A Royal Mate

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Part 48

He slammed hard into my tiny hole causing me to scream out as he continued his assault. He slowed his thrusting as I moaned and begged "Harder, please Alpha. Harder."

He stopped and I looked at him in confusion as he said "Do not cum until I tell you to, got it."

I licked my lips and said "Yes, Alpha."

Those two little words sent him into a frenzy as he plowed into me over and over again causing waves of pleasure to roll from my clit to my throat. He grunted as he sped up and pushed harder. I knew he was getting close but I didn't know how long I could hold on. The walls of my vagina were contracting so hard, squeezing his dick that the friction sent him off and he said "Cum baby, cum on this dick."

I screamed as my body released it's built up tension and my juices coated his dick causing him to spill himself into me while he tightened his grip on my legs. The orgasm rode through me and lasted until he slowed, working through his own climax, then hit me again when he started to jerk causing me to grip the couch cushions and bite my lip. He stilled and rubbed my clit as I finished riding the wave of pleasure.

My body finally stopped convulsing and when I looked up at him he had the most beautiful, cocky smile. I blushed as the sight of his hand still on my clit and his dick still rock hard inside of me. Our bodies were covered in sweat and my dress was pushed all the way up to my throat with one exposed nipple standing at attention.

He reached up and stroked my cheek with his hand and said "You are so beautiful."

He slid out of me and a rush of cum came pouring out of my pussy. I mentally face palmed myself and said "We really should be more careful. I'm not taking any type of birth control."

"Don't worry Anna if anything does happen we will be just fine."

I smiled at his admission, of course he wants pups. He's a feral Alpha who wants an heir and waiting wasn't an option. I always wanted a family too but with everything going on I didn't think right now was the best time to be bringing any pups into the picture. I made a mental note to see the pack doctor to discuss my options.

He helped me up and pulled up his pants as I readjusted my dress. I sighed as I saw my shredded panties on the floor. I picked them up holding them on one finger "Any chance you have an extra pair of underware that I can borrow?"

He laughed and said "Not in here I don't but what's wrong with going commando?"

"Well, Alpha, I have no problem with it but you might once I walk down the hall of a house full of unmated male wolves, smelling my arousal!"

His smile fell and his eyes darkened at the suggestion. He picked up his phone and dialed it. "Austin...tell Val to come to my office...for Anna...Thanks."

I chuckled as he fought internally to keep his wolf from leaping out and attacking anyone who dared to look at me let alone try to mate his she-wolf. "It's not funny." He growled.

I threw my hands up in defense and said "Don't get mad at me, you're the one who tore them off."

There was a knock at the door "Come in." He said.

Val walked in and bowed her head "Alpha, Anna. Austin said you needed to see me."

He cleared his throat and said "Yes, well. Umm Val is there any way you can loan Anna a pair of underware. Her's seemed to have..." He looked at me and smirked "ripped."

Val smiled at us both and said "Sure thing...animal." The last part she said under her breath but she stared at me when she said it. We shared a laugh as Jack looked between us with confusion on is face.

Val ran to her room and grabbed a few different pairs of undies. She came back down and handed them to my. "I love you hun but I don't share underware. These are new and you can keep them." She said as she walked towards the door. "And you may want to hide some in one of his desk drawers, you know for next time."

Once we were decent we went to the kitchen and joined everyone for dinner. Val and Austin were cuddled up next to each other and my heart was full. Never did I think that either one of us would find mates let alone the Alpha and the Beta.

Once dinner was over Jack and Austin went back to his office leaving Val and I to catch up. "Soooooo I guess you got over the I'll never have a mate thing?" Val teased.

I chuckled and slapped her arm "I guess I did. I don't know why I was so against it. You know I think I always knew there was someone out there for me but I was just too afraid to trust anyone again."

"Well Jack is a good man and an even better Alpha and I see the way he looks at you so there is no denying his true feelings."

I shook my head and asked "So what about you and Austin?" I wiggled my eyebrows as she blushed and squirmed in her seat. I gasped and said "You little tramp."

"Anna he's so amazing. Rough and wild in the bedroom. I can't get enough of him." She says as her eyes glaze over thinking about him.

"Val!" I gasp at her confession. "I'm really glad for you. He is a good guy and very loyal to his pack. I never did thank him for everything he did to help find Jack."

"Oh don't worry I thanked him enough for the both of you!" She said as she laughed.

"Val I miss hanging out with you. We should make sure we do this every week."

We sat for a long time watching movies but we both must have drifted off to sleep because I felt a set of strong arms pick me up and carry me down the hall. I felt the soft bed under my back and then the dip when he laid down next to me. He pulled me into his chest and settled his nose in the crook of my neck smelling my scent. My body relaxed and we both closed our eyes and fell fast asleep.

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