The White Flower ❀ *New Version*

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The Mission


They were all here.

Ayana Wright, Tristan Black, Sarah Henderson, Taylor Young, Lily Reed, and Alex Young.

The best fighters in my school. I needed them. They stood in front of me confused at being in my office.

I stood up from my desk, “You all must be wondering why I called you here.” They stood still.

“I have decided to give you six a mission.” All their eyes widened, I was expecting that.

I opened a drawer and pulled out six pieces of paper handing it to them. They took them scanning the sheets.

“We have learned that a group of six students has been kidnapped. They were last spotted on the border of the White Palace. Your mission is to go to the White Realm and find out who kidnapped them and why. You must find them no matter what.” I pause looking each of them in the eye.

“This mission must not be told to anyone, that means your Matches also if they are not present. No one must know of this mission. If anyone finds out there will be severe consequences.”

“You will wake up Saturday and head to the train station. The train will leave at 6:00 am sharp, so do not be late. From then on you will ride the train which will take you to a safe house. There you will get situated and start your mission. I have given you your tasks but it up to you how you will handle them. May I remind you that you must not fail at any cost. There are six of them and six of you. I expect all six them to be brought here alive and well. I expect answers.”

I give them a small smile.

“You are dismissed.”

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