A Royal Mate

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Part 56

I placed my hands on his thighs as he thrust in and out of my mouth. He growled as my teeth grazed his shaft. I ran my tongue along the bottom ridge of his cock and moaned sending vibrations up his shaft into his abdomen.

He released my hair and placed both his hands on my face pulling me up to meet his lips as he bent down.

He turned me around so my ass was rubbing against his hard cock and walked me towards the back of the couch. He ran both his hands from my hips all the way up to my shoulders.

His left hand ran back down to my belly where he pulled me into him closer as his right hand slid across my chest to my throat. He wrapped it around my delicate skin, tilting it towards the right and began kissing along my neck where he would mark me.

My skin was tingling with his touch and my legs felt like jello, ready to give out at any moment and leave me a puddle on the floor.

I moaned as he caressed my breast, squeeezing their fullness like juicy melons ripe for the picking. And my pussy quivered as he pinched my nipples hard.

He traced a finger from my abdomen down to my wet core, never releasing my neck from his grasp. He dipped his finger in between my folds and said "You're always ready for me, huh baby?"

I squeaked out a moan as he slowly circled my clit with his wet finger. I arched my back rubbing his dick between my ass cheeks as my body begged him to enter me. His grip tightened around my neck but it wasn't hard enough to restrict my breathing. It was a dominant gesture and I had just become putty in his hands.

He slowly continued his delicate dance on my clit as the pressure built. It was the softest he had ever been with me and my heart was full to capacity.

He tilted me forward slightly so that my breast rested on the couch and lined the tip of his cock up with my wet, swollen lower lips and barely pressed it in. Teasingly he pulled it back out and then penetrating me with just his tip over and over again. The feeling was intrusive and pleasant.

I welcomed the feel of our bodies molding together as he pressed himself all the way into me allowing my pussy to adjust to his size, gradually. He pulled out slowly then pounded forward, again and again like a slow agonizing torturous pleasure. I moaned as my body climbed into the clouds waiting for the fall.

He growled as his dick started to swell and he came close to his release.

He dropped his head to my ear and whispered "Cum for me baby, show me how much you love me."

I cried out in ecstasy as his member rubbed my g-spot causing my legs to shake uncontrollably while he released his hot sperm into me, jerking as he emptied every drop. He stopped and pulled out slowly grabbing me before I hit the floor from my wobbly legs.

He picked me up bridal style and brought me to his room, upstairs. He walked straight past the bed and to the bathroom placing me on the counter as he walked to the beautiful porcelain claw foot tub and turned on the water. He poured a fragrant, pink liquid into the water and swirled it with his hand, checking the temperature before he turned the water off.

He walked back over to me and picked me up then turned and brought me to the tub. He placed me towards the front and slipped in behind me, pulling me flush against his body. He began to massage my shoulders and down my arms then back up to my neck.

Taking a sponge from the side of the tub, he lathered it with the pink soap and started washing my back, neck, chest and arms. He reached down to my abdomen and then softly between my legs.

I jumped at the touch due to the sensitivity of my clit and he chuckled.

"I love how responsive your body is to my touch and how sensitive you are after I've ravished you."

I gasped as he brushed his hands across my nipples that had become hard and erect from the contact causing a stirring deep down in my belly.

He kissed my ear and said "Not again, baby. You need your rest."

He stood up and grabbed a towel for each of us. Then he stepped out of the tub holding out his hand to help me over the edge. He wrapped his towel around his waist and mine around my body before he picked me up and brought me to the bed.

Once I was laying down, he tucked me in and turned off the lights. He laid down beside me and pulled me

close making me relax even more and soon we were both fast asleep.


A few hours later my eyes jerked open as my body started burning up. My stomach clenched causing rippling waves of pain through my core. I screamed in agony as I thrashed around wanting the pain to go away.

Jack jumped up as he watched me flopping around like a fish out of water. His body was tense as he watched the first wave of my heat take over.

I reached for him begging him "Pleassssssse Jack, m-make it st-stop." I clutched the sheets as I shook violently.

He was by my side in a nanosecond and scooped me up holding me tight but it wasn't helping. The pain eased slightly but not enough to stop the effects of my heat. Each time my heat came it would be more fierce than the previous, until he marked me.

I looked into his eyes as his pupils began to dilate and turn a ghostly white color. His muscles were rigid as he tried to suppress his wolf but he was losing the battle and in one quick motion he slammed me into the mattress straddling me while he held my hands down above my head.

His claws were aching to come out as Aspen called to him. She needed him and he needed to be with her. He closed his eyes and when he opened them they were back to his beautiful baby blues but Jett was still controlling him.

He released by hands and pushed himself down my body spreading my legs apart and nestling his head in between them. He ran his warm tongue along my needy lady parts causing me to throw my head back and arch into his licks.

His wolf growled and mine purred as she nudged him on pushing my pussy into his face. He plunged a finger inside my cunt and thrusted so powerfully that Aspen lost it. My claws came out and ripped the sheets as I held onto them.

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