A Royal Mate

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Part 52

I couldn't believe what Tyler just said. What did he mean He isn't who he says he is? The nerve of that guy especially after Jack said he was only accepted into the pack because his sister was mated to a warrior and she wouldn't come unless he came.

I was so wrapped up in my thoughts I never heard Val enter with Zel and Marina.

She cleared her throat and said "Anna?"

"Zel, Marina please come in. I'm sorry I didn't hear you knock."

Val led them in and looked at me as I mouthed Where's Jack? She shrugged her shoulders and gave me a apologetic smile.

Marina wrapped me in a warm hug and said "I'm so glad you called us. There is so much we need to discuss."

"Please, sit." I walked back around the desk and took a seat in the brown leather chair. "Marina, Ryder isn't dead. In fact, he is the one who took Jack. And I need to stop him for good. You have to tell me why he wants me and how I can stop him."

The room went silent and everyone looked at Marina in anticipation. She rose to her feat and walked to the window then turned to me.

"Anna, when the moon goddess created you, she gave you extra special powers like me. I have the power of visions, which is what I used to help you find Jack. But you were given the power of Earth and weather manipulation."

I gasped as I remembered the day in the cell when I blew Ryder against the wall.

"Your powers are unique and Ryder's father knew it which is why he insisted that Ryder make you his mate before you had the chance to find your real one. You see, by having a Royal as a mate, you have the ability to reproduce any of the 6 original wolves. The moon goddess wanted some way to be able to keep all of them equal. So when one group was decreasing in numbers, Royal wolves were mated to them to increase the size of their pack."

"So his father wanted to build an army of Rogue warriors?" I said as I rubbed my hand down my face.

"Yes but Ryder knew he needed something to convince you so he turned to magic. Anna, if you don't stop him, he will turn into the most powerful wolf, with or without you as his mate."

My head was spinning from all this new information. Could this be true? Was Ryder that deep into magic that he eventually wouldn't need me? And was this all me and my bloodline would ever be, baby makers to keep the wolf gene populated? I was angry and Marina could see it in my eyes. She could feel my emotions.

"Anna, no that is not what I meant. You are more than that and you know it. You are a fighter, an advocate for your kind, a healer, a calming spirit and you were created to keep our lineage strong. Jack's pack has never been small, you can see that. His father made sure to keep up his numbers and to help out those who couldn't help themselves. Which is why he was such a strong leader."

I looked at her with confusion, Jack's parents. Why hadn't he ever mentioned them?

"Jack's parents were killed when he was 16. He was away at Alpha training and they were attacked on their way home from visiting another pack. Jack's father was an amazing leader. He created a facility to rehabilitate and relocate rogues and adopt abandoned wolves. But Anna, they were attacked by the same pack that killed your family. The same pack that Ryder's family belonged to."

I blinked in shock. How many packs did Ryder's father attack?

"Val, please get Jack. We have to hunt Ryder down. Tonight!"

Val ran out the door as Marina, Zel and I came up with a plan.

Soon she had returned with Jack, Austin and Brayden who all were so thankful that Marina and the parliament were here to help. But when Jack turned to me he had a stern look on his face and his lips were in tight line.

I glared back at him. I didn't care how mad he was at me for calling them here. This was my issue to deal with and I wouldn't be convinced otherwise.

"Jack, Marina has agreed to help in our quest to hunt and kill Ryder." I said authoritatively.

He looked back and forth between us with rage and shock in his eyes. He walked back towards the door and said "Absolutely not!"

I gathered all my nerve and shouted "YES WE ARE. WITH OR WITHOUT YOUR HELP."

He stopped and turned around more pissed off than before. "I am the Alpha and I said NO. If you try to do this on your own Anna you will only cause more problems. My warriors and hunters are extremely skilled in this and even I am concerned about their safety. Ryder is dangerous and even more now that he has witches on his side. DO NOT DO ANYTHING WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. Do I make myself clear." And without waiting for my response he stormed out the door.

I looked at Marina with hurt in my eyes and said "We will meet behind the house in the clearing at midnight. Even if I have to do this alone, I will find him and I will kill him."

They all stood and said "We are by your side. No matter what."

Jack had gone back to his house and hadn't talked to me the rest of the night. I was glad he left so that I wouldn't have to worry about sneaking out of the room while he was asleep.

I laid in bed with my stomach in knots. I didn't know if we would find him but we had to try. It had been a week since he ran away but I knew he wasn't far. He was planning an attack that much I knew but I was unsure of how many wolves he had with him so my plan was to go to him before he could come to us. But there was another was part of the plan I had kept to myself.

I looked over at the clock 11:48pm. I closed my eyes and sent up silent prayers to the Moon Goddess for protection. I sighed then got up placing some extra clothes in a bag and snuck down the stairs. Even though Jack wasn't here his Beta and Gamma were asleep in the house and I had to get out without them knowing.

I met Val, Zel, Marina, Xander, Lena, Stavros and Cassandra in the clearing. We all locked hands and let Marina transform us. Soon we were all looking at the same image, Ryder was standing in a room with viscous looking wolves all around him. To his left was a human probably his Gamma but to his right was...the image broke and we all gasped as our hands were thrust apart.

I looked at everyone and said "Tyler!"

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