A Royal Mate

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Part 79

He knelt over me and slid his hand slowly up my shirt leaving a warm tingling sensation as he reached my breast. He pulled the material down and rolled my nipple in between his fingers as I moaned. I grabbed the hem of his shirt and lifted it up tracing the curves of his muscles with my fingernail causing him to shiver. He pulled his hand out my shirt and pulled his over his head and tossed it across the room then he grabbed mine and did the same.

He lowered himsef in between my legs and pulled my pants and undies off in one swift movement. Grabbing my legs he peeled them apart and stared at my moist center licking his lips before he kissed down my knee all the way to my pelvic bone. He carefully blew on my clit then continued kissing to the other knee. I squirmed as he made his way back to my pussy and ran his tongue along my slit and then focusing on my clit. He nipped it causing me to scream out in pleasure knowing how sensitive the bundle of nerves was. He dipped his tongue inside me as he rubbed my nub with his thumb going faster and faster until I was panting and begging him for release.

The pressure continued to build with his slow tortuous licks until he thrust two fingers into me and started licking my clit faster.

My legs were trembling as I moaned "Jack, please. Jack, oh my goddess."

He pumped his fingers harder and harder until I came around him screaming his name as he lapped up my flowing juices. He pulled out his fingers and stuck them in my mouth saying "Taste how sweet you are, baby."

I sucked his fingers clean then I rolled on my belly and crawled to him as he got on his knees. I grabbed his dick in my hands and started stroking him and ran my tongue along his crown tasting the bead of pre cum that seeped out. He moaned as he thrust his dick all the way to the back of my throat making me gag. He pulled it out as a string of spit fell from my mouth and my eyes began watering. He looked at me with dark eyes and wrapped his hands in my hair guiding my head back to his cock. I opened my mouth wide as he began to fuck it with hard fast thrusts as I held onto his thighs for balance. I cupped his balls and he threw his head back screaming "Fuck, baby. You do that so fucking good. Don't stop. FUCK."

He jerked one last time before I felt the warm liquid flowing down my throat. He stilled as I sucked him dry then he pulled out and wiped my lips with his thumb sticking it into my mouth for me to clean it off.

"You tase so good, Alpha. But I want to feel you. I need to feel you. Please fuck me!" I said as I stood up on my knees and reached down grabbing his still hard dick. He grabbed me by my neck and pulled me to him causing our lips to crash together in a passionate kiss. Our hands moved up and down each other's bodies as he laid down on his back pulling me with him so I was hovering over his hard cock.

He lifted my hips and teased my opening with the tip of his hard member. He pushed his hips up plunging the head in then pulling it out. He continued doing this until my pussy was dripping all over him. He grabbed my head and pulled it down to him and when his lips reached my ear and said "Turn around and ride me, baby. I want to see that sweet ass bouncing up and down while you fuck me." He nipped my earlobe and I hurriedly scrambled to turn around.

I lined my self up to his shaft and slowly lowered myself as I felt my insides stretch around his massive penis. He gripped my ass tightly and moved it up and down as my pussy speared his cock over and over.

"Lean forward, baby. Widen that pussy up for me."

I laid forward pressing my breasts against the bed and rolled my hips back and forth as he slapped my ass.

"Fuuuuccckkkkk, yes. Yes, fuck me Alpha. Fuuuccckkkkk."

His dick was rubbing against my g-spot as I continued to rock back and forth faster and faster when I felt his finger plunge into my asshole sending me spiraling down. I moaned at the sensations when he slapped me again and said "You like that, baby? One day this ass will be MINE."

He thrust his hips up and slammed me down hard meeting me thrust for thrust when he said "Now cum for me baby."

Ever fiber of my body came alive as I screamed out "Fuck, Alpha. Oh my goddess, yesssssss. Yes, fuck yes!"

"Fuck, Anna you're always so tight for me. Fuck." He screamed as he emptied himself into me leaving me breathless and full of his thick hot cum. I laid there motionless as he lifted my ass up letting his dick fall out along with our juices and pulled me up with him wrapping his arms around me.

"I love you so much, Anna." He said as he kissed my temple.

I mumbled something along the same lines and he chuckled as he whispered "Go to sleep, baby."


The next few days were full of secret planning, which worked out a lot better then I thought because Jack was busy with office work so I didn't have to be as sneaky as I thought.

Val had everything arranged so that once Jack and Austin left this morning the whole backyard would be transformed into a beautiful fairytale ceremony. She had called and reserved more tables, due to the increased amount of wolves we invited and also asked for help from their cooks to be able to handle the large amount of food needing to be prepared.

"I hate that I have to leave you all day to talk about such trivial things." Jack said as he pouted in the bed.

"It won't be too long. You'll be back before you know it and besides doesn't absence make the heart grow fonder?" I teased as I got dressed.

"No. In fact every time I was away from you bad things were happening. Why don't you come with me?" He pleaded.

"Jack you know I would love nothing more than to tag along but I have plans with Val today. We haven't had a girls day since we met you and Austin and frankly we need it!" I laugh as I threw my night shirt at him.

Before I knew it, he was in front of me wrapping his arms around my waist kissing all over my face.

I laughed as he tickled my side causing me to jerk around in his arms like a kid.

"Oh my goddess Jack stop! Please stop." I continued laughing until I snorted causing Jack to stop in his tracks and look down at me with his brows lifted and furrowed in the middle.

"Did you just snort?" He said as he smiled at me.

"Well I wouldn't have if you would have stopped tickling me."

"It was really cute though." I slapped his chest and wriggled out of his arms just as Austin knocked on the open door.

"We're coming, Austin." I said as I gave Jack a pointed stare and walked past them both and down the stairs towards the living room.

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