A Royal Mate

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Part 67

***I just want everyone to be aware that Jack and Anna's part are occurring simultaneously. It's the same day and time, they are just in separate places. K! Love y'all. Keep reading, voting and share, share, share!***


We were finally able to get Connor back to the pack hospital late yesterday afternoon. The trackers had been searching since we found the Tahoe and all throughout the night. Talon called a friend of his to come along and help this morning but until Connor woke up, we didn't have a clue where Anna could be.

"Is Connor going to be ok?" Austin asked Dr. Brown.

"Yes. He has a severe concussion and a broken leg but he should be healed in a few days. I also stitched up a nasty cut on his side but I don't know how his memory will be when he awakens." He said before walking out.

I grabbed his arm "We don't have a few days. Is there anything we can do to speed up his recovery? My mate, your Luna, is missing!" I shouted at him.

He flinched and bared his neck, trembling as he said "A-alpha I'm s-sorry but you know there's nothing else I can do. He is already healing faster than average but we will have to wait for him to wake up."

He scurried off before I could get say anything else and Austin walked in front of me blocking my path.

"Jack, the guys are still scouting. We will find her and whoever took her and bring her back safe. Have you tried mind-linking her again?"

"Yes. I've tried every hour for the last two days."

My fingertips started to tingle and I could feel a rush of rage coming over me. My eyes began flashing from blue to white letting me know my wolf wanted out but I held him back.

Then the fear returned, like darkness clawing at my soul trying to get in and destroy me. My heart constricted as the blackness took over and my eyes started to glow again.

"Alpha? Alpha? Jack can you hear me?"

Austin was standing in front of me, shaking my shoulders. His voice was muffled like I was underwater but I couldn't really understand him and then I saw her.

She was in darkness, cold and alone. Noises filled the air, slow agonizing whimpers from desperate beings withering away in the shadows.

I felt her heart beating quickly, her breathes unsteady as she tried to feel her way around but there was nothing.

"Jack, wake up. Come on talk to me!" Austin screamed in face.

The image disappeared as I inhaled deeply from holding my breath. Eyes watering, throat dry as I sat there in disbelief. Finally I gasped as I realized Austin was still screaming at me.

"I saw her. She's in a dungeon somewhere. I saw her, Austin she's still alive."

Just then Marina walked in with the parliament and Zel.

"Jack? Give me your hand, now."

I walked over to Marina and offered her my palm. She traced the lines and chanted something then her body stiffened and her eyes glazed over.

I felt a jolt of power flowing from her hand into mine and soon there was a bright light encasing us. I felt weightless, like a feather floating around the room, slowly. My senses were alive, and there was something almost magnetic pulling me into Marina's presence.

Then I saw Anna. She was chained up, sitting in a chair along with five other wolves all in the same fashion. She was emitting so much authority as everyone around her watched her speak.

Then her anxiousness came back and I felt her freeze when a black figure entered the room. There was something dangerous about it like sheer terror in silhouette form, creeping from the cataclysmic depths of hell.

The image faded and soon I was staring into Marina's eyes as she stood there with her mouth wide open, shock evident all over her face.

"We have to find her." I said breathlessly and Marina nodded.

"Austin. Have you heard anything from Talon and his trackers?"

"Not yet. But I planned on going help search after we checked on Connor."

We walked out the hospital and headed for my truck. Just I reached my door I heard someone shout my name.

"Alpha! Alpha. Wait up!"

I turned and saw Alex, one of my warriors running towards me with worry in his eyes.

"Alex? What's wrong?"

"Alpha, my mate is missing. She didn't come home last night from her run. I searched the training areas and the pack grounds but no sign of her. And I can't mind-link her."

I looked at Austin then back to him and said "I think I know what happened to her. I don't know where she is but I think she is with Anna. I don't have time to explain but I need you to gather 4 of your best warriors and meet me here in 10 minutes."

He nodded and said "Yes, Alpha."

Within minutes we were back at the accident site and were running to meet up with the trackers. There were 8 of them now who had covered at least a 40 mile radius and still hadn't uncovered anything.

My fists were clenched at my sides as I thought about Anna being hurt somewhere. Did that figure do something to her? I hadn't felt anything, emotions or sensations since yesterday so that had to be a good thing.

I ran my hands through my hair as I paced back and forth waiting for Marina to feel something.

"Alpha?" She said with a worried look.

"What? Did you see something?" I asked hoping she had something. Anything to tell me.

"There is darkness there, like a powerful force that is keeping us from finding her. I can feel her, as if she were right here." Her eyes were darting around everywhere as she walked aimlessly in no specific direction, raising her hands in the air as if she were feeling for some invisible wall.

Where the fuck is Anna? I have to find her. Today was supposed to be our day and now she's missing. I'll never forgive myself I'd something happens to her. I continued pacing until all the pent up anger threatened to come out.

I felt the rage within me bubbling beneath the surface. My body was hot, burning up, and I felt as if I were about to breathe fire. I inhaled a gulp of air then screamed at the top of my lungs causing a gust of wind to spew from my mouth, knocking trees over and blowing the ground away.

When I ran out of breath I looked around to see everyone holding onto each other to keep from being tossed in the air from my surge of wind. What the fuck was that?

Marina locked eyes with me, looking deep into my soul, willing me to calm down. I felt a relaxing sensation and soon I was running to check everyone out.

"ALPHA!" I turned my head to Talon's direction, hoping he or no one else was hurt, and took off in his direction.

He was standing on a metal plate staring down at it. But when I came closer, I realized it wasn't a plate, it was a trap door.

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