Lock On! Precure -PreCure Academy Edition-

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The two new Cures are here to protect everyone! Will they be able to save the world from darkness?

Fantasy / Adventure
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Episode 1

Lock On! Precure

Episode 1:The Beginning, The Meeting Between Two Girls and Two Fairies.

'Once upon a time...The world was a place where humans lived peacefully. They were filled with a lot of happiness in that time, non sadness conquer the people. But then one day...the darkness had spread around and covered the world. The feelings and happiness of those people were stolen, their precious memories were taken away. The world...had no hope, only destruction awaits ahead. But suddenly, two bravely girls stood up and fought against the Darkness Kingdom until they won. They are called 'The Legendary Warriors, Precure'. Since then, the world came back to normal once again. But, the Leader of the Darkness, the Dark Queen, made her first appearance after the former ruler's defeat. Even the heroines tried to protect the world from destruction, their enemy was too strong, they couldn't handle any much longer. Her cruelness expresses, the Dark Queen tried to kill a powerless little girl. The leader Cure tried to help that little girl, she did it, but...she was killed in that moment by the magic of the Leader of Darkness. The second Cure sealed her after the event, with sadness of her partner's loss. Before the Leader of Darkness was sealed, she cursed the girl with her dark spell. The second Cure tried to cure her, but she could not. At last, she sacrificed herself by using all of her powers to help the girl, that girl was saved, but the second Cure is nowhere to be found. The people who have seen the event had written The story into a book called 'The Legendary Warriors, Precure and The Final Battle'. And it will be forever...'

Could it really be true? I always ask myself about that. I'm just a little girl who lives in a small town called 'Dream Memory' with my mother, Mune and my twin sister, Kaki. My mother used to tell us this story when we were little. Right now...I wonder if the legend is true. But, There's nothing that can prove that it's true...Maybe we will find out someday-

'Hey, sis...hey-'

I heard a familiar voice of someone, calling my name. I could not see anyone, but the voice is very near me. My body suddenly starts to shake violently, I startled.


Being brought to reality, I slowly open my eyes. I can see Kaki, my younger twin sister. Shaking my shoulder with both of her hands. As when she sees my eyes staring at her, she bumps herself onto the seat next to me and continuously brushes her long, silky blue hair. Then I take notice that I am sitting in a car, my mother's car, and realize that we are moving to a new town.

I stare at the outside quietly, wondering about the town we are moving to. For that I am a little worried about what it will be like and how it will differ from my hometown, Dream Memory. My mother once told me and Kaki that we both were born in that town, but she moved to Dream Memory to raise us.

Getting out of my thought, I suddenly notice Kaki waving her hand in front of my face. I blink my eyes for several times, but I respond nothing to her.

"Hey! Sis!"

With her sudden loud voice, I startled, staring at her. Soon enough, she sighs with a funny expression on her face and bounce back to her own seat. I quickly straighten myself up and and turns to Kaki.

"E-Eh yes?"

"Jeez~ Even in tis' real borin' moment. Ya still be able t' sleepin', eh?"

She said with her "hard-to-be-understand words" and puts her hand down and goes back to her seat. Slowly scrubbing my eyelids I try to open my eyes completely, staring at her.

"Oh. I-I don't know that I fell asleep..."

"What's it 'bout?"


Kaki starts questioning me while hugging her favorite pillow tightly, staring me from her seat. I am confused because I have no idea of what she said, I do nothing but stare at her. As when she sees the expression on my face, she throws her pillow down onto the floor, crosses her arms and get close to me.

"Whatcha dreamin' 'bout!"

"E-Eh...do you remember the story that mother told us when we are younger?"

"Hm...story what? Me can't rememberin' it."

"The Legendary Warriors Precure. You can not remember it?"

As when I told her about my dream that I had when I fell asleep, Kaki starts to think it over...over...and over...Then she suddenly hits her hand with her fist rapidly.

"Oh! Yea yea! Me remembered! Zat's one 'f me fav stories"

"I-I'm just wondering about that girl...the one saved by the Cures. Who was she?"

"Why dontcha askin' mama? or me'll askin' her now?"

"Eh. It's up to you, Kaki"

Kaki moves from her seat to the front seat from the back, siting beside mother. Mother looks at her for a while, then continue to concentrate on driving.

"Yes, Kaki?"

"Ya rememberin' th' story?"

"Oh, of course I am"

"Docha know who's 'zat girl zat was savin' by th' Cures?"

Said Kaki as she puts one of her hands under her face waiting for her to answer. Mother says nothing, but only smile, and with a little sigh as she continues to concentrate on the road.

"Well...I don't think I know, my dear. Maybe you will have to find out."

"Aww! Then, never mindin' ya"

Kaki said with her voice, sounds disappointed, as she sits freeze for a she quickly moves her body to the back seat, lying herself comfortably. Then turns around and look at me.

"Nope! Non at all!"

"Oh, that is bad isn't it?"

"Yeah! Me wanna knowin'!"

Speaking of story, I start to miss my hometown even more. Looking down, do nothing but sigh deeply. I miss my childhood memories I had there, my friends back in my original school, my good memories with mother and Kaki. Thinking in my mind, slowly turn around to Kaki and question her.

"Hey, Kaki"


"Do you miss our home? I-I mean...moving from our hometown to somewhere else is so scary..."

"Not at all. Me thinkin' it's fun!"


"Yep! Don'tcha thinkin'?"

Said as she smiles towards me, in contrast of my anxious expression. I slowly lower my sight, still staring at her, say with my quiet, soft voice.

"I-think I'm not..."

I said, starting to look down, with a sad face but still smile for a little. Kaki suddenly grabs onto my shoulders, as I look up to her, she smiles to me so brightly that I start to forget all of my worries.

"Jeez~ Don'tcha makin' face like 'zat t' me!"

Said she as she moves her hands towards my face and pull my cheeks, she smiles along. It is the way she tells people to smile, when they are sad. I know that, but it's just really hurt, I try to pull her hands off my cheeks, but my force is not that strong to pull Kaki's hands away, I can only tell her to stop.

"N-No! Stop pulling my cheek!"

"Kaki. Don't that to your sister."

As soon as I say, Mother shouted back to us from the upfront, eyes still on the road. Kaki stops and look away to the another way, I gently rub my cheeks to make the pain at ease. I can clearly see the reflection of her face from the mirror, that she is really in a bad mood now.

"We're almost there."

Said mother as I now can see the town very clearly. It looks very peaceful and beautiful, not as scary as what I thought. I can see the town centre far away from here, it looks much like the one back in Dream Memory. A cage-like structure in the centre with a lot of trees and flowers surround it, wooden bench sitting besides street lantern with a little end table aside. The fountain near the cage sure brings back a lot of memories and overflow. Somehow all of those made me feel like I am still back home.

"Wow! So beautifullie!"

Suddenly Kaki gets up from her seat with her voice raising so high, as she startled at how beautiful the town really is. Mother slowly turns around as she stops the car, smiling towards us.

"Welcome to Precure Town"

"Precure eh? Kinda strangy name."

Looking at the town with doubt, the doubtful sister of mine turns around to mother, she does nothing but stares. Mother smiles as she turns around back to the front and continues to drive into the town.

"Well, this is the town where those two Cures fought the Darkness and saved the world."

As when she finishes her sentence, Kaki suddenly jumps up, delighted.

"Ohh! 'Zat's gonna be interestin'!"

"Hey! Maki! Kaki!"

After Kaki's energetic, loud voice ended, I heard someone calling our names, I turn around. I can see from the inside, a dark blue haired woman, wears a cap and always looks so energetic as much as Kaki herself. She waves her hands to us from the outside in the town and smiles, her bright eyes seemingly so similar to my sister's.

We get out of the car and get our stuff around, Kaki somehow instead runs to where that woman is, rushes herself and jumps onto her.

"Yay, Auntie!"

"Oh. Hi, Kaki!"

"Ya musta be me loveliey Auntie who lives in 'tis town!"

"That's right! Nice to see you again."

The sentence "Nice to see you again" somehow gets me doubt, I do not think I ever remember meeting this person, but why did she know our names? I suddenly stop walking, while carrying my luggage in my hands, staring at Kaki and the person she greets.

"Maki, let's go and meet my sister over there."

"Eh, sister?"

I listen to my mother's words, still confused, but I proceed to follow her to the person she mentions. I can clearly see that Kaki and her have a lot in common, not just their appearance, but their personality as well. Standing speechless, I stare at those twos, the perfect time when the blue hair woman turns to me, she only smiles.

"Don't tell me this is Maki. Am I right or not, Mune?"

Said she as she walks towards me and looks into my face, mother walks to her side, turning around to where I stand and smiles.

"Yes. And oh, Maki. This is my younger twin sister, her name is-"

"It's Hoshikira Yoruna! But Yona's just fine!"

Spoken loud, mother's twin sister, Yona, cuts through her line with a very loud voice. I can tell that she is almost like the same person as Kaki. If I was told that Kaki is her daughter, I would end up believing her-if Kaki was never my twin sister.

"Auntie~ Whatcha doin' here? Hey ya, sis. She's our Auntie! Ya can tell by jus' lookin' righto?"

Speaking of Kaki, she runs into our Auntie and hugs her tightly. Yes, obviously she is right. I can really tell that she relates to us. Her appearance and everything, much like Kaki herself.

"Well! Maki and Kaki. Welcome to Precure Town! The place where the legend of Precure begins and ended, hometown of Mune and I. I know that you might don't feel familar with this place, but this is where you two were born too."

Once again said to cut through the silence, Auntie quickly walks to the car and starts picking up the luggage and everything inside.

"Yes, mother has once told me. We were born here, but mother chose to move out of town to raise us in a different environment."

"But 'tis town's not 'zat bad. Whycha moving out back then?"

Said Kaki, as she picks up her backpack full of her posters and other stuffs. Walking towards mother, staring with a doubtful glance, she stares at Kaki as she smiles.

"That's a hearty secret~"

"Wha-Aw c'mon, Mama!"

Giggling out loud, mother cannot resist looking at the look on Kaki's face and burst out laughing. Soon enough, everyone is caught in a long period laughter.

After the voices of our laughter are completely gone, Kaki and I carry the last luggage into the in front of a small house. I stare at the building, surprising of how unique it really is. Auntie slowly moves beside me and puts her hand onto my shoulder, smiling at me.

"You seem to interest in my new business, eh?"

"Eh, new business?"

"Yep! I'm a multi-job person. I always change my job whenever I think it's boring, or kinda old fashioned."

Said as she rubs my head gently and walks towards the "new business" building she mentioned. She does nothing but stares at it, then turns around to me.

"I guess it'll be a cafe this time! So, I hope you two will help out too!"

"Cafe-This time? Yona, I thought you're going to change this house into a bath-"

Before mother could ever finish her sentence, auntie suddenly runs into her and closes her mouth with her hand, without any hesitation.

"Shessh! Not so fast, sister! Don't ruin your children's dream."

"Oh, my bad. But you know what?"

"What's up?"

"You just said it out loud, I mean really loud~!"

Like a sudden chill onto her spine, she slowly turns around to me and Kaki, all I do is just staring at her. Somehow her face changes into a funny look as she slowly release mother from her hand and chuckles quietly.

"Ahaha...Forget what Mune and I said."

"Eh? O-Oh, okay..."

"Sorry, Maki. Can you and your sister carry your stuff into your room yourself? The room is on the left, upstairs."


Said I as I quickly go to where my stuff and everything are, slowly carrying them upstairs into our room along with Kaki.

As when I open the door, I am totally amused of how neat it is. Two separated beds in our favorite colors, placed against the wall across each other. Desks for us individual, prepared with a lot of pencils and papers. When I open the closet, I can find a lot of cute dresses, fitting inside of it. Kaki quickly throws her stuff down and jumps onto her bed, hugging her favorite pillow tightly. I totally have no idea of when did she bring that with her.

"Me not mindin' sleepin' in 'tis bed all day! So softy!"

"You can't just do that, we are here to study."

"Aww, gimme a break. We juz got kickin' out 'f th' school, so what?"

"Well...it was actually only you. But…"

As her sister, I am responsible for all actions she performs. Good things, bad things, I am the one to watch her actions. I always got blamed from the teachers whenever she acts up or causes an argument. I am always be bullied by the boys in the school and I cannot do anything to stop them, Kaki somehow protects me by fighting with those boys, punishment is always the cost.

I do not understand why, but Kaki is the one who always got into troubles. She never minds anything that happen to her and still cause a lot of fights in the school. I know that it was because she wants to protect me, but...why did she always end up into this..?

Completely lost in my mind, I stare out from the window of our room. The clear blue sky somehow trying to tell me something, something I might never imagine to be happening. I can only hope that we will not get into any trouble this time...

Somewhere very far from where the twins are, lies another world. A world where nothing is remain, that of what used to be a world of fairies, which they lived peacefully. But cause of the fatal destruction, nothing is left behind. The forsaken Kingdom, is forever sealed, only the true descendants of the royal family will once again free the kingdom from the invisible chains.

Not so far from the forbidden Kingdom, lies a deep forest, where two orphan fairies lived all alone by themselves. They were born as twins, all alone in the forest with no one to care for. They can only learn everything from the books, lying around the forest, the nature is believed to their only friend.

"Hey hey! Kasey! Why don't we go and play in the deepest part of the forest again?"

A pink fur bunny fairy jumps from the tall tree as she speaks to another fairy, Kasey, the blue fur bunny fairy. Somehow he looks at her with an angry look, turning his glance away from her.


"Aw~ Come on!"

"I said no Kylie."

Said with his harsh voice, Kasey quickly walks away from his sister, Kylie. Continues to walk away with no turning back. Kylie tries to get closer to him as she try to convince him.

"Don't be mean like that to me. Can't you remember the time when we younger?"

"I don't have to. Get out of my way."


Although Kylie tries to catch his attention, Kasey only just ignore her, proceeds to walk away from his sister quicker. Kylie grows angry as she quickly gets in front of Kasey and block his way. Then holds onto him tightly, never let go.

"H-Hey! Let me go!"


"Kylie! Stop that!"

"I'm your older sister. You should listen to me."

"Did I have to?"

"Of course you do!"


Speechless, Kasey lets himself surrendered by his own sister. He finally agreed to go with her, into the deepest part of the forest.

As when they arrived, after getting through a lot of obstacles they've face along the way. Kylie quickly runs to the centre where the light is shining down upon, she jumps around the place while her brother does nothing but stare.

"Yay! We're finally made it!"

"Hm...Is this really that part of the forest? It's so-strange."

"Of course it is! But...you're right. Everything's totally changed."

"We better get outta here."

Having a terrible feeling up onto his heart, Kasey tells Kylie to return with him. But somehow she does not listen to what he said and looks at something that reflects the light, it is a mirror, a big mirror that reflects the image of her whole body.

"What's this? A mirror? How could it be here?"

"What the-?! Don't touch it-!"

Kasey tries to warn Kylie of his funny feeling about the mirror that she've found, but he is too late. Instantly, Kylie is being pulled into the mirror, then disappeared.

"Kylie! S-She's.. Disappeared?! So that mirror really has something strange..."

'Kylie. I know that I should run away but...I have to protect you…!'

Thought in his mind, as he quickly gets into the mirror and being pulled as well as Kylie herself.

His vision turns to pitch black, then a glimpse of light shines down upon him. Awaken, he found himself in the middle of an empty room. Nothing is around him, he stares blankly towards the endless wall, closes his eyes.

"What's with that mirror?"

Asked himself, he turns around to find the way he came in, but it seems to be disappeared. He sighs as he slowly gets himself down, sitting on the floor where nothingness lies.


A sudden scream startled him as he looks up, he finds his sister, quickly falling from the sky, then onto him.


"O-Ouch! Kasey. Are you okay?"

"Fine. Just move away your butt from my back, please."

"I'm sorry! I should listen to you. But I..."

"I know. Stop blaming yourself."

Said Kasey as he gently rubs his sisters head as if to comfort her. Kylie wipes her tears off and smiles to him, who tries to ignore her. Suddenly the twos see a pathway, opened in front of them. Kylie jumps forward and points at the way to their exit.

"Hey! It's a way out!"

"Let's take a look at it. It must be the way to the forest."


They leap themselves into the pathway, suddenly the light shines brightly that blinds them from seeing what lies before them. Continue to walk though, holding each other's paws so they won't be separated again.

As when the light completely fades away, the twins fall down from the portal, but on something really soft. They finally get all of their consciousness and look around, they cannot see anything. Then the light slowly shines down towards them, they notice that they are captured in a clear container, with a lot of stuffed doll around them.

"Where is this?!"

Said as she startled, she pokes the dolls surrounding her, somehow scared, she moves herself away from them.

"There were a bunch of dolls in here."

"What are we going to do!"

Kylie, all scared with her tears all over her eyes, hugging her brother tightly. Kasey stood freeze, softly strokes her cheek and pulls herself away from him.

"Just stay freeze, like them. Maybe someone would catch us and we'll escape. Got it?"

Nodded in a respond, Kylie slowly lies down like how the dolls are, a little scared. Still holds her brother's hand, feeling relieved, she stays still as he told her, closes her eyes tight.

"Thank you for dinner~"

Back to where Maki and Kaki are; We are all finished having our dinner, Kaki stretches her arms and then put them onto her stomach, smiling so brightly.

"Me so full!"

"I do too"

I said in respond, as I gently wipe my mouth with a napkin and gets up with my plate and silverware. Slowly put them in the sink and clean off the mess which Kaki made. Suddenly she gets up and points out to the window, the outside, she smiles.

"Hey! Why don't we walkin' 'round 'tis town? It'll be fun~"

"N-No. I-It's no good to go there without the adults-"

"It's okay Maki. You can go."

Said auntie as she nods her head. Kaki's face continuously becomes so delighted as she smiles and holds my hand tightly.

"Really? Yeah! Le's go!"

Kaki, said out loud as she runs to the door, dragging me along as she holds my hand so tightly.

"W-Wait! Don't pull my arm and run like that."

Although I try to tell her to let go of my hand, she doesn't care but still holding my hand even tighter. I sigh as I let her dragging me to the place she's bringing me to.

Finally Kaki and I reach the centre of the town, where most of the shops are, I try to stop to catch up breathing. She finally let go of my hand, standing, staring at something. I slowly raise my face and notice her turning around to me.

"Alrighty! We'll enterin' 'tis store."

Kaki says as she points at the building in front of her, a Game Center. She starts to pull my hand with her once again and I cannot resist. I try to catch my breath and try to speak up to her.

"Game Center? N-No we shouldn't!"

"Just a little! I'll bring you back home."


Left with no choice, I decided to follow her inside, although I feel strange about something. When we look around, it is an enormous place. It contains many of games and arcade, Kaki starts to run around and giggles. There's not so much people here, every pathways are almost blank. Kaki still continuously jumping around, delighted to finally come to the place where she wants to come.

"Wowie! It's soooo big! Let's play that! I wanna catch some dolls."

Said Kaki as she points to a game machine with a lot of cute dolls in it, still jumping, she pushes my body towards the machine until I'm close to it. As when I look through the glass, I see one of the dolls, a little pink bunny doll. Somehow I can feel something from her, like she's waiting for me to pick her up.

"That pink bunny doll is so cute..."

"Ya wanna 'zat? Me'll catchin' for ya."

"I-It's okay. You don't have to-"

"Non a prob! Me think Me'll catchin' 'zat bluish rabby too."

Kaki says as she points at the blue doll, lying besides the pink bunny. I slowly turn aroound to look at her, I can tell she didn't lie, she seems to be very delighted as she stares at those dolls. I sigh, lefting me no choice but to let her do what she wants.

"Okay, then. Try your best okay?"


As she finished her sentence, quickly moves herself to the controller, starts to find a coin in her pocket and inserts it into the machine. I stand aside her, can do nothing but stare and cheer her on.


Quickly scoops the prize she's aiming for, the claw somehow catches both of them at the same time. As when the dolls comes out, Kaki hands me the pink bunny and smiles. I hold the doll gently and smile back at her.

"Thank you, Kaki."

"Anythin' f' me sis, me'll do anythin'!"

"Okay, now let's go home."

Walking towards the door, Kaki and I hold each other's hands tightly while the other hand holding our new dolls. Kaki, delightly smiles at me as I smile to her. We slowly walks out of the building and head back home.

"Tell me ya rememberin' our way back home o righty?"

"Of course I do."

"Heh, that's me sis! Me dunno what t' do if me don't have ya."

"So, that is why you drag me along?"

Nodded in respond, Kaki smiles as she starts running. I almost fall, but she holds my in her arm tightly, preventing me from falling. I try to catch up and raise my face to her.

"K-Kaki! Please slow down-!"

"Le's headin' home quickie! Mama's gonna punishin' us f' bein' late!"


Slowly release my body from her arm, holding my hand instead. Kaki and I try to run as fast as we can, she actually can run faster than I am, but she slows down to let me catch up.

She always does what she did when we used to live in Dream Memory, but somehow I have a very strange feeling about this town, or maybe I might just made up my mind. This town somehow very tranquil, it really must be because of those Legendary girls. I guess we might find something about that legend as we live her for a while, I hope we will be able to learn everything about that story someday!

Far beyond, where the Kingdom of Darkness lies. The seal of the Dark Queen finally broken, releases her from the eternal sleep. The released darkness energy takes form as Dark Queen as she slowly raises her face, with her staff in her hand. Lighten up the lanterns surrounding her, grins so evilly as she opens her hands and raise them high.

"At last...I've come back once again. It's has been 14 years after my last fight. And now, it's time...for me to avenge!"

Said as she bursts out in a laughter with evil tone in her voice, raising her staff and draw a magic circle, soon enough a figure is being summoned. Taken form as a young woman and kneel upon Dark Queen.

"Elizabeth, you are at charge of the monster. Dismantle the new Precure. At once!"

"Yes! Dark Queen-sama!"

Responded as she warps into a portal, leaving the room empty with only the Queen of Darkness. She grins as she sits onto her throne and stares at the seat besides her, sits a man wearing a crown likely a prince or a king, still sitting unconsciously. Dark Queen stands as she moves in front of the man and strokes his cheeks gently, grinning with overflowing happiness.

"My dear handsome prince, what do you think? What are we going to do with those new Precure?"

"Destroy...them all..."

"As you wish, and soon...we'll finally rule the world!"

Said as she laughs, that the voice echos all over the room. She slowly sits back onto her seat, looking into her magic circle, stop laughing and grins instead, then disappears into the darkness...

End of Episode 1...

Up next in Episode 2:

Kaki: Tomorrow's our first day at school! Yay yay!

Maki: S-So scary...

Kaki: Stop sayin' 'zat already!

Maki: I'm sorry, Kaki...

Kaki: Up next episode: Now...The Legend of Precure is Born Once Again!

Maki: Eh, really? I want to know who will be the one...

Kaki: Then...le's wait for it! Yeah~!

Maki: Kaki. Don't forget to set your alarm clock, okay?

Kaki: Oh, me forgot it already. Hehe!

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