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The Hellhound's Mate

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Angela lives in a world where supernatural creatures are real. There are more creatures than humans. Many supernatural creatures have mates; We consider mates to be a perfect other half or counterpart to their soul. For hellhounds it’s a little different; hellhounds normally never find their mate.

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(1) Drama

There are about a thousand humans around the world. There’s a handful of them in New York. My family and I are some of the handful; living with both parents has its ups and downs. My dad is mostly on business trips so it’s just my mother and me. I’m a little skittish around certain creatures but other than that I’m good. Today is the last day of school until winter break is over. Putting on some warm clothes before heading to the kitchen; once in the kitchen, I see my mother kissing another man. Shaking my head, while grabbing a banana and heading outside. My friend Al will be picking me up for school. About an hour passed when he showed up; picking me up and off we went.

“Good morning, Al.”, I say once I’m sitting on his shoulder.

“Yes, good morning to you.”, he says, not taking his eyes off the road.

“How is it going with your family?”, I ask, trying to make conversation.

“Wonderful actually. My girlfriend is coming over to meet them along with her family.”, he says.

“That’s amazing. Your family is going to love your girlfriend.”, I say as he’s putting me on the ground.

“Yeah, do you know if Rex is coming?”, he asks while he shrinks down to normal height.

“Beats me.”, I say as we walk.

Rex, Al, Ivy(Al’s girlfriend), Rogue, and I all go to the same school. As we walk down the hall, we see Ivy and Rogue talking to one another but it soon changed as Ivy started touching Rogue more. Al looks over at me before whispering, “Let’s sneak upon them.” Nodding my head, I follow; once we’re close enough to hear them but not enough for them to see us.

“Come on, Rogue. I know you and Zoey aren’t dating. So why aren’t you letting me hook up with you?”, Ivy says sounding upset.

“Mhm, let me think… oh, I know why. Your dating Al and I’m not about to be on his bad side.”, Rogue says while pushing Ivy’s hands-off.

“Al, isn’t scary, Rogue.”, she says with a giggle.

“He’s a giant and giants aren’t the safest creature to be around when they’re mad. Another thing, Al is my friend and friends don’t hook up with their girlfriends.”, he says while he’s getting ready to leave.

“That’s messed up, Ivy.”, I say.

“Awe, is the human standing up for her friend?”, Ivy asks jokingly.

“She doesn’t have to. I already know you’re a cheater so we’re through.”, Al says while grabbing Rogue’s and my hand.

None of us said a word as he dragged us to class. We make it to English; we see our teacher writing ‘Happy winter break’ on the board. I head to my desk which is the second from the last desk in the back. I begin to stare out the window; I notice someone in the shadows but I can’t see. Turning my attention to our teacher to see her sitting at her desk reading, “The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks”; I see Al and Rogue talking so I take my phone to text Rex.

{Hey, you coming to school?}- Angela

{No, someone canceled last minute, and since I don’t have a first, they put me on their shift.}- Rex

{Does your mom know?}- Angela

{Yep, it would have been a problem if it wasn’t winter break tomorrow}- Rex

{Makes sense}- Angela

{Want to hang after work}- Rex

{Sure, would it be cool if Al and Rogue come?}- Angela

{Yeah, just let them know. I got to go; text you once my shift is over}- Rex

After reading the last text, I see Al and Rogue sitting at my desk. I smile and place my phone on the table; Rogue rolls his eyes while Al lets out a small laugh.

“So who were you texting?”, Al asks.

“Rex. He’ll be picking us up after his shift is over.”, I say while looking out the window.

“What’s out there?”, Rogue asks.

“I’m not sure. They’re too far away to actually see them.”, I say turning my attention back to them.

“Do you know who Rex is trying to set me up with?”, Rogue asks.

“Sorry, but I don’t.”, I say.

“Rex isn’t that bad at hooking up people… unless it’s Ivy; that not so much.”, Al says.

All three of us burst out laughing; after a few minutes, we were able to calm down. We didn’t feel the need to start a conversation when the bell was about to ring. Grabbing my phone and speed walking out and into a hard chest. I can feel my face heating up; looking up, I see my crush Jareth.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to run into you.”, I say quickly.

“You’re fine, Angela. Want to walk to our next class?”, Jareth says and asks.

As we began walking down the hall a lot of people started whispering to their friends. Feeling uncomfortable, I make some space between us, but he has another plan. He pulls me closer and whispers, “They’re jealous of you since I like you.” Nodding my head, we continue to math. Frankly, I hate math, I don’t get nor will I ever. We finally reached the devil math class and I’m not exaggerating on the devil part; our math teacher is the devil. Jareth walks me to my desk then walks to his. Our teacher, Mr. Damon, raises his eyebrows at me as if asking what had happened and I simply shrug my shoulders since I don’t really know as well. Everyone is finally in class so Mr. Damon starts speaking.

“Good morning class. Since winter break is tomorrow, we won’t be learning anything new. I ask you guys to talk quietly to your friends.”

Everyone begins moving to their friends. Al and Rex have the same math while Rogue got science. Al already put his head on the desk so I began rubbing his head; we can hear the other students talking about us but we try not to take it to heart. Mr. Damon won’t interfere unless we’re in danger; Jareth comes over to us and Al doesn’t seem too happy. Raising my eyebrow at him but I don’t get an answer. Sighing before looking at our guest.

“Hey, I was wondering… give me two minutes. I need to take this call.”, Jareth says.

Once he’s gone, I feel my phone going off and see that Rex texted me.

{Hey, I’m done with work. I already texted Rogue, so let Al know}- Rex

I shake Al awake and show him the text, he nods then puts his head back down.

{We’ll be ready}- Angela

I put my phone down just when Jareth comes back. “Sorry for taking longer than two minutes but besides that, would you like to hang out with me and my friends after this class?”, he asks.

“I would love to but I’m already hanging out with my friends. If you want why don’t you and your friends hang out with us?”, I say.

“That’s sweet but I just remembered it’s a guy who only hung out today. Maybe next time?”, he says

I simply smile and nod my head. Jareth then leaves to talk to some of the guys in the class; today has been a little odd but not too odd. I began daydreaming about Jareth and me; it wasn’t long when Al flicked my forehead. I glare at him as he sticks out his tongue. Rolling my eyes and opening my mouth but soon stopped. Al gives me a strange look but doesn’t say anything.

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