A Royal Mate

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Part 49

The light filtered into the room through the sheer curtains invading my eyelids and I groaned. He really needs to get better curtains in here. I hear a soft chuckling next to me and I smile as he pulls me close and kisses my temple.

"You can't sleep the whole day, baby."

"Why not? It takes a lot of sleep to stay this beautiful." I giggle and blush at my corny statement.

"Well then, stay in bed all you want." He laughs and I slap his arm.

I jumped up and grabbed some clothes and headed towards the bathroom. I heard him get up and head towards me but his phone ran and he turned around to answer it. I laughed and turned on the water feeling sad that he couldn't join but also a little relieved. With everything going on I needed some alone time to process it all.

I slipped under the warm water hoping it would all wash away but my mind kept replaying the same thing Ryder was still alive and he wouldn't stop until he had me. What if he couldn't stop? My body shivered at the thought, Ryder was no stranger to magic and if he had his hands on the right witch, he would be unstoppable.

I quickly washed my hair and body and got out to dry off. I needed to talk to Jack about all of this but when I walked into the he bedroom he was already gone. I quickly dressed and threw my wet hair into a messy bun and jogged downstairs to his office.

I reached his door and went to knock when I heard him and a few other people in a heated conversation. I turned around not wanting to disturb him when I heard "Anna, come in."

I slowly opened the door and walked in with my head down. I stood in the doorway with my hands clasped together as he walked around his desk and wrapped me in a hug. He sighed and I knew what they were talking about before he opened his mouth.

"There was a breach at the Northern border early this morning."

"Ryder?" I said with worry in my eyes. I didn't know if I wanted to hear the answer but I continued listening.

"Could be or Rogue's. We have a team investigating now." He pulled back and looked at me with worried eyes and said "It isn't safe for you or Val to leave without one of us with you. Do you understand?"

"Jack I still have a job in case you didn't forget." I said in an annoyed tone.

Mr Johnson and the partners had already been gracious enough to allow me to stay at home for the last week due to the "flu" I told them I had. I doubt they would let me stay home any longer. Plus I was needed on site at the library to start the renovations.

"Then quit. You don't need to work. I can take care of you." He said as he ran his thumb down my cheek.

I pulled away from him full of anger "I'm not going to quit. Just because I am your soon-to-be Luna doesn't mean I will give up on my dreams." I turned around and stomped out the door and down the hall. I needed to clear my head. I needed space.

I ran outside and looked around for the safest route to the woods. A run always made me feel better and Aspen had been yearning to be let out. I walked towards a bush as I heard Jack's thunderous voice "ANNA!"

I ducked behind the bush and removed my clothes. Then started sprinting as Aspen clawed her way out. Soon I was racing around the forest letting the wind blow through my fur.

I could feel Jett trying to talk but I blocked him out as Aspen growled. I knew she was mad but I needed to breathe. Being here with Jack was amazing but it was also so exhausting. I wasn't some weak little wolf who constantly needed protection. I was a skilled and professionally trained warrior.

I heard a vicious growl and the bushes practically being ripped from the ground as the big black wolf came barreling through running right behind me. I ignored his snips and warning barks as I pushed harder and harder running as if my life depended on it when all of a sudden Aspen stopped dead in her tracks.

Huh, some Alpha female you are, wimp!

Shut up. You might be mad at your mate but I don't want to upset Jett. He's still mad from the first time we left and now he's freaking out again.

I sighed as I realized she was right. I told him I wouldn't run away again and here I was being a brat and taking off instead of just talking it out with him.

Aspen turned around with her head low and instantly fell to her belly, whimpering apologetically. Jett was standing there teeth clenched with spit and foam hanging from his mouth looking murderous.

She let out another whimper and his eyes softened a little as he walked towards her and grabbed her by her scruff. She yelped at his sharp teeth and he grunted as if to say suck it up. He drug her back to the house and we both shifted back.

I quickly dressed as he threw on his shorts and grabbed my arm yanking me back into the house and to his bedroom. He opened the door and released my arm shoving me inside. He stood there as his shoulders and chest were heaving with shallow angry breaths.

I couldn't help but think how amazing he looked with sweat dripping down his abdomen and his body slightly red from his explosive run. He was rock hard and his hands were clenched at his sides. I bit my lip and squeezed my legs together as my mind was clouded with dirty thoughts. He sauntered over to me still pissed as his eyes raked up and down my body.

I nearly came just watching him as his scowl turned into a devious smirk and his muscles relaxed slightly. His dick was straining against the thin material of his shorts and all I wanted to do was reach out and grab it. But being the Alpha that he was, he wasn't going to let me. In fact I knew I was about to be punished tremendously and I felt my pussy gush with anticipation.

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