A Royal Mate

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Part 58

I froze at his words. The Luna Ceremony? How? Why so soon? I haven't even met his whole pack yet!

Panic set in and he looked at me with a worried expression.

"Anna? What is it? Are you ok?"


He let out a breath of relief and laughed. "It's just a Luna Ceremony, Anna. Nothing big or fancy, we don't even need to involve anyone if you don't want to."

I looked at him in utter shock as he scooted closer to me and placed his hands on my face giving me a soft kiss on my lips. "It could be just you and me. I don't care as long as we are together."

I leaned into his touch and said in a hushed voice "What if I'm not good enough to be a Luna?"

"Are you kidding me? Anna, you single handedly killed Ryder and all his Rogue pack and you saved my life. You put yourself before anyone else. You are already a Luna."

I looked at him through tear filled eyes and pulled him close feeling my spirit relax. For the first time in my life, I felt at peace.


Two hours later I was seated at the table in the pack house bombarded with books containing dresses, flower options, catering menus and seating arrangements. I dropped my head onto the table making a thud causing everyone to stop and look at me.

"Anna? Are you ok?" Val said as she walked over to me.

"Yes, just overwhelmed."

She smiled and went back to looking at color patterns with Zel as Marina, Cassandra and Lena drew out the ceremony design on a piece of paper.

I sighed and walked to the window where all the males was sitting under the trees resting from their training. The female were downstairs in the dining hall preparing dinner and setting the tables.

I turned back to Val and all and said "I'll be back in a few minutes. Ok?"

She waved her hand at me never interrupting her talk with Zel as I walked out the door. I'm pretty sure none of them would miss me for a while so I walked over towards the dining hall.

I passed a few pups who were playing in the grass and waved at them as they stood up and bowed screaming in little excited voices "Hi, Luna!"

I walked up to the males who were play fighting and sparring in the dirt and watched a few of them. Most of their techniques was perfect, you could tell Jack had his men work meticulously to make sure they stayed ready to fight at all times.

I walked up to a tall red headed male who was about to take down his opponent but he also about the make the most fatal move of all, so I intervened.

"Keep your dominant arm on top, even with your chest but parallel to your other. Anticipate a kick before you attack because he will stop at nothing to subdue you or take you down." All their eyes turned to me in anger before they realized who I was.

They bowed but one of the men asked me to demonstrate for them. I could tell in his voice he was being an ass so I wrapped my hair into a bun and pulled my jacket off. I stepped into their makeshift circle and invited him into the ring.

Everyone looked at the both of us as he proudly walked up to the ring, puffing out his chest.

"Ummm...Charles do you really think you should spar with our future Luna?" One of the men said.

"Oh come on, it's just an instructional lesson. Right, Luna?" He said as he cracked his neck. "Besides, I'll go easy on her." He winked at me as he reached out his hand to shake mine.

My father always taught me the first thing you do is assess. Assess their weaknesses and strengths. I watched him from the moment I walked up to the group. Cocky, arrogant but built and obviously an experienced warrior.

He had a slight lag in his step, probably from an old injury. Noted. And his arms were big but heavy, easy for a swift wolf like me. But this wasn't going to be easy and I had a feeling he wanted to test me.

We shook hands and started circling each other. I was much smaller but quick and my goal was to wear him down. But male wolves don't go down easy and my father made sure I trained with every member of the pack, including the Alpha.

He was the first to lunge but knowing he would, I quickly dodged him. I turned on my toes and took my defensive stand as he realized he never made contact with me but instead I was behind him leaving him vulnerable.

"Step 1: Never turn your back towards your opponent."

He huffed and turned around as his eyes flashed back and forth between his wolfs. But he recovered swiftly and kicked out his left leg trying to make contact with my chest.

But again I caught his foot in between my arms and twisted hard tossing him to the ground.

"Step 2: When anticipating any kick or punch ALWAYS protect your chest and abdomen. They will try a low blow first to get you on your back leaving your neck exposed."

He hopped up once again with more anger and full of determination to pin me. He sucked in a huge gulp of air and let out a growl then charged me.

Standing still I watched as he got closer to me waiting for my chance when I heard a loud vicious growl.

The wolf charging me flinched and momentarily looked away to the authoritative command but never stopped and I took the chance to take him down.

I crouched low, stuck out my leg and tripped him causing him to fall face first and rolling on his side. Quickly I was at his head with my legs locked around his neck pinning him and pressing onto his windpipe preventing him from breathing.

Jack came running to the circle furious at what he was seeing. Screaming at his wolves to stop the fight.

Charles tapped out just before he lost consciousness and I released him. The crowd went wild and Jack helped me up.

"Step 3: NEVER get distracted!"

I smiled and pecked Jack on his cheek.

He pulled me into a tight hug as he nestled his nose into my mark. He took a big sniff and relaxed before he turned around and walked to Charles who was standing there shaking his head with his hands on his hips.

"Alpha, she's a keeper! And an amazing warrior she should be trainer." He laughed and shook Jack's hand.

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