A Royal Mate

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Part 77

To say I was shocked was an understatement. Confused was more like it. What did he mean she wasn't his mate?

He continued talking as he walked closer to the cage "This pathetic piece of trash was only a side piece. A worthless, classless, con artist who invaded our pack to get to you." He looked at me with such heartache that I knew he blamed himself for bringing her here. "I didn't know of her true intentions until the night she disappeared but I also had no proof of what her plan was. When I found the Alpha I wanted to go with him hoping that I would intercept her and kill her myself." He said as he spat towards her. "But I now know that I was wrong and should have told you both of my of my suspicions before it got to messy."

"Alex, it's ok. Trust me I know what it's like to be deceived by someone who you thought cared about you. But don't think you will get away without being punished for keeping this a secret. Jack and I will discuss it later but right now, I have trash to dispose of."

With one quick jerk of my hand and using the bars as leverage, I snapped Rebecca's neck. The cracking sound resonated throughout the cave and almost instantly, everyone collectively breathed a sigh of relief. I let her head drop to the ground and placed my fingers underneath her jaw to feel for a pulse. Nothing. She was dead.

I looked towards the others with a cold, hard stare and walked out the hole with my head held high. As soon as I felt the cool night air on my face, it hit me. I killed her. It's over. So why did I feel so bad. My heart was full of pain. I was a murderer, yes it was for justice but why did I act so impulsively. It was like I was someone else, being taken over by some other entity.

I walked over to the back of the pack house and sat down on the stone steps trying to make sense of what happened when a white mist-like cloud appeared next to me. It's energy was electric and I felt little zaps of static against my skin as it floated in front of me and began to speak.

Anna, don't ever feel bad for doing my work. You were created to bring justice forth on Earth because I can't be there to do it myself. I would never make you do something that wasn't right nor do I ever make mistakes about who is good or who is evil.

The mist turned a beautiful purple color and wrapped itself around me making me feel hot as it prickled my skin with its shock-like aura. I felt like I was floating as this euphoric presence continued cradling me in peace.

"Anna, are you out here?" I heard jack say.

The mist quickly dissipated at the sound of his voice but high above me I heard a faint thank you as I looked up into the sky with wide sparkling eyes.

"Anna, there you are. Are you ok?" Jack rushed over to me and wrapped my in his arms.

"I'm good, Jack. Actually better than good, I'm great. Now can we get some sleep? We've got a very productive day tomorrow and I don't want to be tired."

I grabbed his hand and headed to the door feeling rejuvenated from my encounter. I didn't know exactly what happened but I was confident the Moon Goddess was watching over me and would never let me make a mistake. I will honor her the rest of my life and I will let her lead and guide me however she saw fit. It was a privilege to do her work and I wouldn't take it lightly.


I awoke the next morning to Jack's soft lips on my cheek."Good morning baby. It's almost time to go."

I yawned and stretched then quickly jumped up as I remembered we had to bring 38 women home this weekend. I threw the covers off of me and leapt out the bed nearly knocking Jack over as I rushed to the bathroom to get ready.

He chuckled as he left the room and said "Everyone is having breakfast downstairs. I'll make you something so take your time."

I scoffed as he closed the door. I grabbed a suitcase and threw about 8 pairs of leggings, 10 shirts, some jeans and a few nice blouses. Then grabbing my gorment bag, I placed 3 dresses in it before zipping it up. I placed various types of shoes in a tote before grabbing my bathroom essentials and latching it closed. Not too bad for a five minute packing job.

I threw my hair up in a messy bun and put on a cute navy blue striped shirt dress with a pair of white chucks then headed downstairs with all my things. I reached the top of the steps when I saw Jack about to come up and silently thanked the goddess I didn't have to carry this down by myself.

"Need some help, baby?" He said with a cheeky smile causing my heart to melt. He took the stairs two at a time reaching me in seconds.

"Why yes, Alpha, it seems I do!" I said in a southern bell accent, fanning my face dramatically.

He wrapped me in his arms and kissed me so sweetly, carefully caressing my lips with his tongue begging me to open my mouth. I gave in to his request and soon we were pressed against each other so tight that we could have diamonds if there was coal between us. His hands were all over my ass and mine were running up and down his chest.

We broke away both panting and needy but we knew this wasn't the right time, we had things to do. So he adjusted himself, grabbed my bags and walked down the steps. I chuckled as I watched him walk painfully across the living room floor trying carefully not to brush up against anything with his incredibly hard bulge in his pants.

I entered the kitchen and was greeting by smiling faces eager to return home.

"Good morning, Luna!" They all said at the same time as they finished up their breakfast.

"Good morning, everyone. I know today will be very emotional for you but I promise Jack and I will be by your side the entire time. We have a long weekend ahead of us so please make sure you rest as much as you can."

"Luna, would you mind telling us what your plan is?" Asked Angelle.

I smiled and said "As soon as everyone is gathered outside, I will let you all know together."

She nodded and placed her plate in the sink as I turned and headed outside. Jack had 10 black SUVs lined up in the driveway ready to go. One warrior and up to 4 females per car. The first one was Jack and I along with Angelle and Sarah and each time we dropped off a female they would ride with us so we could get to know them a little before they made it home.

Once everyone was outside and the cars were packed I stood on the steps facing them all. "I know everyone is wondering how we will do this so to answer all your questions we will be driving to Georgia first then make our way back dropping off everyone as we go. So in this first car will be Alpha Jack and I along with Angelle and Sarah. Everyone else pick a car and get it. It is about a 5 1/2 hour drive so you all have plenty of time to get to know each other."

They all nodded and soon groups of girls were huddling around the SUVs ready to get in. Finally, we were pulling out and heading for our first destination.

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