The White Flower ❀ *New Version*

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Chapter 2


My gym teacher never called out my name and to me, that was a good thing. Ms. Dale was what we called her and she was known to call people out for their stupidity.

If you did a move wrong or injured yourself she called on you. When you injured somebody else she yelled your name. Every period you heard her banshee-like voice echoing off the walls. It traveled across the whole school.

Though sometimes I swear she loved wasting her voice on us. It was weird.
Anyways back to me. Out of all the thousands of students to be taught by her she never once screamed my name. It was a blessing in disguise.

It was though I never did anything wrong in her eyes. I was envied by many but to me it was easy. As a little kid, I was always just a little bit faster, a little stronger, a little better than those around me. I never bragged about it once though. It was just part of who I am.

In the gym, I aced everything I did, beat every opponent, mastered every weapon. Though my favorite was my bow and arrow.

Today wasn’t any different than what I usually did. I stayed in my own corner sharpening some of my favorite knives. I had got them at one of the markets near the city. I was alone, just like I liked it when I heard footsteps.

There were teens all over the gym doing their own thing or in groups, but the footsteps walked towards me. Ms. Dale was busy yelling at some kid with glasses so I knew it wasn't her. That only left one other person.

Sarah Henderson

I didn’t speak to many people unless I had to at school. But Sarah was different. I didn’t classify her as a friend, more like a reluctant companion. She stayed by my side, her and her other friend that I keep forgetting the name of.

I couldn’t get rid of her, not that I ever tried. In school I was known as undefeated and Sarah always wanted to beat me. Even though we’ve battled many times and I’ve won each time she won’t give up. Every week she tried to take me on. Today probably wouldn’t be any different.

I looked up when she finally got to me, a smirk already on my face. “Sarah, to what do I owe the displeasure?”

She rolled her eyes at me, “I need a sparring partner and you’re the only one available.”

I shook my head sighing, “I don’t feel like it, and besides I beat your ass yesterday. So find someone else to bother. ” I turned back to my knives hoping she would leave but of course that was never the case with Sarah.

“Yesterday you got lucky and today I promise your ass on will be on the floor.” Her voice was so sure, so confident. I just couldn’t pass up the chance to prove her wrong.

“You wanna bet?”

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