The White Flower ❀ *New Version*

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Pre-Chapter 1

Truth be told I don't believe we are the only world out there. I believe there are many piles of earth that all just rotate on a different axis where we just can't see them.

There could be an earth where we are all evil or one covered with animals. Or split in half like good vs evil or one where ice cream was never invented. Now that would be a sad world to live in.

Well on my "earth" the whole damn thing is split into four. In the north you have The Whites, in the south the Demons, in the east the annoying Humans and last but not least in the west you have us, the Warriors.

We call these four sections realms. These realms are split apart by four walls, they separate us and that's how it's always been. We are ruled by a set of rules that are never broken.

Or at least no one was brave enough to yet.

The Whites- are a magical species. They rule with magic and have one King. They use magic and spells to survive. The realm is filled with and snow. You recognize them because of their white hair and pale reflections. They have the power to control weather and water.

The Demons- nasty dark creatures who don't get along with anyone but themselves. They are all a bunch of assholes in my opinion. Cause mischief everywhere they roam. Mostly destroy everything they touch. They have a slight fetish for human slaves. Don't even ask......

Are ruled by The Demon King and queen. Also, have the ability to shapeshift and occupy a person's body for a short time- possession.

The humans- mostly unimportant. Do nothing special, are highly annoying. And spread highly contagious dangerous diseases. Overpopulate.

The Warriors- we have our own colony, government, and city. We live by a set of rules that everyone follows and never breaks. We are trained to be fighters since the day we could walk. We think and move faster than a regular human. Better agility, and strength. We have more access to our brains and senses than a human could ever have. In conclusion, we are better than the average human. If a person wanted an army we would be the right people to call.

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