A Royal Mate

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Part 54

With my hands held high in the air I felt the power flowing through me. It was magical, like nothing I had ever felt before. It consumed me and made me feel like the goddess herself and just before I unleashed my wrath down on Jack, I turned towards Ryder and all his wolves and thrust my hands in front of me, sending forth a hurricane of winds.

Some wolves were thrust into trees and impaled onto the branches. Others were slammed into rocks causing their spines to break in half, but Ryder was standing as still as me, counteracting my power with his own.

There was a tornado of winds swirling around us as he tried to send lighting bolts towards me but I was stronger than him. His attempts just bounced off me jutting back towards him. He shook his head as if trying to concentrate.

I tilted my head, I knew he was no match for me and now I had to prove it. I closed my eyes and envisioned all of the energy around me seeping into my veins, strengthening my spirit and intensifying the currents in my fingers.

When I opened my eyes, Ryder was starring at me struggling to stand and couldn't focus. I took the chance and sent a bolt straight to his arm. He hissed in pain and grabbed it as a black hole appeared in the form of a wound.

I sent another bolt flying to his leg and he fell to his knee but didn't stop advancing towards me.

I heard a voice in the back of my mind.

Anna? Anna, please you have to kill him NOW. We don't have much time. Send a bolt thr...he...

The voice was cracking and soon my mind was quiet.

What did the voice want me to do? But before I could do anything, Ryder was in front of me and lunging at me. Soon my body was limp and I fell to the ground.

His hands were around my neck choking me as I gasped, clawing at his hands to release the pressure.

"I thought we would make a great team, you and I. The power you possess is none like any I have ever seen. But you had to turn on me, AGAIN!" He said shouting in my face.

My lungs were burning and my vision was blurred. He was too strong but I couldn't die like this. I refused. I released my hands from his and reached up to the sky, praying for one ounce of energy, anything to create a spark of electricity just to disable him at least.

And suddenly my life flashed before my eyes, beautiful images of my real parents and the love they had for each other. Faces of the pack members who were their friends and their pups. Smiles from those who accepted me when I was abandoned. The training I went through with my new dad. Jack!

Then Zel's words came back to me You are destined to do great things! My eyes opened as I looked straight into Ryder's black hollow eyes. They weren't his, instead they were the dark magic that consumed him causing him to be this monster.

I brought both my shaky hands to his chest right above his heart, then layed them on his chest sending a current of lightning through it.

He flew off of me and landed on the ground gasping for air as his whole body started to turn black. I sat up choking and grabbing my neck trying to catch my breath as I pushed myself back towards a tree, leaning against it.

We all watched as his body turned to ash and slowly dissipated into the air while he screamed in agony. And just like that, poof! He was gone.

I rubbed my eyes not believing what I had just seen and looked around at the dead wolves hanging from the trees and on the ground snapped in half. I turned to see Jack laying lifeless where I had left him and jumped up running towards him.

Zel was hovering over him trying to heal him but it wasn't working. His heartbeat was slowing and he had lost so much blood already.

"JACK! NO PLEASE SAVE HIM! ZEL SAVE HIM!" I said as I collapsed next to him. I threw myself on his chest sobbing as I felt his breaths grow slower.

Marina ran up to me and said "Mark him, Anna. Now! It's the only way to save him."

I looked at her with anger but her eyes had changed color and were now a beautiful lilac color and I felt a sudden calmness.

I looked at Jack as his body fought between life and death, I felt his heartbeat slow down as I pressed my lips to his neck. I retracted my canines and skimmed them against the sensitive part of his skin causing his body to shiver and I sunk my teeth into the crook.

Sparks exploded between us as a bright golden light peeked through the clouds right into the mark on his neck. His body jerked and convulsed as the light shot through him.

I screamed as I was thrown backwards hitting a bush and lying completely exhausted. My limbs were numb and my body was spent. I was so disoriented thinking that I just fried the love of my life but I heard him coughing and gasping, realizing he was waking up.

Marina ran to my side and helped me sit up. "You did it, Anna. You unleashed your powers killing Ryder and his whole pack and you saved Jack." Tears were falling down her face as she smiled.

I looked up and saw Austin, Brayden and all the other warriors standing around gawking at the scene in front of them. Half of them went to Jack's side to cart him back to the pack house and the others started doing damage control.

Austin picked me up and brought me to the infirmary and placed me on a bed. My body was sore and weak but I couldn't rest until I knew Jack was ok.

I reached for Austin's arm as he walked away "Is Jack going to be ok? Was he hurt badly? Did I hurt him?"

"No Anna. You saved his life. Shhhh now rest, ok." He smiled as he walked out the door and ran into Val. He pulled her close and kissed her from cheek to forehead and then snuggled his nose into her neck.

I smiled at the sight and closed my eyes. I felt Val holding my hand but I was too tired to reply so I squeezed it and fell into a deep slumber.

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