A Royal Mate

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Part 62

***Warning!!! Hot ass scene ahead. Turn around if you aren't of age or are sensitive to mature content. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥***

He kissed down my jaw to my neck and licked my mark making my body melt.

He continued his downward descent towards my breasts when suddenly he ripped my shirt open, sending buttons flying all around the room.

Then he slid my shirt down my arms and used the shredded material to tie my arms together behind my back.

He growled when he saw my red lace bra underneath showing off my perky breasts. Tracing his tongue along the edge of the material he bit down in the middle and pulled the bra apart with his teeth, exposing me and leaving my nipples to harden as the cool air hit them.

He hovered over one of them with his warm breath sending shivers down my spine and causing goosebumps along my skin from the mixture of temperatures.

He never touched them but my body was craving him badly so I pushed my breasts up to meet his mouth but he shook his head and stepped away standing menacingly in front of me.

He pulled his pants down releasing his hardened cock from its cloth trap and started stroking it. His hands could barely fit around himself anymore and my jaw dropped at the thought.

I sat there completely smitten with his appearance and licked my lips as I watched his hand glide over his silky, velvet rod.

His eyes never left mine as he walked forward and pulled me to the edge of the wood.

He grabbed my cutoff shorts by the button and tore them down the middle revealing the matching set of red lace thongs that were getting wetter by the second.

He pulled the material to the side and plunged his fingers deep in me, causing me to fall back onto my hands. He dipped his head down and started licking and sucking every sensitive part of me.

My eyes shut as my body began to heat up and my legs started to shake. He grabbed one of my legs and bent it making my foot rest on top the dresser while the other remained dangly off the edge.

Just that one adjustment opened me up wider allowing his fingers to reach a higher spot inside making me cry out in pleasure.

He instantly pulled his fingers out and started to stroke himself again, using my juices to coat his dick.

He smiled devilishly at me as I sat there panting and he said "No cumming until I tell you to, got it baby?"

I shook my head since my mouth wasn't working and continued staring as he walked back to me and picked me up.

He walked over to the bed and placed me on my back with my legs bent, feet on the bed and my ass slightly hanging off.

He lined his member up with my lady parts and rammed himself in so deep I felt it in my soul. I gasped at his sudden fierceness and tried to ignore the pressure building inside.

He slowly pulled out then pushed back in torturing my pussy as he watched himself doing it.

He reached down and started rubbing my clit to the same unhurried yet steady rhythm as he pumped in and out. The friction caused my limbs to tremble as the pressure started to build again.

He pulled out quickly and grabbed me by my hips flipping me over and spreading my legs as wide as the would go while my face was smashed into the comforter.

He grabbed my hands in one of his and the other rubbed my ass cheek. I felt his hand leave then all of a sudden there was a loud slap and a delightful stinging sensation left in its spot.

I whimpered as he rubbed the spot with his calloused hand making my excitement drip down the front of my thighs.

I was too enthralled with passion that I didn't feel him caress my other side until I felt another sting and his hand soothing it.

He continued to do this 7 more times, alternating ass cheeks with each spank until the last one.

"Your ass looks soooo good in red, baby. Remember! Don't cum until I tell you too!"

My entire body was alive with pleasure that I didn't think I could hold it together and just as I was going to answer he slammed into me with his thick cock slapping and rubbing my ass at the same time.

I was jolted forward as his balls slammed into my clit causing a trail of fire to travel from my bellybutton all the way to my head making me dizzy.

The sensations were unbareable but oh so luscious that I felt everything deep down to my bones.

"Please, pleassssssse J-Jack! Pleasssssse!" I said moaning and panting from my rough lovers punishment.

"Oh, I'm not done with you yet, baby." With that he pulled out and laid on his back beside me as his long muscular legs held himself to the floor and his ass stayed at the edge of the bed.

He picked me up and sat me on his stomach watching me ooze my love for him all over his belly as he smiled.

He tucked a strand of loose hair behind my ear and wiped the sweat from my brow as I tried to catch my breath.

Then in one quick motion he lifted me up and rammed me down on his silky, smooth rod sending tingles of excitement all through my body.

Screaming in esctasy I yelled out "Oh my goddess. Fuck yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, Jack! Fuck me just like that."

With my hands still tied behind my back he held onto my hips as he bounced me up and down making my breasts jiggle.

He hissed as he said "Fuck baby you are so fucking tight and wet for me. Do you want to cum?"

I moaned out "Yes."

"What did you say, baby?"

His thrusts became harder and faster and I could feel his dick swelling making me speechless and my breathes come out in short, quick pants.

"Do you want to cum, Anna?" He grunted between his clenched teeth.

"Mmmmmmm, aughhhhhhh." I was about to explode but I knew I couldn't until he told me to or I wouldn't be cumming at all the next time he fucked me.

"Say it Anna! What. Do. You. Want?" He was said as he pounded out the words.

"I...want...to...c-cum, Alpha. Pleasssssse Alpha!"

He pulled me down so our chests were rubbing together and he said "Cum for me, Anna. CUM!"

Sparks flew as the friction between us caused an earth shattering orgasm. I closed my eyes so that I could burn this sexual awakening into my brain keeping it tucked away for those times when I needed to relive this feeling.

I heard Jack calling out my name as he let his hot semen flood my inner walls, filling me completely with his love.

We stayed there for a while breathless and sweaty, our bodies molded together perfectly. There was no denying my love for this man. I smiled against his chest and drifted to sleep.

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