A Royal Mate

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Part 55

My eyes fluttered open when I heard several whispered voices next to my bed.

"ANNA! You're finally awake!" Val shout whispered as she came to my side and squeezed my hands.

I managed a small smile and tried to speak but my throat was so dry that I coughed causing Val to grab a cup of water and placing it to my lips.

"Drink, but slowly."

She tilted it slightly allowing a few drops of the cool liquid to touch my tongue. It was so refreshing that I opened my mouth wider begging for more. She tilted it further up causing it to rush into my mouth as I welcomed the feel of it going down my throat. She gave me a few more sips then removed the cup from my mouth and placed it on the table.

I opened my mouth to talk but she told me not to. And I nodded, closing my eyes back for another cat nap.

A while later I still felt Val's presence, I opened my eyes and she was sitting in a chair with her head on my bed sleeping. I smiled knowing she never left my side the entire time.

Austin peeked in the door and chuckled as he saw her form. I placed my finger to my lips telling him to be quiet. He nodded and walked to the other side of the bed.

"How is Jack?" I asked in a hoarse, shaky voice.

He looked at me then sighed. My heart immediate constricted at the thought of him still being hurt, or worse.

I flung the covers off my legs and threw them over the side of the bed ready to bolt out the room. But he grabbed me and forced me to sit down "Anna, stop. You're going to hurt yourself. Jack is fine. He's been released home."

My body relaxed and I sank back into the bed. I was relieved to hear that he was ok but there was something else gnawing at me, something Austin wasn't telling me.

"Why isn't he here, with me?" My voice was cracking from my question.

"Anna. Jack doesn't want to see you right now." He looked into my eyes with pain and sorrow.

My heart broke at the sting from his words. With tears dripping down my cheeks onto my gown, I curled into a ball and started sobbing. Val woke up in a panic and jumped in the bed with me looking at Austin.

"What did you do?" She said through clenched teeth.

He ran his hands through his hair as he paced in front my bed. "I told her the truth, Val. I'm not going to keep that from her."

I glanced between the two of them and pushed Val away.

"Y-you knew? And you didn't tell me?"

She reached for me but I jerked away from her jumping off the other side of the bed. I needed to get out of here but I was trapped.

"Anna. You have been asleep for 5 days. How could I have told you anything. You needed to rest your body was severely depleted. You nearly gave your life to save Jack."

My mind went back to that awful night. I snuck out against Jack's wishes and went to find Ryder myself, without proper enforcements and I put the lives of others in danger in the process.

I started removing the tape from my arm and pulled the IV out as Val and Austin tried to get me back into bed but I swiftly dodged their attempts and ran out the room.

Once I was outside I shifted into my wolf letting out little whimpers as the soreness crept back into my body but I pushed on. I took off down the street to his house. I needed to see him.

Once I was outside his house I rammed the front door down with my body and immediately shifted back to my human form. My shoulder was screaming in pain but it was nothing compared to how my heart felt knowing Jack didn't want to see me.

As soon as I got up I was met with a pair of dark blue eyes full of anger and rage. Jack stood there taking in the sight of his door smashed to bits and my naked, frail body standing there shaking in his presence.

I had never felt so much fury radiating off anyone before and I could tell he wasn't pleased at all to see me.

I stepped forward "Jack."

He stepped backwards and said "What are you doing here Anna?"

I looked him in his eyes and said "Why didn't you want to see me?"

"Anna...I just can't right now."

I looked down as a tear ran down my face and said "Ok. I'll leave you alone. But just know that I love you, Jack. And I couldn't let Ryder hurt you again. I know I shouldn't have gone after him against your wishes but I'm not some weak she-wolf." I looked up at him as I gained more courage and walked towards him. "I am a Royal, with Alpha blood and I want to be by your side. But if you can't handle having me as your equal, then this can't work."

I turned around and walked to the door but he grabbed my arm and pulled me close to him.

"Anna, you disobeyed me, you put yourself and others in danger, and you...you chose...him."

What? Why did he think I chose Ryder? My eyes grew wide as I thought back to that night. He saw me walk away with him. He thought I was leaving to be with him before he lost consciousness.

I gasped and said "NO! No, Jack I didn't. I had to make him think I wanted him. It was the only way to make him trust me enough to let his guard down. He was going to kill you, all of you. So I pretended to go with him."

He let a tear drop from his eyes then he said "I thought I had lost you, again. I couldn't watch you leave with him. I wanted to die."

I wiped the tear off his cheek and said "He's dead! He will never be a threat to me or anyone else ever again."

I pulled his face to mine and kissed him so passionately that our bodies felt like they were melting into each other. I started unbuttoning his jeans and stuck my hand down his pants, rubbing his cock as it grew hard and long in my grip.

He growled and picked me up bringing me into the living room. I wiggled out of his grasp and dropped to my knees pulling his pants down with me.

His pulsating cock was twitching as I licked the tip causing him to moan, grabbing my hair and thrusting his dick deep into my mouth and down my throat.

My eyes watered and I gagged. Looking up at him he smiled and said "So fucking sexy."

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