The White Flower ❀ *New Version*

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Chapter 1


I live in a world, where everything is decided for you. Where you live, what you learn, where you go, and who you love.

In the West, we have a thing called matches.

A match- simply put is your other half. The other half of your soul. You find them before or after your eighteenth birthday. They are essentially perfect for you and will be with you forever. You will depend on them indefinitely. Once you find them they instantly become your new family.

There's even a whole ceremony to claim them. It's like a mini wedding.

I haven't found mine yet and I don't want to. The thought of spending my life with a guy who I had no choice in getting doesn't seem so fun to me. I would have to share everything and I already do enough of that with my sister.

I stir my soggy cereal still in my thoughts as my mother walked into the kitchen. It was just me, her and my little sister Iyla.

My father had died when I was six, one of the reasons I don't celebrate my birthday anymore. My older sister Ariana disappeared two years ago and I haven't seen her since.

I miss them both incredibly, but there wasn't anything I could do right now.

"Honey, you should hurry and finish before your late for school."

I looked up at my smiling mother. Her hair was graying and wrinkles were visible. Even so, she still looked beautiful. I smiled with a closed mouth and got up. I was in no rush to go right now.

I grabbed my bag from the floor, kissing my mother goodbye with a hug I walked out the door.

As I walked down my street, I pulled my headphones out pushing them in my ears. I never turned them on, they were a simple ruse. I hated it when people talked to me. I much preferred the silence.

I walked to school every morning, it wasn't very far. My school was more like a modern castle. We called it the Academy. Here It was more than learning science, math, and English. We learned to fight and survive.

We didn't read unnecessary poems or books. We only read what was important. We all became fighters.

Even if we were born smaller or weaker, we still fought. They used all of our abilities, and we gave them all.

We didn't have a king or president to rule us. More like a Principal. The principal was a good person that everyone trusted. She leads us to victory we always followed her. She has never wronged us.

I push open the door to the school liking the cool air. Instantly my ears filled with teen chatter. I walked to my locker packing away my books and grabbing my gym bag.

I walk down the halls ignoring everyone and everything.

We don't train for anything in the Academy. At the end of our senior years, we each get a mission. The mission is a test to decide what our future will become.

But I know there are only really two choices.

You're either a fighter or...........


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