A Royal Mate

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Part 80

Once we kissed the guys goodbye, it was time to get to work. Val picked up her walkie talkie and told everyone to get to their stations and soon everyone was running around like busy bees trying to get everything set up for tonight.

Marina and Zel were there going through the ceremony with my and tried to help me right my vows but my nerves got the best of me and all I could do was pace.

"Anna, it's ok to be nervous but as long as you say what comes to your heart, Jack will love it!"

I smiled as Zel and nodded my head. She was right, I could have chimed in with the chorus of Highway To Hell and he would have loved it. Besides they had the hardest part of all, officiating the ceremony. Marina said it was an extremely elaborate thing only done at weddings for Royal's on the night of a Full

Moon. Which coincidentally was tonight!

Jack had text me several times throughout the day but I had scolded him everytime reassuring him not to worry especially since we weren't allowed to leave the house under strict instructions of the Alpha.

"Ok so I think everything is set. It's almost 3 so I need you to go upstairs and get clean because Brinn will be coming to do your hair and makeup at 5. Also we need you dressed shortly after for pictures." Val was walking around being bossy but a nice warm soak sounded good right about now.

"Yes, ma'am!" I said as I marched inside to my bedroom.

I got to the tub and turned on the water then added some lavender scented bubble bath. I lit some candles and turned down the lights and connected my phone to the Bluetooth speaker. Soon the sounds of soft music was filling my ears and calming my mind.

I sat in there for an hour before Val came in and made me get up and eat, since I was too nervous earlier to put anything in my mouth.

"I don't need you passing out on me tonight. Everything has to be perfect for y'all." She let a tear slip down her face before she wiped it away and said "Now. Let's get upstairs and make you beautiful!"

An hour later, Brinn had worked her magic on me. She braided one side of my hair while pinning back the other side into a ponytail. Then she rolled it up making a bun and then she took the braid and wrapped it around the bun. She let loose a few tendrils around my face.

Even my makeup was perfect. She added just enough to make it look like I had some, but never took away from my natural look. Once I was looking beautiful it was time to put on my dress and get ready for pictures. Val, Marina and Zel helped my slip it on and zip it up.

Just as I was about to burst into tears, there was a knock on the door. Val ushered me into the bathroom to hide from whoever it was as she waited to answer it, she threatened my life if I came out before she told me to so I waited for her word.

"Come in, she just slipped it on." I heard her say.

"Anna, there's someone here to see you. You can come out now."

Zel opened the door and standing in the middle of my room was my mom and dad. My eyes became as big as saucers as tears threatened to drip down my face.

"Anna darling you look beautiful." They ran up to me enveloping me in a hug as my mom tried to hold it together.

"What are you two doing here? I thought it wasn't safe for you to come?" I asked as we broke apart. They sent word that they couldn't attend the first ceremony because of the recent threats against the packs.

"Well you took care of the problem so when Val called us we wanted it to be a surprise." My dad said as he kissed my cheek.

"Ok everyone, I'm sorry to break up this reunion but we've got a ceremony to attend. So if everyone will follow me, we can get it started. Austin said that he and Jack are dressed and he is ready to get him here."

I gripped their hands and said "Well I guess it's time! Dad, will you walk me down the aisle?"

"Of course I will. Anything for my babygirl!"

I hugged him tight as Val escorted us all to the bridal suite outside. She had a portable tent placed there for me and my bridal party to wait in until Jack was in place.

Jack was under the impression this was a candle lit dinner for two and was told he had to be blindfolded on the back patio, per his Luna's orders, so he happily obliged. Once he was standing at the front of the aisle, still oblivious, I took my place at the end with my dad standing beside me as the music started.

As soon as the music began playing, Austin removed Jack's blindfold. He blinked his eyes a few times and looked around in confusion before his gaze settled on me. I gave him a big smile and held back the tears threatening to pour out of my eyes as he stood there in total shock. My dad tugged me forward and we walked down the aisle towards Jack.

He looked so amazing in his dark gray suit and ivory shirt and tie I almost bolted down the aisle and jumped into his arms. But they would have to wait until later. Once we reached the front, my dad gave me a hug and a kiss and placed my hand on Jack's arm then shook his hand sternly. He gave me a how did you do all this look as we turned to face Marina.

She spoke so eloquently about my family traditions and what was expected of me now that I was a Royal, and what blessings would come upon our pack as long as we kept serving her. We said our vows then kissed and walked over to the ceremonial stone. We each picked up the golden dagger and sliced our palm, letting it drip into the sacrificial bowl. Then we joined our bleeding hands as Marina chanted "What the Moon Goddess has bonded, let no one ever break!" She threw some powder into the bowl and a blaze of beautiful colors erupted shooting up high into the sky and soon turned into a cloud of smoke floating straight up towards the heavens.

"Attention Birchwood pack and surrounding friends and family, I now present to you, Alpha Jack and Luna Anna Preston."

The crowd erupted into cheers as we made our way back down the aisle and towards the banquet tables. My jaw dropped at how amazing everything looked and Jack pulled me into a long loving kiss as we walked hand and hand into our future.

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