A Royal Mate

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Part 65


We ran along the forest edge, following the main road all the way into town when I finally picked up Anna's scent trailing off into the forest.

We shifted and grabbed some shorts that were hidden in a tree then quickly put them on.

"Jack! Come over here." I ran over to Austin but when I saw the Tahoe smashed into a tree my heart fell to my toes.

We got closer to the mangled piece of metal with smoke bellowing out of the hood and fluid dripping from underneath. The powerful smell of transmission fluid filled my noise and made me cough.

I prayed to the moon goddess that I wouldn't find Anna dead inside but what I found was worst than that. Empty. No Anna or Connor. Just a few dried blood stains on the airbag and that was it.

Instantly I picked up a pungent musky smell and I knew it was Rogue's. My eyes widened and my body trembled as my wolf wanted to tear their still beating hearts out of their chests.

With my firsts clenched at my sides and my body prepared to murder anything that moved, I let out a viscious growl so loud it had all my companions covering their ears.

"Everyone smell this door. It reeks of Rogue. Pick up the scent and follow it as far as you can. I want to find whoever did this but if any of you find one before me, bring them to me. ALIVE." I spat out through clenched teeth making my wolf come out in full force.

I stood there, a massive ball of black fur, emitting so much dominance and aggression I could feel it in the air.

They all nodded their heads, shifting and following me as we took off in the same direction. I could feel my fury vibrating through my body. My limbs were on fire and my mind was working in overdrive trying to mind-link Anna but I wasn't getting a reply.

I pushed harder and harder following the smell but once we reached a small lake the smell disappeared. I looked at the others who were sniffing the air and ground. None of them were picking anything up.

I huffed and shook my furry head. I walked along the waters edge sniffing every blade of grass and particle in the air but I wasn't getting anything. I had to find something. Anything that would get us back on track. I mind-linked Austin and the others.

Has anyone picked up a scent?

No, Alpha. Said Austin.

No, Jack we haven't gotten anything either. But we will keep trying. I'll send my wolves to the right side along that ridge. And I'll check back the way we came.

I nodded at Drake letting him know I agreed with his plan.

Austin, head to the left of the lake then up that hill. I will go into the woods further and try to find something. I've linked Brayden and he is on his way with the trackers.

Austin nodded and took off. I followed right behind him towards the lake as he took off turning to the right towards the hill. I could smell something but I wasn't sure what it was so I followed it anyway.

We continued searching until Brayden showed up with Thomas, Scott and Talon, who were my top trackers. I led them back to the Tahoe for them to get the scent and explained to them where we went but they wanted to retrace our steps first before they searched anywhere else.

I kept trying to mind-link Anna but I still couldn't get through and I had stopped feeling her emotions before we got here which only made me more furious.

Where was she? Was she hurt? Were these the same

Rouge's who attacked all the other packs?

I clenched my teeth and growled angrily. I should have never let her go shopping without me but I figured she was safe with Connor. I'm going to kill him when I find him.

My wolf was pacing back and forth, seething with rage at the though of our mate with those disgusting mutts when Austin mind-linked me.

Alpha! We found Connor. He's over here on the other side of the hill. Hurry he's hurt pretty bad.

My ears perked up at his words. Hope flooding my heart at the thought that Anna wasn't too far away.

I bounded back the way I came and up the hill to where Austin and the others were, already shifted and clothed.

I stopped by the tree and threw on a pair of shorts then jogged over to where Connor was lying. He was bleeding pretty bad from a cut on his head and some along his torso. His leg was broken and he was unconscious. And as soon as I got closer to him I could smell the same strong odor as the Tahoe.

"Is he alive?"

"Yes Alpha, but he's been unconscious since we found him and by the look of it he's been here for a while. Maybe 30 minutes or more. So our Luna shouldn't be far away."

I knelt down beside him and shook his shoulder "Connor? Connor, I need you to wake up." He didn't respond.

"CONNOR!" I yelled out feeing my heart tear into a million pieces. Why? Why did they have to take Anna? MY MATE!

Frustrated, I stood up and looked at Brayden. "Have any of you picked up their scent?"

"Talon and Scott are still trailing something but Thomas said his spot was clear. He was making another sweep past by the truck. If they were targeted, there may have been more than one car."

"So whoever took Anna possibly grabbed her and left Connor here for dead." My fists were clenched by my sides and my body shook with anger.

"Austin get Connor and bring him back to the clinic. Drake, we're going on a hunt." I said with a devious smirk.

Drake nodded his head understanding completely what I meant. He was ready to get his Luna back too. My eyes glazed over as I communicated to Marina.

Marina, Anna is missing and I can't get her to answer the mind-link. I need your help.

Where are you alpha? I will come to you.

Meet us at the pack house. We are bringing Connor to the hospital. Please bring Zel and the others. I need all of you there.

Yes, Alpha. We are on our way.

Not only was Marina sworn to protect Anna but she also had very powerful seer abilities and she would be able to help us locate her.

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