A Royal Mate

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Part 69


We all stared down at the metal trap door as if it were going to suddenly pop open. Realizing that it wasn't, I reached down and grabbed the handle pulling it up with ease. There was a ladder leading down into what looked like an underground tunnel.

Austin grabbed his phone and shined the light into the dark hole before he descended into the black. Once he reached the bottom he whistled for everyone to follow him.

"Marina, I need you Zel, Cassandra and Lena to stay here. I will leave Thomas with you for extra protection but I need everyone else to follow me."

They all nodded their heads and we each took turns going down the ladder.

Once my feet hit the dirt floor, my eyes watered at the atrocious stench. But the further we walked through the tunnel there was a distinguishable metallic scent indicating that there was silver somewhere in here. If this was where Anna was, that would explain why I couldn't get through to her.

We walked for a while before we got to a door with an electric key pad. Talon was one of the best IT guys in my pack so it didn't take him long to figure out the code. Once I heard the click, I couldn't help but smile. That bastard could hack into anything!

The door opened with a creek and we all caustiously filed through the opening keeping hyper aware of our surroundings, especially since I knew our wolves were being subdued from the silver.

We walked down an even longer tunnel than the first one before we got to an empty room that looked like a meeting place. There were markings on the wall that looked like a map of some sorts so Talon got to work trying to decipher it.

Suddenly we heard voices and we all got ready for an attack, waiting and listening for the first sign of danger. But it never came. Instead the voices seemed to be coming through a vent that was in the wall.

I walked closer, placing my ear to the opening and closed my eyes trying to hear what was going on.

"You will never be able to ward off an attack. You have no one to protect you."

ANNA! I would know her voice anywhere. But who was she talking to. I continued listening, waiting for any clue that we could ambush her attackers and get her out of here.

"Oh, don't worry. I have more than I need, I have YOU! And if you don't want to die, you'll do whatever I say."

"I will NEVER do what you say, you can just kill me now."

There was a low growl that came from her throat and I knew her anger would only last so long before complete havoc was reeked.

There was a loud slap that resonated all the way through my soul and I couldn't help but growl at the thought of someone touching my mate. My arms began to shake and I felt the rage about to take complete control over my body.

"You will do as I say. I don't have time to play these games, so you either you do as I say, or this one gets it."

There were loud gasps and protests then a scream as I can only assume someone was about to be killed if we didn't do something fast.

Suddenly, Talon figured out where we needed to go and explained the tunnels were underneath an old abandoned jail. He had located where the cells were and that considering where we were, the voices we heard were coming from a guard room.

"We need to get to them quickly. I don't know who to expect so I want everyone on their guard. Kill anyone who looks like a threat. I don't want a single wolf of there's still standing."

I could feel my inner anger fueling my emotions and I knew that I wouldn stop at nothing to get to Anna.

We manuvered our way through the rest of the tunnel at lightning speed. Once we reached a set of steps, Brayden and Austin ascended first to assess the situation.

They opened the door just enough to peer in and see two men standing guard of another door.

"There are two men standing in front of another door. I'm guessing they lead to the cells. Once we take them out we can split up and each our separate ways to find the room." Austin suggested.

With a nod, I looked at him before we all huddled together and planned to rush them immediately.

Austin flung the door open and we poured out of the tunnel like savages. The guards didn't have time to defend themselves and in two quick snaps, their bodies were thrown to the floor like limp noodles.

The closer we got to the door the more emotions I could feel from Anna. She was furious and the more she was taunted the worse it became.

My heart was racing and it felt like ants were crawling all over my skin. My hands began to tremble and soon a pulsating tingle enveloped my entire body. The hair on my body began to stand as I reached for the door knob. But before I made contact with it if flew off the hinges into the room we were trying to enter.

My eyes widened as I noticed the multiple cells full of young women crying and pleading for us not to hurt them. I stalked forward into the middle of the hall and faced the women taking in their tiny frail bodies as they cowered in their corners in fear. My anger worsened as I watched these young ladies beg for mercy.

"Ladies, please calm down." I said with my softest most authoritative voice. "I am Alpha Jack Preston, of the Birchwood pack here in Virginia. My men and I are here to find my Luna and to help all of you return home. I promise no more harm will come to any of you."

Most of them nodded as they cried out in gratitude and the others were to traumatized to answer. I turned to Brayden and said "Find the keys and let all these women out. Bring them to Marina and the others. Then mind-link Dr. Brown and alert him that we will have 50 new patients. I want everyone of them thoroughly checked out. Have the nurses help them get cleaned up, tell the cooks to prepare a warm meal and let them rest. Also, take Maddox, Ryan and Jaxson with you and stand guard. I don't want anyone but the hospital employees and you 4 in that hospital."

He nodded and walked off trying to find a key. The other three, who were Talons friends that were trackers, helped him search. Me, the rest of my men and the other trackers headed down the narrow hall towards the end where another door was located.

I placed my ear to the door, hoping for a sound, any sound that would indicate that this was where Anna was being held. But it was silent, so Talon opened the door and I peeked around the frame.

What I saw had me floored and the anger within me rushed to the surface. I pushed Talon out of the way and slammed my hands onto the door sending it flying into the room.

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