A Royal Mate

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Part 44

3 days later

I sat in a chair next to Jack's bed ever since we got home from the pack hospital. He had to stay in the infirmary the first night but I convinced the doctors to let him go home where he would be more comfortable and could rest better. They agreed only if I was trained on how to give him his medications and fluids through his IV. In my old pack, warriors were taught to be medics, just in case anyone needed immediate attention during fights or war, so I had already been educated in the skill.

I watched as his chest rose and fell evenly with every breath and checked his heart rate just like the doctor told me to. I told him stories of when I was a child and about how Austin and Val met. Anything to help the time pass.

There was a light knock at the door and Val appeared with a plate of food. "You missed dinner again. You know if you don't keep up your strength how will you take care of him?"

My eyes never left his body. "I'm not hungry. And I've been taking care of him just fine. Besides he's in this condition because of me." A single tear rolled down my cheek.

"Oh Anna. You have to stop beating yourself up. No one blames you for this." She placed her hand on my shoulder and let out a long exhausting sigh. "Please just eat something."

After a while of me not responding, Val left the plate on the dresser and walked out the room. I sat there watching him for a while longer until total exhaustion kicked in and I closed my eyes. I fought to stay awake as long as I could because I wanted my

eyes to be the first thing he saw when he opened his but my body couldn't go anymore.

When total darkness and relaxation set in, I began to dream about Jack. How his beautiful blue eyes burned into my soul. Or when his touch left a blaze of heat along my skin. How his lips felt against mine when he kissed me. Soon the images faded and I was in a deep, peaceful slumber.

When I finally woke up, I was lying in his bed with his arm slung over my waist and my body was pulled right up against his. I quickly turned around to face him and found him grinning at me. I slowly tucked my head into the crook of his arm and placed my hand on his chest as he kissed my forehead. "How did I get into your bed?"

"I woke up a few hours ago but didn't want to disturb you. The pack doctor was making rounds so he removed my IV and let me take a shower. Then I picked you up and put you in bed with me."

My eyes widened and I lightly slapped his chest "You shouldn't be picking anything up you don't have enough strength. What if you would have hurt yourself." I gasped and teared up.

He cupped me cheek with his hand and wipped a stray tear from my eye with his thumb and said "I wanted you near me and nothing was going to get in the way of that."

He leaned down to my mouth and placed a soft kiss to my lips. Immediately every cell in my body stirred as I trailed my hand up to his neck and pulled his face harder into mine. He groaned at my response and placed his hand on my ass pulling me closer to him. I arched my back so that my chest pushed up against his hoping he would feel my hardened nipples through my clothes. His kiss became rougher as our tongues intertwined and fought for space in each other's mouths. He ran his hand up my side leaving a trail of tingles in his path to my neck.

Gathering all my strength I rolled us over so I was straddling him. The look of surprise on his face was enough to set me off. I bent down and kissed his jaw working my way down to his neck then past his chest. His breath hitched and his hands gripped my thighs. I sat up and slowly started rocking my hips over his growing cock as our eyes met. He growled in frustration from the multiple pieces of material between us. My body was quivering for his touch and so was his.

He reached up and ripped my shirt off exposing my white lace bra filled with my swollen breast. Never breaking eye contact he sat up keeping me in his lap as he caressed the tops of them that were peaking out. He kissed along each one then ran his finger along the lining pulling it down popping my breast out. He grabbed it forcing it up to meet his lips. I threw my head back thrusting it further into his mouth. He groaned as he bit and licked my nipple then kissed his way up my neck making me pant. I wanted him and he knew it.

He smiled against my lips before he said "What do you want, Anna?"

Breathing heavily and not wanting him to stop I said in a weak voice "You, I want you Jack. Please."

He placed his hands on either side of my face tilting my eyes down towards his and said "What do the want me to do?" Making his cock twitch and causing it to hit my nub causing an electric jolt to run through my body.

I yelled out in pleasure as he continued to rub his hardened dick along my mound sending waves of electricity through my body until my pussy was leaking from the friction. I needed him inside me, now. I begged him "Please, Jack. Fuck me. Please."

He picked me up and slammed me against the bed as he tore my bra off then he trailed his hands along my stomach down to my shorts. In one quick motion he latched his fingers under the rims and pulled them both off without trouble, making me gasp in desperation. He smiled as he gripped his dick through his pants feeling the wetness that was left there from my arousal. He closed his eyes and tilted his head bad letting out a seductive growl then pulled his pants off letting his erection spring from the material.

My eyes were wide as I took in his full length and girth. It looked much bigger than the last time we were in this position but it only made me wetter. I licked my lips at the thought of it as he caught me staring at his member. He crawled back on top of me taking my nipple back into his mouth causing me to buck under him feeling his throbbing tip against my folds.

Instinctively I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him closer so he would thrust into me. But he had other plans and he placed his hand where his cock was making me grunt in frustration. He chuckled and said "Not yet, baby."

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