A Royal Mate

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Part 47

Austin walked up, looking between Jack and Tyler and cleared his throat. Tyler bowed and walked away leaving me confused at the interaction.

"Alpha, I'm sorry to interrupt but there is business that we need to attend to."

"Ok, we will meet you in my office in 5 minutes. Make sure Brayden and the guards are there." He turned to me and raised his eyebrows at me.

"What the hell was that look you were giving Tyler? He seems like a nice guy."

He growled and said in the lowest sadistic voice ever "I don't trust him, Anna. So please, do me a favor and just stay away from him. Do you understand me?"

I stepped back afraid at his sudden anger and nodded. He grabbed my elbow and guided me to his office where everyone was waiting. He sat at his desk and I sat at the bench seat by the window staring outside while they talked.

"Alpha, I'm sure you're aware that your kidnapper is still an issue?" Brayden said.

I stiffened at he mention of him. Shit, I had completely forgotten about Ryder, He escaped when Jack came up the stairs and instead of chasing him he stayed with me to make sure I was alright. I was still in my daydream when I heard Jack saying my name. I snapped my head towards him as he and the rest of the pack were staring at me.

"I'm sorry, what were you saying?" I said with an embarrassed look on my face.

"Anna, how do you know him?"

I looked down at my hands in my lap and sighed. I wasn't ready to tell them the whole story but I know the needed the truth. They needed to know that Ryder was after me. Tears filled my eyes and a sob escaped my mouth.

"Gentlemen, please give us some privacy." Jack asked as he walked to the door and opened it letting them all out.

"Jack, please let Austin and Brayden stay."

Jack looked at them and nodded then closed the door after the others left. They all sat down and looked at me waiting for me to talk.

"When I was 16 years old, I found my mate." I stopped and looked up and their faces. Austin and Brayden's jaws were on the floor but Jack's eyes were dark and boring into mine. His hands were clenched on the sides of the armchair and his knuckles were turning white. "Or at least I thought he was my mate. Anyway, I was taken by him to his pack and was supposed to stay there until I was 18 and of legal age to be with him. But on my 17th birthday I discovered that the wolf, Ryder, that was my "mate" had tricked me with a love spell."

They all exhaled loudly as if they had been holding their breathes for the entire story. I looked over to Jack who was noticeably more relaxed and he nodded for me to continue.

"After I found out what he had done I lived with a witch named Karina until she got me into a University in Colorado. Then I got a promotion and moved here to Virginia about 6 months ago."

"But I there's one thing I don't understand. How come you weren't processed through the Rogue wolf system but Val was? You're clearly a wolf."

And there it was, why couldn't they just leave it be after I told them about Ryder? Annoyed I crossed my arms over my chest and said "My wolf left me after Ryder's trick. She was devastated and heartbroken so she left. I never expected her to return so I lived the rest of my life as a human." I starting sobbing and Jack ran up to me pulling me into his arms holding me close to him, immediately my body relaxed and everything else melted away.

We sat there for a while before I realized we were alone in the office. "I didn't want this life anymore after that. I wanted to forget, until I met you and you made me feel things that I never felt before. But I couldn't be sure that it was real, what if I was being tricked again. I couldn't go through that again so I ran. I ran from you." My voice trembled on the verge of another breakdown.

"Shhh. Anna, I don't blame you. You are my mate. I love you and that is not a lie."

I looked into his eyes with shock. Did he just say he loved me? Without even thinking I jumped into his arms and wrapped my legs around his waist. He laughed and kissed me hard saying "That's not the reaction I was expecting but I'll take it."

I looked into his eyes as I saw him waiting for my response and said "I love you too Jack. More than you will ever know." His eyes glistened at my revelation and he spun us around making me scream in excitement.

He kissed me with such passion and longing that the heat in my cheeks started to spread down to my neck and chest. He slid his hands down my back and gripped my ass. I moaned into his mouth as he walked over to the couch and laid me down. He knelt on the floor in front of me and broke our kiss as he hiked my dress up to my stomach and ran his finger along the waist band of my panties.

I squirmed under his touch and tried to squeeze my legs together but he pushed them apart as far as they would go. Slowly he slid his hand down to the desire soaked material between my legs and rubbed my pussy through the cloth. My stomach clenched at the different feels from his warm hand to the slick material then the pressure he was applying to the slow speed at which he was doing it.

Without warning he pushed my panties aside and slid a finger over my wet lips causing me to jerk towards him willing him to penetrate my opening and bring me to the brink with his amazingly skilled fingers. He slapped my pussy and said "Patience, baby."

I gasped at the intrusive action but my nipples hardened causing a painful pleasure to rip through my body. I pulled my dress up higher and reached under my bra to pinch my nipple. His eyes darkened and his breath quickened, then he growled low and ripped my panties off. In a flash he was in between my legs ravishing my nub with his tongue causing me to grab his hair in ecstasy.

He brought me so close then moved away leaving me panting as he pulled his pants down letting his painfully hard dick fall out. He pulled me to the edge of the sofa with one of my legs touching the ground and the other being held up against the couch by his strong grip. He teased my with the tip as he rubbed it up and down my folds.

"Please, Jack."

"Say it, baby."

"Please, fuck me Alpha."

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