A Royal Mate

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Part 50

He stopped in front of me as I shrank in fear. I knew he would never hurt me but the look he was giving me said my pussy was sure about to take a pounding. I gasped when he tugged my pants down and then ripped my shirt off leaving me standing there in my bra and thong.

He licked his lips hungrily and walked forward making me step back until I stopped just before the bed. My heart was racing with excitement as he ran his fingers up and down my arms slowly, leaving tingles from his touch. Then he spun me around quickly and grabbed my wrists pulling them behind my back holding them in one hand while the other was in between my shoulder blades as he said "Bend over."

Without thinking I bent over resting on my chest with the side of my face laying on the bed. I was practically drooling at the sudden exposure to him.

He carressed my back side with his free hand while growling and said "Anna, you have such a beautiful ass."

I moaned and tried not to squirm in fear of what he might do. But my body betrayed me as I backed into his touch. He slapped me hard on my back side jerking me forward as I let out a scream.

He stopped and said "I don't like disobedience. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Alpha." I barely squeaked out as my body craved his touch no matter how soft or hard it was. I ran and scared the shit out of him, again and now I was going to pay the consequences.

He pushed my panties aside and trailed his hand from my ass down the middle and through my folds to my clit. I silently begged him to rub it but he just kept teasing me as he moved up my lips and back down to my clit never staying in one spot. My breath quickened with every touch. And I nearly exploded at the tease.

In one quick move he thrust three fingers inside me causing my knees to buckle as he slowly pulled out and slapped my ass saying "Straighten your knees, baby. Now!"

I followed his orders as I whimpered.

"You listen very well, baby."

I felt him pull down his shorts with one hand and then kick them across the room. They he grabbed his dick and rubbed the tip up and down my pussy. He slowly eased it in and stopped. I gasped at the feel of it throbbing as he slid his hand from my thigh to my backside. He tightened his grip around my wrists, sunk his fingers into my hip and plunged into me so forcefully that I thought I would fly off the other side of the bed.

He pounded hard and fast as I mumbled some unintelligible form of his name and cried out with pleasure.

"Tell me how much you want this cock, baby. Tell me how good it feels in that tight pussy."

"P-please, Jack. Pleassssssse, oh yesssss."

My body started to tremble as it climbed into the clouds of pleasure and held on waiting for the drop but it never came. He groaned and started pulling out as far as he could then slammed into me until I couldn't take it. I was mere seconds away from drenching the both of us in a pool of juices.

"Don't cum, baby. Not yet." He said as he pulled out and released my hands, spinning me back around to face him and picking me up. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he held both my legs under my knees and lined up the tip to my entrance once again and slammed me down making me scream out in delight. He slid me up and down his shaft until he started to tense and I knew he was at the same peak as me.

He pounded into me harder and harder as my breasts bounced up and down against his chest. I felt his dick swell as he looked into my eyes and said "Cum, baby."

I let the feeling take over and soon I was floating on air screaming out his name as he spilled himself into me. I felt the gush of juices as it ran down his dick onto his belly. He picked up his speed as my tightened pussy milked him until he was empty.

The pressure was building again and soon I was a hot mess of sweat and tears as my sensitive spot rubbed against his dick. He walked us over to the bed where he pulled out slowly and laid me down. He smiled as he watched the flood of our cum flowing out of me onto the bed sheets.

"Fuck Anna, I love when you cum all over my dick. And I love watching my cum run down your legs."

He ran to the bathroom and grabbed a towel. Walking back to the bed he cleaned us both off and grabbed some boxers for himself and a t-shirt for me before walking over and placing it over my head.

I closed my eyes as complete exhaustion had taken over and everything went black. I felt him lay down beside me and wrap his arms around my waist. He pulled me close and placed a kiss on my temple and said "I love you."

Instinctively I snuggled into his warm body and drifted off to sleep. But the amazing feeling didn't last long. Soon I was dreaming of Ryder and his sick twisted plot to kidnap me and force me to be his mate. I tossed and turned as I ran from him in my nightmare.

I jolted awake full of sweat and tears trying to catch my breath. Jack jumped up ready to attack when he realized it was just me and grabbed me in his arms "Anna, it's me. You're ok. Shhhh baby."

I calmed down with his touch but the images were so real. "He tried to make me his mate." I said sobbing into his chest.

He pulled away and cupped my face with his hands planting kisses on my cheek as he said "Anna, you are safe. You will always be safe with me."

I looked at him and blurted our in a panic "MARK ME!"

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