The Tale Of Demon Boy Volume 1

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Ryuujin, one of the eight dragons who ruled the heavens, was banished to the human realm as punishment for killing four of the majestic dragons. Akumu Shiro, a high school student, is the 100th incarnate of Ryuujin, but he doesn't get along with for he is next to the throne as Grand King Lucifer. He faces challenges that threaten his life and the throne.

Fantasy / Action
Tokikaze Kohaku
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Chapter 1: The Next Lucifer

Once there were eight majestic dragons that ruled the land, but on one faithful night, the dragons’ were halved. The suspect the eldest dragon, “Ryuujin”. The other dragons loathed Ryuujin for what he did, as for him who slew, he was banished to the human realm eternally. Many years have passed, every time Ryuujin dies, he finds a demon suitable to be his incarnate.

There aren’t many people that are very friendly while they’re young, but not this one, his name is Akumu Shiro, and he is a student at Shouto high. At his first day, he introduced himself, then ignored anyone at school, even the teachers. He’s a complete loner, he completely ignores anyone who would go up to him. But there was this one girl who pestered him non-stop until classes ended. “What is wrong with you?!” he screams angrily. “Don’t you know what it means when the person you’re pestering isn’t talking to you?” he added, “I do know what it means, but you can’t be alone at your first day, and besides it would be sad if you got no one to have your back” she explained. At that point, he noticed something with the girl, his senses are telling him that she’s a demon. “Who the hell are you anyway?” Shiro asked, “You don’t remember me? I’m Yami, Yami Hikaru” she replies. As he realizes, he went to her and told her “stay away from me if you value your life” her eyes widened as those words flew in her ear, she looked at him and saw the killing intent he had.

As he leaves school, he began to ponder, “What if I said that a bit less frightening, would she still stop?” he brushes off the thought and went home. Right after, he opened a portal to his’ parents’ clan house down in Hell. After he entered, he noticed that his parents aren’t there, so he asked the maid if she happens to know something, “Young Master, your parents are gone for a while, caused by hearing of who would become the next Lucifer” before he could leave, his parents are already there, so they ask him of what brought him there, he said there is something important that he wants to get from the palace. “After you’re done, come to the family room, there is something important we need to talk about” his father said.

He went to his room and grabbed his retractable blade, after that, he went to the family room where his parents are waiting for him. “Come sit here child” his mom said. As he obeyed, his father said “The court assigned you to be the next Lucifer, and because of that, the Yami clan and our clan decided to bring you and Hikaru together” upon hearing that, he objected right away, with the excuse that he already has a girlfriend “ I don’t think she’s ready to meet you yet dad” he added. The king decided to give him a full month, by the end of it, Shiro must bring his girlfriend to the palace, and else he and Hikaru will be together. Shiro agreed to the conditions and left.

As Shiro reaches his house, he thinks of the bet he made with his father, “Did I make the right decision?” he dozed off after a while of thinking. The next morning, on his way to school, he accidentally bumped into a girl wearing the same uniform his female classmates were wearing, so he asked, “Are you from Shouto high?” She nods her head to confirm that she is going to the same school he does. Shiro notices her books were scattered on the floor caused by their collision. “Let me help you pick those up” he offers his help “Sure, thanks” the girl replies.

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