A Royal Mate

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Part 8

He pushed me up against the door. "I've finally gotten you alone." He growled as he left a trail of kisses along my jaw, my body trembled under his touch. I felt a smile creep across his face because he knew how he was affecting me. He nudged his knee in between my legs pushing them apart. Taking both my hands in one of his and using his other to slide it down the side of my breast all the way to my ass. With a squeeze he pulled me closer to him. I felt his hard cock pressed against my belly and my core heated up, dripping with want and need.

"I can smell your arousal, Anna. Tell me what you want." He said as he looked at me with his piercing blue eyes. His stare was so intense, I dropped my head down almost immediately.

"Look at me, Anna. What do you want?" He started sliding his hand upward to my breast. My breaths became shallow as he took my nipple in between his fingers and pinched it lightly. A moan left my lips and I bit my lower lip in response.

"Do you know how bad I want you when you bite your lip like that?" Then he pressed his mouth to mine pulling and sucking at my lip. He pressed his tongue against my lips waiting for entrance and I greedily opened them. He kissed me with such passion my body began to buck against his. In one swift motion he picked me up and brought me to the bed where he lowered me down. I pushed back as he crawled on top of me until he was settled in between my legs. Our bodies melting together as the heat began to stir in my belly. He captured my mouth as I brought my arms around his neck. "Say it, Anna." He was almost breathlessly.

"I want you, Jack. Please." Begging him with my eyes. I wanted him inside me. His hands and mouth all over my body. I needed him.

He shook his head. And said again "Say. It. Anna." As he pressed his dick against my core. Slowly he started rocking making every nerve ending in my clit come alive. The pressure was building and I couldn't stand it any longer. I opened my mouth and said "..."




I reached over and grabbed my phone turning off the alarm. My entire body was tingling and glistening with sweat. Great. I just met the guy less than 24hrs ago and I'm already have dirty dreams about him. I lay there frustrated as hell. As if he were really just in my room teasing my with his big member. My thoughts began to travel back to the dream and so did my pussy. Suddenly I was flushed as I felt my panties soaking with desire. Not wanting to be late for work I jumped up and ran to the bathroom. I didn't have time to give into self pleasure so I opted for a cold shower. 45 minutes later I was dressed and ready to go to the office. My body was finally beginning to cool from that heated dream but I was still tense as all hell. Val tapped me on the shoulder causing me to jump and nearly spill my coffee all over the place.

"Damn girl, why are you so jumpy this morning? Did it have something to do with that dream you had last night?" She said wriggling her eyebrows. My cheeks blushed and I knew she had to have heard me but what she heard, I didn't know.

"No I'm just nervous about my first real day at the office. We've got this new client and the partners want this to be my first project." I said as I placed everything into my bag.

"Wow. Already got a project. And not even on your first day. I'm so proud of you Anna."

"Thanks but this is going to be a huge project. And the guy who I'm doing it for is this multimillionaire who is intemidating and handsome as fuck. He literally had me speechless through the whole meeting yesterday." I said frowning.

"Oh come on. Anna Steine, speechless? I don't believe it. Even if he is as hot as you say nothing ever gets to you. I have full confidence that you will knock this guys socks off with your plans. Now use that intimidation as motivation. Show him you're not just a pretty face." She kissed my cheek and headed for the door. "I will be school shopping most of the day but when I get back tonight, I'm cooking supper." With that she headed out and closed the door behind her. I took a deep breath and held my head up high. Val was right. I couldn't let this man get to me. Even if just one look from him could melt my panties. I had to stay calm and be professional. Here goes nothing.

I left the apartment and walked down the street to the office. It was such a beautiful morning, I couldn't help but stop and take in the sites. Just then something caught my attention at the edge of the woods. It was the black wolf again. This time he was hidden in the brush so no one could see him. We locked eyes and I suddenly felt hot. My body was trembling with need and my nipples were straining against the thin material of my bra and visibly peeking through my shirt. The wolf growled a low seductive growl and watched as I pressed my legs together trying to ignore the throbbing in my clit. He licked his lips and backed away slowly. When he was gone I felt empty again. I closed my eyes and let my

body relax. There was something off about that wolf but I couldn't stand here all day and try to find out.

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