A Royal Mate

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Part 78

Angelle and Sarah were so excited that they were crying and eventually laughing talking about how surprised their families and mate would be when they saw them. Jack grabbed my hand and squeezed it tight as I stared at him with love in my eyes. I knew what it was like to be without him not once but twice so I felt everything they are feeling right now.

About three hours into our trip we stopped for a quick break and refreshment refill. I had called Val to let her know our progress, they stayed back to watch over everything while we would be gone for the next few days.

As soon as we got back on the road the girls were fast asleep and the car was filled with silence. I turned to Jack and asked "Are you upset that our ceremony was ruined?"

He frowned slightly and turned to me saying "No. I was devastated that you were missing. It's just a ceremony, Anna. We can do it another time, it's ok!"

He turned his head back towards the road and sighed. He could try to hide it all he wanted but he was extremely upset that we had to cancel it. A thought popped into my head and I quickly pulled out my phone.

"Val? Are you still awake?"

A few minutes passed before she text me back saying "Yes I am. What's wrong? Is everything ok?"

"We're fine. But I wanted to talk to you about surprising Jack!"

"Oooooo I'm hooked! Is it his birthday?"

"No. I want to have the Luna ceremony this weekend but it needs to be a complete surprise and I'll need everyone's help to set it up without Jack knowing."

"Don't worry about a thing. Austin still has all the suits and we never got rid of anything so I'll take care of it all! Yay this is going to be so much fun."

I giggled at Val's excitement. The girl really loved her parties and she could throw the best I've seen. Her vision for our previous Luna ceremony was amazing and I just knew she would make this one just as good if not better.

"Ok but remember you have to do everything secretly. And find out if Austin can come up with an excuse to get Jack away for the whole day Saturday. We can start the ceremony at 8 when the full moon is starting to rise!"

"I'm on it captain!" I could have sworn I saw her salute my through the phone. "Love you, Anna. Be careful!"

"Love you too! See you in a couple of days."

I placed my phone back into my purse and glanced at Jack. He was still tense from our conversation and I didn't want it to ruin his mood for the rest of the day. I grabbed his hand off the steering wheel and wrapped my fingers through his watching as he slowly relaxed. I smiled at my accomplishment and placed my head on the window before dozing off to sleep.

A few hours later I was awoken by Jack's door shutting. When I looked up we were at a gate and I knew we were at Angelle's pack. I turned around to see the girls still asleep just as Jack got back into the car.

"Had a good nap, baby?" He said with a huge smile.

I stretched and said "Yes." The gate opened and we were ushered down the long windy road. There were trees on both sides and wolves running along the edge of the forest next to the cars as we drove up to a beautiful stone mansion.

I turned in my seat and tapped Angelle on her leg. She opened her eyes and it took her a moment to realize where she was. She squealed with excitement as she saw her pack members all lined up on the lawn along with her Alpha and her family. When the car stopped she jumped out and ran as fast as she could to a man and a woman with greying hair.

Jack and I looked at each other and he said "Well, let's introduce ourselves."

We got out the car and immediately were greeted by Alpha Simon and Angelle's family. We chatted a little while before we politely excused ourselves needing to get back on the road to the next pack house. Sarah's pack was just 45 minutes away so that trip would be quicker than the first.

Once Sarah was home we continued on to the pack that was home to Laura and Layla, who were twins along with Stephanie and Samantha. They were each reunited in a touching way with their mates and once again we chatted and accepted some thank you gifts. This continued for another two hours until all 12 girls were home. We reached North Carolina and decided to sleep for the night.

The next morning we followed the same routine as the previous day and another 13 girls were returned home. We once again were introduced to various members of the pack and giving gifts for their safe keeping. We found another place to stay overnight and immediately fell into step again the next morning.

After three long days on the road, everyone was returned safely to their homes and we were merely minutes from ours. Jack had let me drive the last two hours because I forced him to get some sleep and because I was wired after all the happiness we had just created. I had been texting Val since yesterday with ideas for the ceremony and I was honestly really excited about it.

I turned into the dark driveway along with the other cars and parked in front the steps. It was late and everyone was restless so the they all ran inside and headed for bed. I placed my hand on Jack's arm and rubbed it softly as I whispered "We're home, Alpha!"

He peeked at my through his long eyelashes and smiled "I like the sound of that." He opened his door and stood up stretching his long arms into the sky making his short ride up showing off his toned v shape above his pelvis. I licked my lips and stared as his glorious body when I heard him say "Like what you see, baby?"

I nodded and said "Very much, Alpha!"

I crawled over the console and sat sideways in the seat as I pulled Jack in between my legs. He pulled me closer and grabbed my ass, lifting me out the car and placing me against the back passenger door. He pressed his growing bulge into me as he kissed along my neck and chest. I moaned as I ran my fingers through his hair guiding his head lower until he was nuzzled between my breasts.

He growled as he inhaled my arousal that was floating around him like a cloud. He pulled me off the car and shut the front door with his foot and bounded into the house and up the stairs making his dick hit my clit with every bounce. We reached our bedroom and soon I was underneath him on the bed.

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