A Royal Mate

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Part 73

I woke up the next morning and Val was still sleeping next to me. I stretched trying not to wake her and heard a grunt behind me. I turned to see Jack pouting in the chair.

"Well good morning to you, Alpha grumpy pants!" I said with a hint of sassiness in my voice.

He huffed then growled lowly folding his arms across his chest like a five year old who just had his toy taken away.

"You're lucky Val is so important to you because if she weren't, I would have thrown her out of that bed last night. It should be me sleeping next to you." He puffed out his lower lip and put his head down looking at his feet.

I slowly climbed out of bed and once I reached him a look of worry and panic seeped into his face as he tried to get up and help me.

I put my hand up making him stop in his tracks and I continued walking to his chair. I sat in his lap bridal style and curled up to his chest as he wrapped his big strong arms around me and held me tight. I purred allowing Aspen her moment with Jett while I soaked in all their love.

This is where I belong. Here in his arms and nowhere else. Whatever comes our way we will take it on together. No more hiding anything from him.

I smiled as he kissed my forehead and rubbed circles on my thigh. There were tingles left from his touch and my body was responding so intensely that I picked my head up and kissed him with so much passion that I could have sworn I felt the Earth shake. There were sparks coming from our lips setting my face on fire and trailing all the way down to my core.

He kissed along my jaw and down my neck to my mark. Licking and sucking the sensitive area that always drove me wild. My hands found their way into his hair as I tugged it every time his lips touched my skin.

Someone cleared their throat causing us to break apart and I blushed when I looked up and saw Austin in the doorway.

"Uh, Alpha, Luna. I...uh...I'm sorry to interrupt. I was just coming to get Val." He gave us a cocky smile and walked over to the bed kissing Val on her cheek causing her to stir and open her eyes.

My face was completely red from the realization that Jack and I almost went a little too far, practically dry humping and I had completely forgotten that Val was still sleeping.

I got up to climb back in bed but Jack wrapped his arm around me and pulled me back down. I gasped when my butt hit his hard-on causing him to laugh and press me further into it.

"Val we have to go. We can stop for breakfast before we head home." He said holding out his hand to help her out the bed.

She stretched and laughed as she took his hand and stood up giving his a kiss on his lips. "I guess my Prince Charming needs me." She said as she winked at me.

I chuckled as Austin turned beet red and put his head down as he walked out the room.

"See you later guys. Love you Val!" I said as I waved.

She blew me a kiss and hooked her arm through his as they walked down the hall.

Jack turned me around in his lap and said "Now, where were we." As he continued kissing down my neck.

"Down boy, we almost got caught once, I don't want it happening again." I pushed myself up and walked over to the bed.

Just as I was about to sit down Dr. Brown came in. "I'm glad to see you up and about Ms. Steine. How are you feeling today." He took his stethoscope out and placed it on my chest listening to my heart rate and my lungs. He asked me to breathe in and out a few times before he timed my heartbeats with his each. "Now, can you lie down for me?"

I laid back on the bed and pulled my gown to the side so he could see my cut when a low growl came from Jack. I shot him a warning look as doc froze. "Go ahead Dr. Brown." I said with a smile.

He pressed against my stomach all around the cut then he looked over at the wound that seemed to have gotten even smaller since I showed Val last night, which was only 8 hours ago.

"Incredible! You seemed to have almost completely healed in just two days. This kind of injury would have killed any other wolf and if not it would have at least left them debilitated for at a month or more but you, you recovered so quickly!" He was astonished at my progress.

"Dr. Brown. When will she be able to go home?" Jack asked in his Alpha tone.

"I'll get her paperwork ready right now, if that's ok with you, Luna?"

I smiled at him and said "Yes, please."

He nodded and left the room to discharge me.

Jack was gleaming with pride as he said "My mate healed in just two days! Wow. You're really something special you know that, Luna?"

He leaned down on the bed placing a sweet kiss on my lips and I wrapped my arms around his neck. He looked at me as his eyes darkened with lust and scooped me up into a warm embrace. I never wanted this moment to end. This man was my life and I would prove it to him every day if I had to. He saved me in more ways than one and I would forever be grateful.

Once I was discharged and home, Jack had to deal with all the kidnapped, distraught, tired women that missed their families. They weren't ready to talk to anyone just yet so he wasn't able to get any information from them. In fact he hadn't even told anyone that they were found.

"Jack? Let me talk to them. I can find out what pack they belong to and then we can return each one personally. We need to let these wolves know that we are here to help."

He was reluctant at first but agree to let me try. I walked into the room where everyone was staying and immediately found Maria. I ran to her and hugged her tight as if she would be taken again the moment I let her go. Riane, Cassie, Kathryn and Theia ran up to us wrapping us in a group hug. I missed them so much and was ready to get them home.

We all turned to the other women in the room and I said "My name is Luna Anna. This is my pack and my Alpha and his men were the ones who saved you all. I want to personally bring each and every one of you home but I need to know who you are and where you belong. The six of us will go around and get your names and other information and I promise you will be going home soon."

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