...but you're dead!" I said as I shook my head trying to wake up from this horrible nightmare.

"Well I was dead. But now I'm not. TADA!" He said in a sadistic laugh.

"My family said you were dead. How are you here? And why do you look so different?"

"My pack was attacked by Rogues's and I was left to die. But a man came upon me when I was moments from death and healed me. After I was back to normal I was severely disfigured so I went to a witch who used a beauty potion and recreated me. Goddess, what I wouldn't give to have their power, they have so much power. Just like you."

I backed up but ran into something hard. The wall, damn it! I couldn't go anywhere I was trapped.

He reached out to caress my cheek but I slapped his hand away. He walked closer to me and grabbed me by my neck pulling me towards him. I gripped at his hands trying to pry them from my throat as I gasped. He loosened his grip slightly as his eyes turned red and his voice deepened with the lengthening of his canines "Anna, I suggest you play nice. I am in no mood to be messed with." He let go of my throat and grabbed my wrist tugging me towards the back of the house.

Once we entered the threshold, my senses came alive. My body was tingling with delight and my arms had goosebumps traveling from my fingers tips all the way up my neck. My core tightened and my pussy began to drip. Seriously? You really think now is the best time to be horny?

Ryder must have sensed my arousal because he stopped suddenly and sniffed the air. His shoulders tensed and his whole body started to shake. A seductive growl left his lips as he said "Well, well, well. I guess the mate bond is stronger than I thought!" I straightened up as my eyes widened at the realization of what he said. He's here! Jack. Is. Here!

He must have sensed what I discovered because he tightened his grip on my wrist and yanked me towards a door. Mumbling under his breath as he unlocked it and opened it. "The mutt is down there."

I yanked out of his grasp and ran down the stairs. Just as my foot touched the floor I heard a growl of confusion and I turned my head to the right to see Jack bound by chains hanging from the wall. He lifted his head and our eyes locked. He forced himself to a standing position and lunged for me but the chains bit into his skin causing him to hiss and scream in pain. I jolted forward careful not to touch the bars as tears streamed down my face and sobs left my throat. "Jack! Goddess, what has he done to you?" Growling in anger.

"Anna. You have to get out of here. Its not safe." He huffed as his eyes changed from blue to white letting me know that his wolf was coming through. Aspen was barking in my head trying to get to Jett but I couldn't let her out because of the silver. Even though it wasn't touching me it was strong enough to keep my wolf at bay.

I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Anger rose to my skins surface. My hands balled into fists by my sides and I started shaking uncontrollably. I felt something inside of me snap as Ryder took the last step and turned heading in my direction. A growl of fury left my throat as I thrust my hands in front of me and unleashed a gust of wind towards him sending him flying into the wall. He crashed into it and I weakly fell to the ground looking at my hands in complete shock at what just happened.

I heard him curse as he got to his feet and bolted towards me grabbing me by the neck and forcing me into the air. He slammed me against the bars of Jack's cell. I screamed out in pain as the silver burned my back through my shirt. Jack let out an ear piercing growl and Ryder dropped me to cover his ears. I fell to the floor with a thump as I heard the chains rip from the wall. I looked behind me to see Jack half shifted into his wolf staring Ryder down.

Jack was howling and snarling as he used the chains to smash against the cell trying to free himself. Ryder was terrified but he grabbed me by the arm and tugged me to my feet before dragging me up the stairs. I fought against him as he pulled me through the halls and out the house. I finally grabbed onto a door frame and held on causing Ryder to fall backwards giving me the chance to run back towards Jack but he quickly grabbed my ankle and yanked me down causing me to hit my head on the floor. The pain was blinding and I fought to stay awake but I pushed through long enough to hear Jack bounding up the stairs. I felt the grip on my ankle loosen as Ryder jumped up and ran out towards the clearing.

I looked up to see the black wolf caustiously approaching me as he whimpered at the sight of blood on my scalp.

"I'm ok." Wincing as I tried to get up. He rushed up to me and placed his head under my arm to help me up. "Thank you." He nuzzled his snout into my neck then pulled back eyeing my head. With his big tongue he licked the spot roughly causing me to jerk back and slap his head "Ouch!" He huffed and let out a warning growl then resumed licking the cut only much gentler than last time. I could feel the heat from the healing process already beginning.

I looked into his eyes and started crying. "I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry Jack. Please forgive me." My head fell into my hands as I sobbed uncontrollably.

He quickly shifted and pulled me into his arms. "Shhh. Anna it's ok." He rocked me as he continued to say "It's ok." He kisses my forehead and placed his finger under my chin tilting it up so I could look at him. He smiled and said "Everything is ok. You saved me. Now let's go home."

He mind-linked Austin and soon all the wolves who were searching were outside the house howling in anticipation to see their Alpha again. I hooked his arm around my neck, placing my hand softly on his back and helped him to the door. Austin walked up to the other side of Jack and held onto him as we walked back to the pack house.

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