A Royal Mate

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Part 66

My head felt fuzzy and the smell of blood and feces had my stomach turning. I could hear faint whimpers but it was so dark I couldn't tell where they were coming from.

"Hello? Who's there?"

The whimpers stopped and were replaced by whispers. The sounds weren't far away but they also weren't close enough to be next to me.

"Hello?" I repeated.

And just when I said it, a light flipped on in the room illuminating it enough to let me see that I was in a cell of some sorts with a bench in the corner and a toilet on the opposite end.

I heard keys jingling and gasps as people started shuffling. The cell had a door with a small window covered in bars so I couldn't really see what was going on but just like I'm sure everyone else did, I huddled in the corner awaiting my fate.

"Listen up ladies! The boss needs to see a few of you. You know the rules. When I come to your window, stand facing the inside of your cell with your back against the door and your hands behind you." A deep voice demanded from somewhere in the room.

Then I heard chains clinking together as he walked closer to my door. I heard keys all around activating locks and I jumped when I saw a man looking into my cell.

"You. Get up."

I shivered as a pang of fear ran through my body. I slowly got up from the bench and walked to the door, doing as I was instructed. After I heard my cell being unlocked and shackles were placed on my wrists and ankles.

I was roughly jerked back and pulled towards a door at the end of a hall passing several other cells along the way. I could hear the cries coming from the little windows and I could feel the fear radiating from the room.

What the hell is this place? Where is Connor? Did Jack realize I was missing yet? I tried to mind-link him but there was something blocking our communication.

We continued walking until we reached a stairwell and started to climb them. Shackles stretching just far enough for one step and heavy enough to make you fall down the stairs if you missed it.

When we reached the top, the smell of disinfectant burned my nose and made me gag. There were torture devices lining the walls and what looked like dried blood on the floors.

I closed my eyes as the men guided the 6 of us to another room with chairs. Each one of us were sat down and then the men disappeared, shifting and locking the door behind us.

One of the girls next to me was shaking so uncontrollably that the clinking noise was irritating the others.

A few of then chimed in taunting the young girl as she sat there soaking wet from her tears and breathing so fast I thought she would pass out.

"Oh would you just stop shaking already?"

"Yeah you're going to get us in trouble with all that noise."

"How did you become a wolf? You shouldn't be scared of anything."

I narrowed my eyes at then and turned to her.

"Hey, are you ok?" I asked her.

She never said anything but instead started shaking more.

"Hey you have to stop that or you will pass out and hurt yourself. Please just look at me!"

The three others who were teasing her started snickering.

I whipped my head towards them and summoned what little patience I had left along with rage. I could feel my finger tips burning from the fire within me.

"Shut. Up. All of you. Do not even think that just because she is a wolf she isn't allowed to be scared." I said with my teeth clenched and a low growl.

They all dropped their heads and bent them as a sign of submission. Even the girl who was shaking had stopped and was leaning her neck to the left.

"Now we are going to stop the fighting and use what strength and wisdom the moon goddess has given us and fight for our lives."

"Yes, Luna." They all said in unison.

"Now. Would anyone like to tell me there name? And can someone please tell me where we are or how long you've been here?"

The first to chime in was one of the terrified girls taunters.

"My name is Theia, I'm from Sandlewood pack. I don't know where we are but it's far from my territory and I really don't know how long I've been here." I nodded a thank you and she put her head back down.

"I'm Riane from the Deerborn pack and I think I've been here for a week? I lost track, anyway I think we are somewhere near Tennessee." Giving her a small smile I thanked her.

"I am Kathryn from the Norwood pack and I've been here close to two months. And we are in Virginia. I heard one of the idiot guards telling someone the directions here but I've never been able to mind-link anyone to let them know."

The small girl who was previously shaking had calmed down some and spoke in barely a whisper "I'm Cassie f-from the Jesuit pack. I j-just got here last night." She closed her eyes as the tears began to flow again and she sniffled saying "I just met my mate and then I was ripped from him by these horrible wolves."

"Cassie I'm so sorry that happened to you. But we will get out. My name is Luna Anna from the Birchwood pack here in Virginia."

They all gasped as I guessed they had heard about me, even though we tried to keep it quiet about who or where I was.

The older lady in the room smiled at me and said "I am Luna Maria from the Nova pack just east of yours, Luna Anna. We are neighbors. I've been here for a week just like Riane."

I couldn't believe my ears. Some of the women had been here for far too long and I couldn't help the anger that was bubbling inside me. I hated that they were all taken from their packs for someone's sadistic reasons.

My senses were going crazy as my wolf tried to come out. She was furious and wouldn't let anyone get away with hurting her or anyone else. These women may not be my pack members but we were all here in this hell and I was going to protect them anyway I could.

Suddenly the lock on the door clicked and it swung open revealing a small figure, possibly a female, dressed in all black leather with a mask over their face.

They walked in, stopping to look at each of us before they turned and walked back to one of the guards and whispered something in his ear.

They finally pulled the mask off and walked right in front of me, grabbing my chin in their hand and jerked it up to meet their devilish grey eyes.

"Well, Luna. We meet again."

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