A Royal Mate

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Part 53

I took a deep breath and looked around at everyone "I need everyone to shift. Then we will rub our fur along those bushes over there with the red berries which will mask our scents. After that stay low and follow me."

Everyone nodded and turned around to get undressed. Hearing the familiar sounds of bones breaking and growls brought a smile to my face. I may not have had Jack by my side but I had all I needed, for now.

We all turned and faced one another. I was astonished by the beautiful colors of wolves in front of me. Tan and gold ones, white and brown ones and even red.

But what was most intriguing about each one, were their eyes when they shone in the moonlight. Marinas were honey gold with a ring of green around them. While Xander and Lena's were brown with gold flecks and Stavros and Cassandra's were black with purple iris'. Val's were a deep blue and Zel's were fire orange and just as striking as the others.

I opened a mind link between us and said "We will search this section first. I picked up a scent but I'm unsure who it is so I think we should trail that. Then once we circle around we will head north to the border. Jack said it was infiltrated a few days ago so that might give us another clue."

"Yes, Luna." My eyes filled with tears at the love and loyalty I felt between us. I nodded my head and dropped low to my belly as I followed the unknown scent.

We made our way around the area but couldn't find anything so we headed towards the border. The wind started to pick up and the sky lit up with lightning in the distance. Rain wouldn't help our search so we had to hurry if we wanted to find Ryder.

Suddenly, my fur stood up and my body froze as I felt someone watching us. I mind-linked the others to stay still and be on guard for a possible threat and everyone turned so their tails were touching and each was watching a different direction.

Suddenly I heard growling coming from my right and when I turned my head as a big black and grey wolf jumped out lunging towards me. I crouched down just in time for him to fly right over me. He landed about 10 feet away and turned back around to face me.

The others were ambushed by 4 viscious wolves and quickly a fight ensued. Val was instantly at the neck of a grey wolf and within seconds she was ripping out his throat. Then ran to take down a black and brown wolf who had cornered Zel.

The black and grey wolf got up and stalked towards me again but this time I was prepared. We circled each other a few times and soon I was lunging at him. But he was too quick and swatted me with his paw leaving a gash in my side. I fell to the ground with a thud, howling in pain as the blood gushed out.

Just as he was running towards me a black flash collided with him sending him flying across the grass. Jack! I whimpered happily as I saw him coming towards me but before he got there the other wolf was back on his feet, snapping at his back legs.

Jack turned and rushed at him tucking his huge head down and plowing into his chest knocking the wind out of him. He fell down but not for long and Jack waited for the chance for him to stand up again and as soon as he did he hurled himself at him landing on top of his body pinning him to the ground.

Jack reached for his neck but another wolf jumped on Jack's back and bit into his shoulder leaving a huge gash causing him to fall back, shifting to his human form.

I jumped up ignoring the pains in my side and ran to his side and shifted. He was bleeding pretty bad so I grabbed a shirt out of my bag and tied it to his arm making a bandage.

The black and grey wolf and a brown wolf both shifted and walked towards us.

"Poor, poor Alpha! What's wrong? Couldn't handle a little fight, come on I was just warming up."

He growled as I turned around standing there facing Ryder and Tyler. I threw on some clothes and started walking towards them.

"What do you want Ryder?" I said as I glared at him.

"You, Anna. It's always been you!" He said as he looked into my eyes and pulled me close to him. He caressed my cheek with his hand and I felt an irresistible urge to kiss him. My body was tingling from our closeness.

There was an undeniable pull between us and it was hard for me to understand why but I could see it in his eyes. His body was magnetic and I was drawn to him like a moth called to a flame.

I was standing there caught in his trance as everyone around me were fighting for their lives but I didn't care. I was here with Ryder, again. Just him and me.

He smiled at my reaction and said "I knew you couldn't resist me. I'm your true mate. I always have been." He grabbed my hand and we walked towards the edge of the woods together.

I heard Jack's screams of pain and horror as he watched me walk away with Ryder.

"What are we going to do with them." I asked

"Don't worry. I'll take care of it." He winked at me then his eyes glazed over and dozens of howls echoed through the night air. I was mesmerized and my mind was foggy but I couldn't help but go with him.

But when I turned to see Jack and the others with terrified looks waiting for the ambush I wanted blood. I wanted to be the one to end it all.

Soon there were hundreds of hungry eyes peeking through the bushes as their dirty bodies began to emerge into the moonlit woods.

The weather had worsened and rain was starting to fall down. Thunder was cracking and lightning was running across the sky. My skin was alive with electricity and my eyes began to glow brighter than ever before. My hands started trembling and my body was shaking but I held my composure as best I could.

"WAIT!" I commanded and they all looked to Ryder who nodded his head. They all stopped dead in their tracks as I crept back towards Jack. His eyes were dull and lifeless and he was lying there breathing shallow and rapidly.

"I want to kill him myself." I said as I pointed to him.

Ryder chuckled and said "Have at it, princess. Less work for me to do."

I stepped back and let the weather take control of my body as the wind whirled around me in a fury and little bolts of lightning jutted from my fingers. I raised my hands into the air, conjuring the energy from the sky and forcing it through me.

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