A Royal Mate

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Part 61

The next three weeks were full of ceremony planning and dress fittings, making sure the yard was perfect and bringing in extra furniture for all the wolves who were invited.

Val and I had tasted more food and sweets than we should have and I had to train twice as hard to work off all the extra pounds.

Val stood on the deck overlooking the lawn with a clipboard in her hand and said "Hey! Do you think we should have two or four buffet tables?"

I looked at her in shock as to why she even asked such a silly question. "Um...four of course and one separate for all the sweets."

"You're right. And I still don't think it's enough food for all these humongous wolves. Have you noticed how big they've gotten lately?"

"Marina said it was because of me. That they have been strengthened by the Moon Goddess so they can protect me against all threats. They are basically unbeatable now." I said with a smile.

"That makes sense. You know what else has gotten bigger?" She said as she wiggles her eyebrows.

"Val shut it now!" I responded by hitting her shoulder.

We gathered our things and started walking to the pack house when I spotted Jack on the training field. He had gotten so much stronger and sexier and Val was right about other things getting bigger too.

Behave baby. I'll be giving you plenty of it tonight. Lucky for you, you have nothing planned tomorrow because you won't be walking so easily.

I gasped and my face became beet red as I remembered the mind-link. Great he just heard everything I was thinking. I'll have to remember to block out my dirty thoughts when we're in public.

Yes, Alpha!

I said seductively and he immediately tensed at my words. He loved when I called him that, even more so when I screamed it out in pleasure.

My body became hot thinking about it and I needed to stop before everyone around me smelt my arousal.

Val was staring at me confused when I looked back ahead.

"Are you ok?"

"Yes I-I was just thinking of a-a gift to get Jack for the ceremony." I stuttered.

"Well don't you worry. I've already thought of that!" She smiled as we reached the pack house.

"What do you mean you have it covered? Val you better not have done what I think you did."

She shrugged her shoulders and said "I guess you'll just have to wait then, huh!"

She ran upstairs before I could ask again as Zel and Marina laughed at our bickering. I sat at the island with them and grabbed one of the cookies they had just made.

"So are you ready for Friday?"

"I'm starting too be. Although I've been having this strange feeling all week."

They both looked at each other then back at me and asked "What kind of feeling?"

"I can't explain it but a few weeks ago at the pack dinner, when Jack introduced me to everyone, I had this really uneasy feeling about a she-wolf there. She never introduced herself, her mate did it for her and no matter where I was she watched me the entire time."

Val walked back down the stairs just as I finished talking and said "Do you remember her name?"

"Something with an R, maybe Rebecca?"

Val's eyes went wide as I mentioned her name and she walked around the island facing us all.

"Rebecca is warrior Alex's mate. She is a tracker." Val said in a whispered tone looking around to see if anyone else was around.

"Ok? So why would she be watching me?"

"She is Tyler's sister, Anna."

I remember Jack telling me he never had a good feeling about Tyler but did he have any issues with Rebecca? I mean he only came because she was mated to a warrior and she wanted him accepted with her.

"Do you think she will try something since I killed her brother?" I asked Val.

"I hope she wouldn't be that stupid but we should tell Jack and Austin about this just in case she does."

I shook my head and tried to imagine why she would be so upset about her brother dying after he was working with Ryder and his Rouge pack to kill me. Did she not know how bad he really was?

But I couldn't let anyone else get hurt again. I would deal with this on my own.

Yeah look how that worked out last time, you nearly got your mate killed.

I hated when my subconscious made sense.

Marina grabbed my hand and said "Anna, whatever she is thinking, we will be ahead of her. Our one job is to protect you at all cost and my visions can help us too. But Val is right, Jack needs to know about a possible threat against you."

Just then Jack, Austin and Brayden walked into the kitchen dripping with sweat. They had been training all morning and looked like hell.

"Good morning, ladies, Luna." Brayden said as he reached into the fridge for some waters.

Jack came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. His smell was intoxicating and my body immediately responded. He leaned down to my ear and said "Upstairs. NOW!"

He nodded at everyone and turned around retreating to our bedroom. My eyes lit up and my nipples hardened as I thought back to his earlier threat. I was not getting out the bed tomorrow!

I stayed talking to everyone for a little while longer before excusing myself. Once I reached the bedroom Jack was standing by the bed with a frown on his face.

He calmly walked over to me and grabbed me by the nape of my neck pulling me close as his other hand grabbed my ass hard.

"I thought I told you, NOW."

I shivered at his tone and whimpered at the grip he had on me making me feel all sorts of emotions inside. But mostly hot.

"I didn't want to leave everyone so suddenly. What if they knew what we were coming up here to do?"

He gripped my ass harder causing me to jerk forward pressing myself against his rock hard body and painfully swollen friend.

"Oh, baby the way you scream out my name every time I fuck that tight pussy, trust me they know what we're doing!"

He pressed his lips to mine, licking my bottom lip begging to enter my mouth. I opened it and soon our tongues were fighting for space. Hands roaming, breathes quickening, bodies twitching for release.

He picked me up wrapping my legs around his waist and walked towards the dresser. With one quick sweep of his arm, he cleared the top of its contents and sat me on top.

***So the guys are getting bigger! And in more ways than one, apparently! (Blushing). Anyways what's up with this chick Rebecca? Hopefully Anna tells Jack or else she'll be punished again, although I'm thinking she likes to be punished!!!***

***HOLY FUCKING SHIT. Do y'all think she's in trouble???? Someone's gonna get it!***

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