A Royal Mate

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Part 57

Jack lapped up my flowing juices as I fought to keep my wolf away. I didn't want her to come out and hurt him but she was trying to get at Jett with all her might.

I grabbed Jack's head and pulled him up to me, and rolled us over so that I was now straddling him. I slid back and forth along his painfully, steel hard rod using the friction to drive us both crazy.

His fingers dug into my hips as he tried pushing into me and said "Ride me, baby."

I did as commanded almost immediately when the words left his lips and slowly slid down his cock enjoying the delicious feel of my pussy stretching over his thickness.

We both moaned out in pleasure and before I could move he started thrusting, bouncing me up and down. My body was flush from the heat and sweat was gathering along my neck and chest.

My legs tightened around his waist as another wave of pain shot through my midsection. I yelled out in utter agony as Jack grabbed me by my waist and threw me down on my back kneeling between my legs.

He spread my knees as far apart as he could and grabbed his dick placing it right at my entrance. When the wave finally subsided he thrust into me holding one leg down and placing his other hand just above my pelvis.

He pounded hard while pressing down on my belly causing an amazing grinding feeling between his cock and my inner walls. Then letting go of my leg he placed his hand behind my neck and picked my head up making my upper body bend so I could see him entering me.

"Watch me fuck you, baby. Look at how my hard dick pounds into you."

Breathlessly I said "Yes, Alpha." And watched as his dick slid inside me then out covered in my sweet liquid. It was too much to bare as I started feeling the tingle inside and the orgasm waiting to be freed.

He let go of my head and bent down kissing me hard and full of so much passion I wanted to scream out his name. He released my lips and kissed along my jaw and down to the crook of my neck. Nipping and teasing the soft, sensitive spot.

His thrusts quickened and his back muscles tensed as his hot breath came to my ear. "Cum for me, baby."

He returned to my neck and just as I was cumming he bit into my neck, marking me as his forever. I ran my nails along his back as I cried out in bliss.

Stars speckled my vision as pure unadulterated lust came over us both making us cry out as we both came undone. He licked the small drops of blood that were left from his canines then kissed it.

My body was limp underneath him as we both crashed from our highs.

"I love you, baby."

I smiled and said "I love you too!"


The next morning I woke up facing a soundly sleeping Jack, who's body was naked and hard next to mine. I smiled as I reached for the mark on my neck and gently rubbed it. It was still a little sore but it held so much meaning.

I closed my eyes and tried to relive the experience and soon my nether-regions were covered with wet excitement. I looked over to make sure Jack was still asleep as I trailed my hand across my stomach and down to my mound, slowly tracing circles around my tightly wound bundle of nerves.

I relaxed my legs letting them fall to the sides and closed my eyes as I pictured Jack's fingers inside of me. My breath hitched as I ran my fingers down to my tight opening and dipped my fingers inside wetting the tips.

A low moan escaped my throat as I bit down on my lip relishing the feel of my desire.

I felt Jack's glare on me but I chose to ignore it hoping he would take over. Instead he just continued to stare. I kept my eyes closed as I pressed my fingers to my clit harder and rubbed it seductively while making little moans and arching my back.

I turned my head and opened my eyes to see Jack stroking his hard cock. I licked my lips and turned on my side removing my hand from my body and grasping onto his manhood.

We slid up and down rhythmically as he threw his head back clenching his jaw and whispered "Yeah, baby. Feel how hard you make me."

He thrusted himself into my hands then grabbed my leg throwing it over his hip so he had full access to my wetness. He slipped a finger inside making a come hither motion causing my eyes to roll into the back of my head.

I gripped his length tighter and jerked him faster while moving my hips in a circle enticing him to finger fuck me faster. He inserted two more fingers stretching me wider.

We both moaned and looked into each other's eyes, locking our gazes when I felt the burn slowly creeping into my stomach. His dick thickened as his need increased and he thrusted faster into my hands as he thrusted into my pussy harder with his fingers.

He yelled out "Cum, baby." And we both unleashed the most powerful orgasms as my lady bits soaked his hand and the sheets while he emptied his load all over my chest.

Afterwards we laid their breathless and motionless weak from our sexual workout. I released him and he slid his fingers out of me so I could grab a towel and clean myself up.

I walked back to the bedroom to see him laying on his back with his arm over his eyes still hard as hell.

"Do you ever go soft?"

He sat up against the headboard, smiled and said "Not around you. I can never get enough of that sweet, tight thing down there." Pointing in between my legs.

I crawled over to him and straddled him kissing his jaw, down to his neck, then back up nipping his earlobe.

"Stop baby. Or I will fuck you so hard you won't be able to walk for the rest of the day."

My nipples hardened at his words and I sat up to see the dominating tone in his eyes.

"Good girl baby. Now let's get dressed before they all come looking for us. We need to head to the pack and discuss our Luna ceremony." He smiled and picked me up placing me on the bed besides him.

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