A Royal Mate

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Part 70

When Rebecca held that knife to Luna Maria's neck, my eyes instantly saw red. I couldn't believe the disrespect and the audacity this bitch had to put her grubby hands on someone as highly respected as a Luna, let alone one from another pack.

I was ready to blow that slimy little skank across the room the second she pulled her mask off, but my powers were subdued from the silver. Or at least I thought they were, until I started to feel the tingling in my fingers slowly creeping into a humming buzz that shocked me anytime my tips touched the shackles.

I kept that little bit of knowledge to myself for incase she came a little too close and I could take her down, even if it was only temporarily.

"So, Luna? Do we have a deal?" She said as she pulled Maria's hair harder causing the knife to cut slightly into her skin.

My eyes widened as I realized she wasn't going to let her go until I agreed.

"FINE. JUST STOP!" I growled out viciously.

She laughed as she dropped Maria's head and placed the knife back on the table.

"I knew you would see it my way." She said as she walked towards the door. She opened it and walked out leaving us all a little shaken.

"What are we going to do?" Rhiane asked.

"Luna, are you alright?" I asked Maria.

"Yes. It's just a little scratch. But we need to figure out how to get out of here before she comes back. I have a feeling once she takes you, Anna, we will be killed." Her face was full of worry and sorrow for everyone.

I heard soft sobs and gasps as they sat there and thought about their impending doom.

I closed my eyes. I needed to think of something. Maybe if I concentrated hard enough on my powers, I could get them out of here. I tried to envision manipulating the air, but their wasn't any blowing around so my efforts were futile.

I opened my eyes and looked up noticing the lights in the ceiling. I could draw electricity from that, if that's how it worked. I remember being in the thunderstorm and summoning the power from the sky to shock Ryder through his heart, so power generated electricity had to work the same.

Filling my mind with hope, I closed my eyes again and shut everything else off, only concentrating on the light and trying to imagine myself as the current flowing within it. I visualized myself as a wave of heat flowing from the transmitter, through the wire all the way into the bulb and finally entering to the filaments causing the bright light to shine.

Suddenly my hands and feet started to heat up causing the metal shackles to burn me and the longer I sat there waiting the more I felt the heat almost melting them, causing them to loosen on my grip.

I heard a loud clank and looked down to see that my shackles had slipped off my hands and ankles. I tried not to react, and instead just sat there while the others looked at me in awe.

I shook my head silently instructing the others to keep quiet and kept my hands and feet planted in the same spot when the door opened revealing Rebecca and two huge men.

They both walked to a chair and stared lifting the women's arms up one by one, and dragging them out the door. Kathryn refused to go and instead started to cause a scene. Thrashing around, kicking butting and scratching the guard who had his hands on her. And boy was she was a powerful shewolf.

Angrily the other guard let go of the others, shoving them to the floor and tried to contain Kathryn who was overpowering them both.

"Oh fucking goddess! Do I have to do everthing around here?" Rebecca screamed as she threw her hands into the air in exasperation.

She stalked over to the two idiots getting their assholes handed to them while Rhiane slowly walked closer to me, shielding me as I walked behind her. She guided me to a column and I stood behind it while she quickly went back to her place where she was left.

Rebecca walked up to the guard holding Kathryn and placed a black band around her wrist. Then she grabbed a remote and pushed the button causing Kathryn to jerk like an epileptic then go limp.

"Now. Get them out of here. I have more important things to do." She shouted as her goons drug everyone out of the room. The door shut and I knew I had only one chance and this was it.

Rebecca turned around at the same time as I walked from behind the column. Her eyes were wide as she realized I was no longer shackled and her chances of hurting me where slim to none.

"H-how did y-you get out of those metal s-shackles?" She said as she stepped back towards the door.

"If I told you all my secrets, then I would have to kill you." I said with a sadistic laugh. I could feel the electricity flowing through me as I pulled from the light.

It started flickering the moment I stepped towards Rebecca. She backed into the door then realized it was locked and she was stuck.

She lunged for the knife but her hands were shaking so bad that she knocked it off the table. I smiled as she cowards into the corner.

"STOP, or I'll scream. And my guards will come in here and kill you."

"Your guards won't be able to get into the room before you're dead! So go ahead and scream. It won't make a difference."

I was in front her face before I knew it and I didn't even know how I had gotten to her so fast. I reached out and wrapped my hand around her neck causing her to twitch from the sudden zap of electricity she felt from my touch.

I squeezed her throat as she gasped for air and clawed at my hand. I watched as her eyes popped out of her head with my tightened grip and her pulse started slowing when all of a sudden the door flew open sending the chairs flying against the wall. I turned my head to the right to keep from getting hit with something which cause my grip to loosen just enough for her to wiggle out of my hand and drop to the floor.

"ANNA!" I jerked my head to the left at the sound of Jack's voice. Relief flooded me as I went to run into his arms when I felt a sharp pain in my stomach.

I looked down to see Rebecca standing in front of my with the knife plunged into my abdomen. Heat radiated all around my core and shot through my back as I watched the blood drip from my open gash.

Jack ran up to me as Rebecca was detained in the corner.

"ANNA! Anna hold on. Don't close your eyes baby, I need you to stay awake. Look at me."

He picked me up in his arms and took off out the door down the hall as my body turned ice cold and I started to shiver.

"J-jjack. I'm sssoooo c-ccccollld." I closed my eyes.

"I know baby. I know but you have to hold on. Please, please Anna!"



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