The Tale Of Demon Boy Volume 1

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Chapter 11: Akuma and Yami

About 11 years ago, Himari and Hikaru met each other when they were brought by their parents at a meeting along with the other clans. Since then, the two of them want to go play every day, kindly enough, their parents agreed to them. At another meeting, the two were again brought by their parents, this time, The Akumu clan had brought their eldest child, Shiro. The two were afraid at first but Himari gathered up her strength to talk to him first. At an early age, Shiro was known to the people as a genius, answering complex algebra at the age of 4. Hikaru was stunned to see him at the meeting but is a bit jealous at Himari for talking to him so casually.

While Himari and Shiro are talking, Hikaru went in to interrupt them as she was getting kind of pissed off. “You do know, that the guy you’re talking to is a genius right?” Hikaru asks Himari. “Of course I know, that’s why I asked him to teach me a few of his knowledge before even getting there” she replies. Shocked, Hikaru wanted Shiro to teach her to, but both of them were rejected by Shiro because he thought it was childish of Hikaru to copy Himari just because she is her friend.

Sad, the both of them made a deal, when the time comes, they will battle for Shiro’s heart, the two of them told their respective parents of their plans to win Shiro’s heart, but their parents just laughed at them saying “Child, you’re too young to know about love”. They got pissed off and planned on their own. The day after, the went to meet each other just like any other day, played like any other day but they secretly plan to take the other girl down to win his heart. But as soon as Himari realizes what she was about to do, she thought about it once more, so that carefully, and smartly win his heart.

Shiro on the other hand, was busy studying the other clans’ backgrounds. 6 years later, Himari and Hikaru went to see Shiro, but the maid said that he isn’t there. When they asked why, the maid told them that Shiro told her that she can’t tell anyone about where or what he is about to do, especially to Himari and Hikaru. They couldn’t do a thing but to retreat to their respective manors. That night, Shiro was found wondering along-side the Akumu manor garden holding a book, when the guard asked him of why he’s there, he simply answered “It’s peaceful here, no distractions, no noise, just enough for me to focus on reading my book” the guard left him alone because he didn’t want to be disturbed, but he stayed at the perimeter so that in case something happens, he’s there to protect the heir.

As the night deepened, Shiro went back into the palace to ask the maid if his parents are there yet “They aren’t here yet, Prince Shiro” the maid said, “I told you, I don’t like being called prince” Shiro scolded the maid, the maid then gets a notice that the king is already there, so she leads Shiro to them. Shiro gave his parents a warm welcome after a long day. “The guard told me that you were loitering at the garden again” his father said. “No need to worry, I know how to defend myself when I’m alone, I didn’t want to be called prince for nothing you know” He replied. The king sighs as his son takes his name lightly, so he explained the threats that await him when he’s alone. Upon realizing, Shiro didn’t do anything but smirk, his dad was shocked at his reactions. When he asked why he was smirking, “I know the ups and downs when it comes to the royal name, I’m not called a genius for nothing” He said. The family went to the dining to eat dinner, Shiro on the other hand said that he wasn’t hungry and went to his room. The king ordered one of the guards to take a close watch on him.

The next day, Himari and Hikaru tried to visit Shiro once more, but to no avail, the maid said that Shiro went with his father at a clan meeting a few minutes ago, on the other hand, Shiro wasn’t really with his dad, he just ordered the maid to say it so that the two won’t bother him. After the two left, Shiro thanked the maid and went on to his agenda. This time, his agenda is about the two, Himari and Hikaru, he wanted to find out why the two of them wanted to visit him right after knowing him. On a battlefield, where the two of them decided to go after not having to see Shiro. The two of them were silent, trying to plan out their tactics to win Shiro’s Heart, Himari then told Hikaru to just give up, and she declines.

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