A Royal Mate

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Today was the twins 4th birthday! I can't believe my babies are 4 already!

"Jack!" I called out from the kitchen.

"Im outside baby."

I walked out the back patio to see Jack and some of the warriors putting the finishing touches on the kids swing set and club house. They had just started it this morning and amazingly it took them no time at all to assemble it.

"Wow, Jack. It's perfect! You did a wonderful job, Alpha." I said as I wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him a kiss.

He pulled me closer squeezing me tight.

"Ouch!" I winced at the pain, causing him to release me and apologize profusely.

Isla Grace was almost 1 and I was still producing milk for her so my breasts were extra tender. Even brushing up against them caused incredible amounts of pain. She was having problems latching so I couldn't actually nurse her just pump and give her bottles but I was overproducing so much that it would hurt to go over two hours without pumping.

"I'm sorry baby." He said with an apologetic frown and stepped back.

"It's ok. I've been thinking that maybe I should start weaning Isla but it's just too painful to go longer than a few hours without pumping."

"Well whatever you decide, you know I'll be right there for you." He said wriggling his eyebrows.

I slapped his chest and went back inside to the nursery for my "milking" time as Jack likes to put it. He loved weaning. After the twins decided they didn't like mommy's milk anymore I had to go through the weaning process. At that time my breasts were so engorged and painful but my nipples were incredibly sensitive, to the point that touching them would cause an extremely intense orgasm. Jack took advantage of this and would channel his inner freak by using it as a sexual fantasy. I guess it didn't really bother me all that much because it was so fucking pleasurable that I couldn't say no.

The kids were at the guest house with my parents so we could get everything ready for the party. Once I finished up, I went get changed and headed over there. My mom was getting them dressed and I wanted to get some pictures before they got messy.

"Mommy, mommy!" I heard when I walked through the door.

"Hello my little loves! I heard someone was having a birthday party today? Do you know who that might be?" I said as I tapped them both on the nose.

"Me! Me! Me!" They both said as they jumped up and down. I couldn't help but laugh at their beautiful faces. They were a handful but they were our whole world.

"Anna, there you are! I cannot for the life of me get this dress on Isla. Help me, please!" My mom said as she brought her to me. I helped mom finish getting them ready as I heard Jack come through the front door.

"Daddy! Did you know it was my birthday today?" Hunter said with a big smile.

"Daddy, it's my birthday today too!" Harper said as she twirled around in her dress.

"Really? How did I not know that? Oh my goddess, well I hope I can find a present to give you both." He said as he held them on his hips. He spun them around making them giggle.

I shook my head as they he placed them down and they both took off running outside.

"Hunter Michael and Harper Rae get back inside right now. You will not get dirty before I get a picture of you three."

The shuffled back inside pouting as I placed Isla on the floor and positioned them. After 5 minutes of jumping up and down, bribing, and puppets to make her laugh, Isla had enough and was walking away.

"Ok I guess these will be good enough!" I said as I looked at my camera.


The party was a huge success and the kids were having a great time running around with their friends while all the parents had gathered on the patio exhausted from chasing after them. I sat back and smiled as I watched our pack not only become the most fierce pack in the country but also how much of a family we had become.

Austin and Val were expecting their second child any day now. Their son Caleb was only 7 months younger than the twins and they had already become best friends.

Brayden and Riane were mates and expecting their first baby in 6 months. They were the sweetest couple and he catered to her so patiently, even when her hormones threw here into an blubbering mess.

Alex found his true mate, Kathryn and they were also expecting their first child around the same time as Brayden and Riane.

I know right, who would have thought that Riane and Kathryn, two of the girls who were kidnapped and help captive with me, would end up having mates in my pack.

Marina and Zel were currently traveling around the world in hopes of finding more Royal's so they could find out more about our children. We knew they would be something special but we weren't certain to what extent. We also never knew of any Royal and Diplomat wolves.


The party had come to an need and we were saying our last goodbyes when Jack came up behind me and pulled me into his chest. "Your parents have agreed to keep the kids tonight. I've got something planned for you and I don't think it would be very appropriate of us to have the littles ones around!" He nipped my earlobe and my core immediately responded with a pool of liquid saturating my thongs.

He slipped his hand under my dress and ran his fingers along my soaking wet folds. I clinched my legs together as my juices threatened to drip down my legs. I turned around and looked up at him hungrily.

"Jack! Please." I begged as I bit my lip and batted my eyelashes.

"Go put on that sexy white lingerie that I like so much and wait for me on the bed, now!" He said in a low deep voice.

I walked into the house swaying my hips seductively until I got to the stairs then I ran as fast as I could to our room. I went through my closet like a tornado trying to find every piece of the garter set that Jack had gotten me for my birthday. Luckily he hadn't ruined this one just yet but I knew it wouldn't last tonight.

Once I was dressed I went into the bathroom and spritzed some perfume on me and freshened up my hair then I laid on the bed waiting for him to come upstairs.

I heard his footsteps slowly coming up the steps and my body immediately responded. My breasts were full and heavy while my nipples were damn near poking through the lace of my bra. I could feel the liquid leaking through the material and I knew he would be hard as hell once he smelt it.

Sure enough, he walked through the door sporting a giant bulge while his wolf stared back at me. He looked me over then growled making Aspen peak through my eyes. This was there time to play so Jack and I sat back inside our minds and let them have their moment.

He dropped his pants and boxers at the door and sauntered over to me while stroking his veiny dick. I watched as he crawled onto the bed then right on top of me taking me in like he wanted to devour me. He nuzzled into my neck placing kisses all over my mark before he traced my collarbone with his tongue. The heat from his wet mouth had me shaking with need.

I moaned and arched my back as his tongue ran over the material where my nipple was poking through. He nipped it making milk squirt out and I moaned and squirmed under his body weight.

He grabbed my hips with his hand keeping me steady and said "Keep still, or I will tie you up, baby."

I stiffened from his command and steadied my breathing but my wolf wasn't ready to give into him yet. She lunged forward smashing my lips against his as her claws came out, scratching at his back fighting with his tongue for space in our mouths. He grabbed my hands and held them above my head as he extended his canines and pulled the lace material of my bra between his teeth and ripped it apart.

My nipples became harder as the cool air blew across them. My breasts, that were heavy and ready to burst, were leaking milk down the sides of my body. Noticing the liquid sneaking away he quickly placed his mouth over my entire nipple and started his tortuous dance with his tongue. Sucking and lapping up the liquid gold that came pouring out as he squeezed my breast with his hand.

My body was jerking as the flood of sensations took over causing the pressure inside me to build, promising an explosion of excitement.

He unlatched from my nipple causing a whimper of protest from me and my wolf then he grabbed it between his fingers and continued to milk it while he began his tongue magic on the other side. Between the pinching and pulling of one and the licking and sucking of the other, my body was on the verge of detonation when he took his hand and slid it down my thong then pushed it aside to feel the wetness flowing out. He pushed a finger inside me and I came close to unraveling until he pulled it out and returned to rub my nipple.

"Jack! Please, I need you inside me, please fuck me."

He looked up at me with a sinful smirk and quickly plunged his fingers back in my pussy, pounding fast and hard as he sucked my breasts dry. The ripples of pleasure flowed from my chest to my dripping center as he brought me to the gates of ecstasy and threw them open by hooking his fingers inside me and rubbing my g-spot. My body was shaking with an impending monumental orgasm that was just within reach.

He pulled his fingers out and slid up my body grinding his sweaty muscles along my chest and his enourmous bulge across my aching clit. He looked into my eyes with a primal lust that brought out the most animalistic side of me and in one swift move I had rolled us over pinning him beneath me.

"I think it's my turn to ravish you, Alpha."

His white eyes were boring into mine as he mentally begged me to slam my pussy on this thick rod. I positioned myself on top his shaft and slid back and forth using his swollen tip to rub my tender, throbbing pleasure button while dragging my claws down his chest leaving behind angry red marks.

He moaned as I gripped his thighs and used them as leverage for my sadistic intentions. "You like this pussy on that cock, don't you, Alpha."

My body was full of electricity ready to shoot from my fingertips and cover us in a light show of intimacy when I began crying out his name in pleasure. I increased my speed and applied more pressure using my slick slit to gain friction but just before I could get there he tilted his hips up sending his cock forcefully into my tight wet core bringing me to the edge, then rocketing my into an interstellar orgasm that stopped time.

"Aaaaghhhh, J-Jack. Fffffuuuucccccckkkkk, fuck yes, yes, fuck me, Alpha, pleaseeeeee."

He bounced me roughly as I squeezed around him bringing him with me into my cosmic release, causing him to blow his load deep inside me and growl loudly holding my hips down tightly like he was tethering me to him.

I slowed my pace as I reveled in the most intense moment we ever shared when he picked me up from his lap and threw me on the bed on my belly and pulled my ass up into the air.

"I think it's time to show this little hole some attention." He said as he placed his fingers inside my slit of juices and rubbed my back hole causing me to jerk forward from the sinful act. He slowly inserted his finger inside me as I let a gasp slip from my mouth. He started slowly, giving me a chance to adjust to the sensation when he squeezed another finger inside when I squeezed so hard I thought I would cut of circulation to his hand.

"Relax, baby. It will only hurt for a second. Trust me."

I relaxed my muscles and thought about how he never lied to me and I wasn't going to lie if I said I didn't want to try it.

He rubbed his cock against the tight opening as he continued his thrusting with his fingers. Then he pulled them out and ran his dick from the front of my pussy lubing it up and poked me tenderly before he slipped it into my forbidden hole.

"Aghhh." I winced as the pain cause me to tighten around him again almost instantly regretting it.

"Relax baby." He said as his hand slid around my belly to my clit making me focus my attention my his distraction.

He pushed further and further in until he was completely inside me and began to drive himself back and forth until I was moaning. The sensations between his fingertips and the pinching pain in my ass was overwhelming and I was soon coming back to the edge for another release. He started going faster as he grunted to the same rhythm of his pounding.

"Got damn it, Anna. You're fucking ass is so perfect. FUCK!"

He said through gritted teeth as his fingers began rubbing faster against my clit. I gripped the bedsheets as I let out a growl begging for him to let me cum.

He pulled his hand away from my clit and slapped my ass hard and the vibrations wrapped around to my nub. I cried out again begging "Jack, please!"

He slapped my ass harder as he quickened his pace. My body tensed and I thought I would go insane if he didn't let my cum when he slapped my ass a third time and said "CUM!"

"Yessssss, Alpha, yes!"

And I shattered around him seeing stars as he emptied himself in me twitching as the rest of his orgasm tore through him.

We collapsed onto the bed full of sweat and cum and tangled ourselves together promising to never let go. Our life was far from perfect and we were always on alert for a possible threat but tonight, tonight it was just us!


***Well that was it, loves! I hope you enjoyed reading this book as much as I did writing it. As always, thank you for your support, votes and comments!***

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