The Tale Of Demon Boy Volume 1

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Chapter 12: Eavesdrop

Shiro was eavesdropping on their conversation behind a bush to look for shreds of evidence about why they would want to meet him more right after meeting him and talking to them for about 3 minutes. Upon listening, he heard the leaves rustled coming towards him, “seal: port” he chanted silently, as he thought of who it might be, he realized that it might be one of the guards from his manor, so he went back to check. When he got there, he saw the man grabbed Himari by the wrist and Hikaru on the ground lying down. His immediate reaction was to save her, so he chanted “Seal, black sight” then shouted “come, 008, 009” his weapons flew to his hands. The man was blinded and was shocked after it happened, Himari’s wrist was let go by the man. Hikaru on the other hand was impressed by how Shiro flawlessly invoked his weapons. “Seal: Static fear” Shiro invoked once more, the man feared whoever did that to him as he couldn’t move, not even an inch of his body. Shiro points 009 to the man’s throat as he asked, “What is your intention?” the man laughed as he said, “what are you going to do with that kid? Slash me with a mere plastic knife?” the man ridicules him. After being ridiculed, he gets pissed off at the man and he slashed the man’s ear clean off, the man was shocked after getting his ear cut off, he told him “I was only here to take princess Himari to one of our headquarters” the man’s voice was shaking in fear getting his life taken away from him. Shiro, without mercy, Takes his blade to the man’s chest saying “You stooped so low to take someone’s life away. Scum like you should have their life taken away from them” bloodstains Shiro’s hands, Himari’s feelings for Shiro became more than a petty one, as for Hikaru ’I must win his heart no matter what’ she thought to herself. Shiro made sure that Himari and Hikaru were home safe before going home himself. When he got home, his father was waiting for him on the door, “Where were you? And what happened to you? Your hands are drenched in blood” his father worries, “I just took care of a man who intended to take Himari’s life away” Shiro replies. Shocked, his father asked him how. Shiro called out to his blades that shocked his father, “I told you, I’m not called a genius for nothing” he brags to his father. “When did you learn to call out to your blades?” the king asked him, “When I was 4, I called out to the weapons that were inside the forge, none of them flew to my hands until I called out to 009 and 008” he answers. The king now remembered that the weapon codes 009 and 008 went missing 2 years ago. “Let’s get you washed up” the king said. Shiro obeyed his orders and took a bath.

That night, Himari thought of a way to get Shiro’s attention, and she didn’t include Hikaru within it. On the other end, Hikaru did the same thing, she thought o hiring a suicidal demon to pretend that he’s going to kill her to get Shiro’s attention. On the contrary, Himari didn’t think that replicating the scene would get his attention ’I won’t fall for the same thing twice’ she thought of what Shiro would say. The next day, Shiro visited Himari’s manor to check on how she’s doing. “I’m fine, thanks for worrying, although that would be the least of your worries.” Himari then said. Shiro tried to ask why it would be. “Hikaru is going to find a way to make you notice her, so please be careful with her” she replies. Shiro nodded to confirm. While they were talking, a maid said that Himari has a visitor, so she let her in. To Shiro’s surprise, Hikaru visited her to check on how she’s doing. As Hikaru notices, she said “Akumu-kun, what brings you here?” she asked “I paid her a visit to check on her, she might be troubled with what has happened last night” he answered. “And as for you, why are you hogging him?” she asks Himari while pointing at her, “I’m not hogging him, he went here on his own will” she answered. Shiro gets pissed off by their childish fight, so he said “I’m taking my leave here, good day” Hikaru, tried to stop him from leaving but he called out to his blades and pointed it at her and said, “Do you want to end up like the man from yesterday?” Paralyzed in fear, she couldn’t answer him and let go of his jacket. Shiro left thinking ’Was that right? To threaten her like that?’ he brushed off the thought for he reasoned out with himself that if he had gone lighter, she wouldn’t have let go.

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