The Tale Of Demon Boy Volume 1

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Chapter 10: The Truth

After the guards left, Shiro tied the impostor up wanting some answers from him, but to no avail. The impostor didn’t answer any of his questions, so he ended up taking the impostor to the palace’s torture room. The impostor knew where he would end up, so he laughed at him. Shiro, pissed off and couldn’t contain his anger anymore, punched the impostor, and shouted “WHAT THE FUCK IS SO FUNNY???” the impostor replied with a grin on his face. At the torture room, Shiro chained him down and began to question him, but again, to no avail. Pissed off, he grabbed one of the tools laid down on a table, but he puts it down immediately saying “This won’t be good enough” so he switched his plan to dragon form, he invoked “Invocation: Ryuujin!” Ryuujin’s armor appeared in front of him, sucking Shiro in it, once that Shiro was inside of the armor, he invoked once again, “Invocation: 4 Blade Dragon Fusion, YAMI!!” a katana rose from the ground having a matte black sheathe, it unsheathed itself bearing the name, Yami. The impostor is still unfazed after witnessing Shiro’s cards laid down in front of him. “You know, you fucked up” said the intruder. Shocked, he didn’t know how to answer that, besides, the impostor is already tied up and has no force to break enchanted cuffs. But to his surprise, the impostor passed out before he could even strike. The next day, Ryuu took a visit to the Akumu manor. The first person he met there was Himari, he asked “What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be at your place?” “I got bored there so I came by to visit him” she answered. After they talked, Himari knocked on the door once more. They were welcomed by Shiro’s dad, the king himself saying “Shiro has been expecting the both of you, please, let the maids lead you to where he is” two maids were called to lead the two of them. When they reached where Shiro is, Himari noticed that she has been there before, so she thought about it and realized that it was his personal training field. Shiro welcomed both of them inside, while he was training. Ryuu noticed what he was doing and challenged him on a contest, “I challenge you, the one who kills the most hounds within 2 minutes wins” he said, Shiro asks for a price they both have to pay “how about, 2 million yen” Ryuu answers, Shiro accepts his challenge knowing he would win. While the two of them are at it, Himari just sits there watching the two of them clash, counting killed hounds. In the end, Shiro won with 213-30. “Heh, is that all you got?” Shiro brags. Himari laughs upon noticing something within the same room. The two ask her what it is but she kept silent. The day went on with them just trying to get the best of the others by fighting each other. After Ryuu and Himari left, Shiro then goes to the torture room to check on the impostor, he then asked “What are you?” the impostor still gave no answer. After a few hours, the impostor said “I am you, as you were me” shocked, Shiro didn’t know how to respond “I am your clone, I am you” the impostor added. Confused, Shiro asked Ryuujin on how to take clones, Ryuujin told him that he can’t make some. But it was possible for him to make some “Since each time I reincarnate, a new thing can be learned” Ryuujin said. Shiro tried to cancel his skill, but after a few attempts, the clone disappeared at his will, after that day, he trained himself on how to control his clones from going far away from him.

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