A Royal Mate

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Part 5

"As you may know, our wolf ancestry goes back to the moon goddess herself. She created us to always keep human and animal connected with nature. In the beginning there were only 6 pure pairs she wanted to carry on her lineage. The Red eyes were created to be hunters. They are quick and stealthy and were responsible for collecting food. As they evolved they became useful in the fight against the humans who wanted us dead. Most of the Rouge's are thought to be from these wolves. Some say it is because they liked to kill a little to much and eventually turned on their own kind. The second pair were the Blue eyes who were created to be the diplomats. They wrote all of our laws and traditions and created the treaties between the humans and wolves. These are our most distinguished officers who govern our packs and contain lawyers and diplomats. They are the most prestigious of the wolves. The third were the Orange eyes. These were the Earth lovers and the healers. They had the ability to keep the pure connection between wolf and nature. They are excellent gardeners and know all the plants which we use for healing today. Then there were the Purple eyes, like me. My kind are the peacekeepers. We keep the line of communication open between all packs, humans and the Rogue's. We help create boundaries and speak with others before the Alphas meetings to assess any concerns and to reduce anxieties amoungst packs. We are also the teachers of our kind. We help everyone transition for the first time, from afar. As you know most wolves transition with the help of their parents. Usually every pack has at least 10 of us and because of this we are the largest number of wolves that were created. Now, the White eyes are our warriors. They defend our kind against everything. They are our fighters and begin training from the moment they start walking. Each wolf goes through academy at the age of 14 and are mandated to enlist in Medic training as well. They keep us safe and also serve as our front line safety staff. And last but not least" she stops and takes a deep breath and looks at Val who nods back at her "were the Green eyes." She turned the page and the picture she pointed to was a solid grey wolf with the same green eyes as mine. I swallowed but my throat was dry. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I never once thought I was special but here I was about to hear about my true identity and I didn't know if I wanted to keep listening but I urged her to continue. "Your wolf was created in the identical image of the moon goddess. You are the closest relative to her and have the most direct connection with her. She created you to rule over all the other wolves and make sure our kind continues to multiply the Earth but also keep a balance between us. You are royalty. But 20 years ago almost an entire pack of them were killed when some disgruntled Rogue's took over the village and killed everyone, except 8 children who were dispersed to several different packs for their safety. Anna, you were one of those children." My head was spinning, my stomach was in my throat. I tried to stand up but the floor gave out from underneath me and everything went black.

I woke up a few minutes later to Zel and Val kneeling over me. "Oh my gosh, Anna are you ok? I was so worried about you. You passed out. Come on let's get you to the couch." She grabbed my hand and slowly helped me sit up. They both grabbed me under my arms and lifted me up walking me over to the couch.

"I don't know what happened. I just got really overwhelmed." I said quietly.

"Oh honey, that was my fault. I shouldn't have given you all this information at once. I'm so sorry." Zel replied.

"No Zel, no it's fine. I just wasn't expecting any of this. I always thought my parents, well Robert and Julie, were my parents. But this? I was born to another couple and my pack was killed? I have so many questions."

I was reeling from all the new information and was eager to hear more but Zel said "I think you've heard enough for tonight. How about you ladies get some rest and we can continue this talk another time?" We both agreed and Zel walked us to the door. Once we were outside we made our way to the apartment and all I could think about was how different my life would have been if I were still with my birth parents. Would I still have been taught to fight? Or would I have been a leader? Would I have met my mate? By the time we made it home I was exhausted and fell on my bed. My eyes closed instantly and soon I was drifting off to sleep.

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