A Royal Mate

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Part 45

I laid there at his mercy as he teased me with his hand. I was tempted to push it away and dig my heels into his back then pull him into me so hard that he slammed his cock into my needy pussy but he was too strong and in control to let me do that.

He slid his fingers along my thigh then back over my wetness to the other making me a crazy bunch of nerves thinking that at any moment all he had to do was blow in between my legs and I would explode with pleasure.

He knew he had me and he knew how to make me beg but I couldn't blame him for doing it. Especially after the last two times I bolted on him then nearly rejected him and got him captured by a crazy ass wolf.

I was pulled from my thoughts when he licked my clit sending a spark of delight through my veins. He sucked and kissed my tender, swollen bundle then slowly inserted a finger in me. I almost lost it as he started curling it hitting that tender area just below my pubic bone.

I whimpered through the unexpected act "Please, Jack."

Just as I was getting used to the pleasure he inserted another finger causing me to pull my legs together clamping down on his head. He growled and I peeled my legs apart as I ran my fingers through his hair guiding his head into a sensual rhythm. I moaned in satisfaction at his quickened assault bringing me to the brim time and time again.

"What do you want, Anna?" He said as his words vibrated along my clit causing me to see stars while he continued to lick and suck it. I couldn't speak or think for that matter so answering him wasn't going to happen. He knew I was at my breaking point but he continued thrusting in and out with his long digits.

And just before I screamed out his name in ecstasy he pulled his fingers from inside of me and brought them to my lips. "Taste yourself, baby." The sexual tension between us was so thick that I opened my mouth and let him slowly place his fingers there. The action was so sexy and so animalistic that I ran my tongue over his fingers before wrapping my lips around them sucking my sweet, tangy juices.

He sucked in a deep breath of air and hissed as my tongue ran along his fingers. He pulled his hand from my mouth and grabbed both my hips tilting them up as he rammed into me with his incredible size. I screamed out in sheer bliss as the pain subsided into a pleasureful ache. He continued to pull all the way out and thrust in deeper and harder sending my body into a high that I didn't want to come down from.

"Fuck, Anna. You're so fucking tight." He said grunting as I continued to moan and cry out in anticipation of the ultimate release.

He increased his speed causing my high to build until I could feel myself on the brink of my orgasm. He quickly pulled out and flipped me over pulling my ass into the air as he thrust himself back into me. The immediate assault caused my body to jerk and spasm into a earthshattering orgasm as I screamed his name and gripped the sheets.

He continued pounding until I could feel his grip tighten on my ass assuring me that he was close to cumming. With two more quick thrusts he released his hot seed into my throbbing pussy as he said my name through his gritted teeth.

We collapsed onto the bed glistening with sweat. Jack slid his arm under me and pulled me against him. He kissed my forehead and my eyelids grew heavy. He chuckled and said "Sleep, baby." His voice lulled me into a deep slumber and soon I was dreaming of his beautiful face.

The next morning I felt hot, too hot, I opened my eyes to see Jack cuddled up against me holding on as if I were going to run away again. I smiled as I studied his muscular body. His calves were built for running and for a werewolf that was their favorite pastime. I followed his sculpted lines from his amazing ass all the way up to his shoulders and down to the hand that was holding my body a little too tightly. I licked my lips as I watched his chest rise and fall causing his pecks to flex with each little movement.

As I made my way up to his face I heard him say "Like what you see, baby?" I blushed and smiled as he pulled me closer and planted a kiss on my lips.

"Yes, Alpha. In fact..." I placed my hand on his growing erection as he closed his eyes taking in a deep breath. "I see something here that needs my extra attention." I slowly started stroking his length as he rolled all the way onto his back allowing me better access. I crawled in between his legs facing him as I eyed his cock and bit my lip. His eyes narrowed with anticipation as I bent down and took the tip into my mouth.

I flicked my tongue along the ridge and down the shaft as my eyes met his. They were changing from blue to white and I could see his internal struggle to keep his wolf at bay. I sat up and grabbed his member with both my hands and slowly started moving up and down. He started thrusting himself faster in my hands moaning as my grip tightened.

A drop of precum appeared on his tip. I took a hand off his throbbing cock and ran my finger along the wetness and placed it in my mouth sucking my finger as I moaned. His eyes widened and flashed white as he growled under his breath and in an instant he yanked me on top of him plunging his thick head right into my pussy.

I screamed out in pleasure as he said through his gritted teeth "Fuck, Anna. You are so fucking tight."

Moaning at his words, I adjusted my position so that the angle made his dick hit the perfect spot to make me cum. But he yanked me down so that our chests met and held my hips as he plunged into me fast and hard. "You may be on top, baby but I am in control. Do not cum until I tell you to."

I let out a confirming whimper as the delicious pleasure built in my core. I tried to think of anything else but he wrapped a hand around my hair and pulled me head back as he kissed my neck right where he would mark me and my mind exploded with anticipation.

"Who's pussy is this, baby." He said against my sweaty neck.

"Y-yours." I said between shallow breathes.

"Who'd dick is this, huh?"

"Mine" I said as I tilted on the verge of the abyss.

He placed his lips to my ear and whispered "Cum."

And with one word my body released a cosmic orgasm that shook my soul.

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