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Chapter 3


A crowd had gathered around us as we got into position. I smiled as I held my sword up, "It would be quite embarrassing if you lost four days in a row. Wouldn't it Sarah?"

She scoffed and swung at me. I blocked quickly, pushing her back. The swords clang as she stumbled away. Her blonde hair moved back and forth with her.

We circled each other, calculating and guessing who would make the next move. Her gray eyes moved to my feet as I took a step forward.

Before she could look up, I swung at her bringing her sword down but she caught it in time and pushed against me. I charged again hard feeling the vibration in my teeth.

We swung at the same time never gaining on each other. The music of the metal was cut off by the chanting of the students. Some called my name and some called hers.

I drew my sword back heaving, I was tired of this. I threw my sword at her arm with both hands slicing through her armor. It left a line down her whole arm showing her tan skin.

She gasped looking at her arm. It wasn't bleeding but she would need to stitch up the cloth. While she was distracted I swung again at her limp sword. It fell to the ground and now she was defenseless.

Her eyes narrowed and she fixed her stance pulling her fists up. I smiled throwing my sword to the ground.

One thing about Sarah was that she wasn't a quitter. It was probably the only thing I liked about her.

She ran at me throwing a punch at my face. My fast reflexes saved me as I ducked under her flying arm. I grabbed her skinny leg-pulling hard. She went falling to the mat with a plop. The slap of her skin hitting the blue-covered floor made me smirk.

I made a kick to her stomach, making her groan out loud at the force. She was lying on her side and I lifted my foot flipping her on her stomach.

She tried to grab my foot to bring me down with her but I just bent down and slapped it away.

I climbed over straddling the annoying blonde. I grabbed her hair roughly as she groaned again, mumbling under her breath. With my other hand, I grabbed her arm twisting it behind her at an odd angle. I knew it hurt a lot because it was done to me when I first started training.

She squirmed under me trying to escape but I wouldn't let her.

I bent down close to her ear and whispered, "Sarah I think it's time you stop this little game of ours. I'm getting quite tired of whooping your ass."

Sarah's face was red as a tomato as she shrieked slightly from not being able to move.

I shook my head smirking as I tightened my hold in her hair. She knew what I wanted and I wasn't going to let her go unless she did it.

Seconds passed, and when I reached to stretch her arm some more she screamed and with her other hand, she quickly tapped the ground calling her defeat.

I laughed as I let her go completely. I stood up, lifting her up with me. "This is the last time we're doing this."

I wiped my hands on my pants and walked past the awed teens. I never get why they were so shocked when I did this every day.

The gym was almost over anyway, so I grabbed my bag heading over to the doors and left.


It was later in the day when I walked into the school's cafe. It was filled with hungry teens and the smell of pizza reached my nose.

I went to a surprisingly short line and grabbed a tray. I picked all my food and turned to the tables. As usual, eyes were on me. They waited hoping I would sit with them. But they never learned. I didn't come to make friends. But I also didn't come to learn. There was nothing here that I didn't already know at home.

My reason was entirely different.

I passed all the expectant people and seated myself at an empty table. I heard sighs from different directions and rolled my eyes at these people.

Distantly I heard the doors opens as I bit into an apple. I didn't look up not really feeling nosey at the moment.

Though I finally did when footsteps got near me. The girl that was always hanging around Sarah sat across from me. Her green eyes smiled at me as she ate her lunch. Her brown hair was filled with flowers and I narrowed my eyes knowing who put them there. Her Match.

I didn't know much about him, just that his name was Alex.

As I looked back at the small girl, I fought the urge to leave. From what I had seen she was nice enough to be around.

I went back to eating looking out the window beside me. Soon Sarah joined us and I really struggled not to bolt from the table.

"Hey Lily, Hi Ayana."

I ignored her but raised my eyebrow slightly. Lily was the brunette's name. I felt bad I couldn't remember.

Sarah chatted away to her friend as I tuned out everything. I usually did this wherever I was. Talking to people took too much effort but alone taking none.

My mind wandered to my family. We used to be happy always smiling. But now it was like we were split in half. And without the other half that happiness won't ever come back. My mom didn't talk much and my little sister was clueless which made this situation even harder. She had never even met her own father. And I was waiting for the day she asked about him. That was the day everything would unfold. I just knew it.

Not one person can hold in their feelings for long. Even me.

I felt a tap on my arm and turned to a smiling Sarah. She was holding her well-manicured hand out to me.

"I just wanted to say no hard feelings from earlier and that you are truly unbeatable."

She was always like this after our fights. So forgiving. I just kicked her ass in the gym and now she wanted to be friends. I never understand teen girls and I'm one of them.

Out of kindness I put my hand in hers and shook lightly. When we pulled away the intercoms turned and a list of names was called to the office.

All three of us were called.

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