A Royal Mate

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Part 60

I lay in the bed wondering what he meant, when I heard the shower turn on. He reappeared in the room and said "Are you coming? We need to clean up before dinner." Winking he sauntered back into the bathroom.

I hopped up and followed him into the shower. Once I stripped the remainder of my clothes, I walked into the steamy stream and tilted my head back letting the water drench my hair.

Jack opened a bottle to reveal a delicious aroma and lathered my long locks with shampoo. He massaged my scalp while I moaned at the tender gesture. He continued massaging down my shoulders and back.

He washed me then placed me back under the water allowing the shampoo to rinse out my hair. Next I grabbed the bottle and repeated the action on him.

I massaged all the way down his abdomen stopping just above the V from his hips. I got to my knees then started gliding my soapy hands down his muscular thighs and around to his tight ass.

His dick immediately responded springing forth as my hands traveled back around him.

His body tensed as I grabbed him with both my hands and slowly started pumping back and forth as the water washed away the suds.

I licked from the tip of his dick down to the base while gripping him tightly. He placed his hands on either sides of my head and guided my mouth along his shaft.

He started moaning the faster and harder I sucked as I was also cupping his balls in my hand and gently squeezing them.

"Fuck, baby. You do that so well."

He held my head still while he thrusted into my mouth hitting the back of my throat. I could feel his member getting thicker as he was getting close to his release. I pushed against his body letting his dick fall out of my mouth and stood up.

I licked my lips as I relished the taste of him and smiled when he looked at me with yearning. His eyes were dark, almost feral as he leaned in to sniffed my neck.

His fingers lingering on my nape, as his hardness poked me in the thigh. I smiled and gave him a peck on his lips and quickly ran out the shower. Laughing as I hear him growl in frustration.

He yelled as I ran to the bedroom "You'll just have to wait until after dinner, Alpha!"

I was already dressed when he made it to the bedroom, a scour on his face and a furrowed brow. He looked at me with dark eyes and a devilish smirk and said "You will be punished, baby. But first, we eat."

My wolf purred at his promise but I was a little scared at his words, I knew he wouldn't hurt me but his lessons were deliciously brutal.

He finished dressing then grabbed my hand in his as we walked out the room and down the stairs.

The dining hall was empty which confused me because as a pack we eat together for every meal, no exceptions. But no one was here and it was almost time to eat.

My eyes widened at the realization that someone was going to be in trouble for this mistake and a soft chuckle left his lips. I turned to look at him and he tugged my hand towards the back yard.

"Everyone's waiting for us outside."

I sighed with relief. "Wait. What? What do you mean, waiting...for us? What's going on, Jack?"

He smiled at me before he opened the beautiful French doors leading to the back patio. The back yard was decorated in twinkle lights with picnic tables set up for a celebratory dinner.

There were buffet tables lined along each side, loaded with food.

In each corner was a fire pit, each of which were glowing in a different color from the glass crystals inside.

There was a bar set up in the back and speakers playing soft music while wolves gathered and talked to one another, only stopping their socializing once Jack and I stepped out onto the deck.

It was so beautiful and there was so much adoration coming from the faces of everyone in front of me that my eyes became blurry from my tears.

Jack stepped forward as I stood on his left and Austin on his right, and addressed the crowd. "The time has come to formally introduce your new Luna! Anna Steine, a Royal Wolf, the one the Moon Goddess selected specifically for me. You will respect her and honor her and protect her with your life and I promise the blessings from above will be plentiful."

The entire pack bowed down on one knee and chanted "We will forever stand by you and bless the Moon Goddess for sending you to us!"

Jack pushed me forward to address them. I stood staring at the crowd and said "Thank you for pledging your loyalty to me. I have been gifted by the Moon Goddess herself with the most brave and gracious pack anyone could ask for. I promise to always be here for you and to keep this pack moving forward. Please enjoy your evening and I look forward to meeting you all."

They all stood and cheered then each one came to talk with me, introducing themselves along with their families.

The entire night was full of joy and more introductions along with dancing and drinking.

I had invited Marina and her friends over along with Zel. Val and I spent the end of the night catching up just like old times.

"I'm sorry I freaked you out with all the Luna ceremony talk. I just got really excited planning it for you and I didn't consider that it was stressing you out." Val said as she grabbed my hand.

"I wasn't freaking out. It was just...a little too much too soon. You know? I never expected any of this Val, it's all new to me. But Jack is my everything and he helped me see that it's just a ceremony, that he and I will work together for the pack and I won't be alone trying to figure it out by myself. So thank you for planning it. I know how much you love parties!" I chuckled.

"Parties are my forte! But I want you to be involved too. I want your input because it's your official announcement and it has to be amazing because you are amazing." She sniffled as a few tears dripped down her cheeks.

"Oh Val. What would I ever do without you? Tomorrow we will really start planning and I promise I will love whatever you have come up with!"

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