A Royal Mate

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Part 7

Our eyes locked and in that moment I felt heat rise to my cheeks and my breathing hitched. We held each other's gaze for what felt like a lifetime before

Mr. Johnson introduced himself and Mr. Peters then turning to me he started to say "This is An..."

But before he could finish Jack stalked over to me with his hand out and said "Anna Steine. I've heard some wonderful things about you. I'm Jack Preston. It is nice to finally meet you." Our hands met and it felt like a lightning bolt shot through his hand into mine and up my arm. What remained were tingles and heat.

We held hands for a moment before he pulled his hand away and I said "It is nice to meet you too." I couldn't stop looking at him. I felt like a teenager drooling over her crush. Joan was right he is down right gorgeous. He was at least 6'3" and had a body like the hulk ready to burst through that dark blue suit that cling to every bulge he had. His hair was black and wavy and he had the most beautiful blue eyes that were the color of the ocean. His face was flawless as he smiled showing his perfectly straight, white teeth. He walked back to the other side of the table and sat down.

I finally got out of my trance and sat down when Mr. Johnson started talking. "Mr. Preston, we have taken a look at your portfolio and we have quite a few ideas for you. Once we have hammered out the details we can get started on a draft. That is where Ms. Steine will come in. As you may know, she is our newest partner at this firm and I think the two of you will create some amazing things." I felt a blush creep across my face as he looked at me.

"I have no doubt we will." He said with a half lip smile.

For the rest of the meeting I tried to keep my head down pretending to be taking notes about his likes and dislike and what his musts were in his new mansion. I felt his gaze on me the entire time but I didn't dare look up. Once we had enough information for a first draft we said our goodbyes and retreated to our offices. Jack had excused himself earlier due to some urgent business he needed to attend to at his company. He looked irritated to have to leave so soon but he apologized and curtly took off.

I could finally relax now that he was gone but that didn't stop me from thinking about the look in his eyes when he first saw me. Lust? Pain? Curiosity? I couldn't quite figure it out. I shook my head to clear my thoughts and tried to focus on where to start with his list of demands. He had impeccable and expensive taste but it didn't look like he had an issue with money because when questioned about the budget he simply waved it off. There were tons of ideas that came to my mind and I was extremely glad to see that we agreed on a lot of them so maybe creating a rough draft wouldn't be as hard as I thought. I spent the next 2 hours playing around with different plans and trying to manipulate current ideas we had on our drafting program. Everyone else was gone and my eyes were starting to cross when my phone rang. It was Val.

"I take it the first day went well if you're still at work?" She said.

"It was. But I'll tell you the details once I get home. I'm leaving work now. I'll be there in 10 minutes, unless you want me to pick up something for supper" I asked.

"Yes. Make it Chinese!" She screamed and I hung up the phone heading to the only Chinese restaurant in the town.

I walked out of Panda Sun with three bags of food. Anytime we got Chinese we never could decide what to get and with this being our first taste I needed to get almost everything they had to offer. As I was walking down the dimly lit street I heard a low growl to my right. Slowly I turned my head and there it was. The same black wolf with white eyes from a few days ago, staring at me. Only this time, there was something almost calm about him. His eyes were mesmerizing and full of authority. He continued watching me as I quickly picked up my pace and continued my path home. He followed me at a safe distance and once I got to the complex he took off into the woods. When I got inside I put the bags down and went straight to my bedroom window which overlooked the back of the complex right into the woods. When I peered out he was staring back at me as if he was making sure I made it inside safely. He huffed and turned around quickly dashing into the darkness. My heart hurt at the sight of him leaving and I didn't understand why but I knew I needed to tell Val. I also didn't know what would happen when I did but we needed to figure out what was going on before this became an issue. No one but Val and Zel knew I was a wolf but what no one knew, what I NEVER told anyone, was that my wolf left me. She left me years ago and I didn't know if I would ever get her back.

***Whoa, who is this Jack guy and this wolf? Did y'all hear her say she lost her wolf? I wonder what happened. Read on to find out!***

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