A Royal Mate

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Part 71

Darkness, all around me, surrounding me in a deep tub of misery and stillness. Swallowing me up and swishing me around in the depths of its soul.

What is this place?

It's so cold here.

And hard.

Why am I lying down? Jack was carrying me. When did he put me down?

🎶angelic music playing🎶

"Anna? Anna? Open your eyes."

That voice. It sounds so, beautiful. It soothes me and makes me want to stay here forever. It wraps around me like a warm coat and sends happy tingles all over my skin.

"Anna. Open your eyes for me. Please."

I don't want to wake up but that voice, it calls to me. So I will my eyes to open. I groaned when the brightness came over me, closing my eyes in a hurry to shut it out. Slowly I peek through my eyelids but again the light caused me to shut them back, allowing my pupils to adjust to the intrusive assault. I opened them again and blinked a few times until my eyes became accustomed to it.

A soft chuckle caused me to turn my head as a pair of beautiful woman with silky smooth, olive colored skin and green eyes stared back at me. There was a soft glowing light surrounding her as she smiled down at me.

"Who are you?" I asked as I reached out to touch her hand.

She grabbed my hand and stroked it lightly as she hummed a majestic tune.

"Anna, my name is Elizabeth Huntington. I'm your mother."

My heart nearly exploded at her admission. I squeezed her hand and quickly sat up, feeling lightheaded from the sudden shift in position.

"Take it easy." She said as she sat down besides me.

"You're my mother? Where am I? Oh my goddess, does this mean I died?" My heart rate increased as I thought about Jack weeping over my dead body.

"NO! No, this has to be a mistake. I can't die, not now. It's too soon." I said as tears rolled down my cheeks and my shoulders shook from my sobs.

"Anna, calm down. You aren't dead. But there is so much that I need to tell you so you will not be going back until I am done."

I looked up at her confused at what she was trying to say. I wasn't dead, so where was I?

She sighed softly and said "I know you don't understand right now but I will try to answer all of your questions the best that I can. I just need you to know that your father and I loved you even before you were born, but what happened to us was all a part of the Moon Goddess' plan. She created you for a special purpose."

She looked away with pride but there was so much sorrow in her eyes. She slowly stood up and took a few steps away from me.

"We knew the attack was going to happen but we didn't know when it was coming. So we put Marina in charge of keeping the 8 of you children safe and finding you a place to hide. We increased our training and even asked for help from the neighboring pack but they ambushed us in the middle of the night. They killed everyone except you 8 and Marina."

"What did they attack us for?" I asked in barely a whisper.

"Anna, there are some wolves out there who thought we would become too powerful because of our special abilities. They didn't understand why we were created and thought we were favored by the Moon Goddess over everyone else but we were really created to help all wolves. She wanted us to be the mediator between her and them and to guide them in the ways that she created them."

I sat with my eyes wide open waiting for her to continue her story. Her presence was hypnotizing and I knew she would have been an amazing mother. My heart saddened at the thought of never really getting to know her.

"What do you mean I was created for a special purpose? I was ripped from my family and I don't know anything about myself. I never even knew about my powers until I met Marina." I said in a stern voice.

My voice was laced with anger but she walked over to me and wrapped me in a hug.

"Anna, don't be mad about what happened. I have watched over you since the day you were born and I won't stop just because we are are no longer on Earth with you. But you have Zel and Marina and they know more about your powers than you think. They will guide you and teach you, trust them. And that mate of yours..." She said as she as she placed her hand on her heart "...he was created especially for you. His parents were killed by the same pack that killed us because he too is special. His bloodline are the direct decendants of the warriors. They are the most powerful and strongest wolves there are. The two of you will create wonderful things but you have to always remember to work together. He is your half that makes you whole and you are his. A bond that strong can never easily be broken. Now what other questions do you have?"

"Yes. Um. What if I mess up? What if I end up hurting someone who is innocent? What if I make a horrible Luna?"

She laughed softly and pulled me back into another hug. I wrapped my arms around her never wanting to let her go, inhaling the scent of her airy fresh linen scent and snuggling into her soft skin.

"Anna, you have already proven how amazing you will be as Luna. You have protected not only your pack but several others by your selfless acts against devious threats and you could never hurt anyone who is good because you are good. I know this was a lot of information for you but trust me, this is what the Moon Goddess wants, and she will never fail you."

The tears were falling freely down my face as she comforted me, slowly rocking me as she brushed her fingers through my hair and patted my back.

I took a deep breath and wiped the tears away not wanting to forget this moment.

"I don't understand everything right now but I promise you I will work with Zel and Marina and I will make you proud. I know I can't change the past or bring you back but I will never stop trying to make it better." I held my head high and smiled.

The truth is, I didn't know what the future held and I was almost certain there would be other battles to fight but I vowed to make sure Jack and I fought them together, side by side as equals to keep our pack and the whole wolf world safe.

"Anna you have always made me proud and I know that you will do great things. The Moon Goddess has already promised me that you will be protected as long as you never take advantage of your powers and only use them for good. Now there is one thing I still need you to do for me."

"What?" I asked as she kissed my cheek.

"Wake up, please!"

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