A Royal Mate

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Part 64


I hated leaving Anna in the tub in pain but the Alpha of a neighboring pack called a meeting with me to discuss some problems he was having with Rogue's.

I had to admit though, it definitely did amazing things to my ego. My dick is still hard from when she told me she was hurting "inside."

I shook my head trying to concentrate when Austin knocked on my office door.


"Come in." I said in an annoyed tone.

Why is it that every time some Rogue comes on another wolfs land they feel they have to come to me for protection? I didn't mind sending warriors to their packs to train them because they needed to start learning how to defend themselves at some point.

Austin walked into the office with three older gentleman all dressed in suits. I stood from my chair and greeted them. "Welcome to the Birchwood Pack, Alpha Drake."

"Alpha Preston we are glad to be here. Although we wish it were under different circumstances. I hope you remember my Beta Bruce and my Gamma John?"

"Yes. Now please have a seat."

All the men sat down across from me while Austin stood behind them by the door, a technique I taught all my men. The reason was to always stay ready for any possible threats, keeping potential enemies in between the two most powerful wolves of your team.

"So. I hear you're having a problem with some Rogue's?" I asked as I placed my clasped hands on my desk.

"Yes, Alpha Preston."

"You do know where I stand on this issue, don't you?"

"I do but these Rogue's aren't easily deterred. They have been kidnapping she-wolves from ours and the other surrounding packs."

My eyebrows knitted together at his words. I was enraged to think some scummy low life wolf could come on my land, or any wolfs land, and take our females.

"How do you know they have been kidnapped? They could have been these females mates?" Trying to make some rational excuse for why they had gone missing, because this was the first time I'd heard of this.

Alpha Drake closed his eyes and his face turned sad as he spoke "Because, Alpha. They took my mate."

I inhaled sharply, my body tensing at his accusation. I growled in anger at the thought of someone taking another mans mate.

I gritted my teeth tightly and said "What do you mean they took your mate? Where did they take her? Did your trackers follow these wolves?" My claws were digging into the desk leaving huge marks in the wood.

He hunched his shoulders and teared up. "They ambushed us one night, tore our town to pieces, running from one house to the other ripping mated and unmated women from their beds. Then the set fire along the entire perimeter to block their scent. My trackers searched for weeks to get any smell they could but they came up empty."

He had tears falling down his face. Tears for his mate and for those of his female pack members who were gone.

I sighed and closed my eyes dropping my head onto my hands. I took a few breathes then stood up. I looked at the three men and said "We will find them, you have my word, but I need to know everything about these wolves so I can both protect my pack and track them."

He nodded with tears still in his eyes and said "I will tell you everything I know."

For the next thirty minutes he described as many of the wolves as he could, from markings on their body to missing tufts if hair and deformed bodies.

We talked in length about the other packs and their situations as well as coming up with a strategy.

Soon the men were satisfied with our agreement and rose to leave. I stood and stuck out my hand to shake the Alphas and when our hands touched I felt instant static tingles sending shockwaves through my arm.

Alpha Drake felt it too and we pulled our hands apart quickly as we both examed them. My arm was still tingling but now it had spread throughout my entire body.

I looked up in surprise at the Alpha as he starred back at me in awe. He slowly stepped back and said "Alpha, y-your eyes."

"What's wrong with my eyes?"

I looked at the other men, all of which were looking at me in the same way, almost mesmerized with them.

Austin ran out the room and returned with a mirror. I held it up to my face and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My once all crystal blue eyes had a glowing green ring around the irises.

I dropped the mirror when a shooting pain ran through my chest. Suddenly I was flooded with fear so extreme it was overwhelming, trying to cloud my thoughts and suffocate any logical reasoning I had from forming.

My heart was racing and my breathes were quickening as I realized I was feeling Anna's emotions.

I looked at Austin and said "Anna. Something is wrong with Anna." As I reached for my phone to call her.

The four men stood alert waiting for orders from me as I listened to the phone ring without an answer. I hung up and tried four more times but nothing.

Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my chest causing me grasp my shirt.

"Alpha, what is it? What's wrong?" Austin said as he helped me sit down."

I sat down and tried to catch my breath but the more I wanted to remain calm I couldn't. I felt scared and started shaking, then suddden panic hit when I felt terror through the bond.

Everyone was talking to me but all I wanted to do was concentrate on these feelings. So I closed my eyes and steadied my breathing finding peace within my soul to send to Anna.

Wherever she was I was going to make her take that fear and turn it around. She needed to know I could feel her pain and she needed to be strong. I didn't know what was going on but I would stop at anything to make her feel better.

I tried to send her messages through the link but there was something stopping me. A one-way wall I couldn't break down, only letting her emotions through but keeping mine from hers.

I growled in anger and stood up pacing the room.

Finally I opened my mouth and before I could speak I felt the fear take over again. Then, nothing.

"We have to find Anna. Somethings wrong." I said to Austin then stormed out the room downstairs.

I shifted before I hit the last step and smashed through the front door splintering the wood into pieces.

I bounded down the road in the direction of town with Austin, Drake, Bruce and John in tow.

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