The Tale Of Demon Boy Volume 1

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Chapter 13: The Announcement

Going back to the present, Shiro is training to control his clones, Himari is training her hardest to overcome Shiro’s power, and Ryuu is still training himself to tame his dragon. The next day of class, Shiro didn’t come to school, so after classes ended, Himari visited him. The maid said that Shiro was with his dad at a meeting for the next Queen. Knowing this, Himari thinks that she will be the next Eve. After a while, Shiro returned to the manor, seeing Himari waiting for him by the porch. “Your intentions?” he formally asks her “Would you mind telling me, who’s the next queen?” she asks. Shiro didn’t answer her question and ignored her. “Son, you could’ve been at least more considerate” the king said. Shiro asked the coach to stop, then he went out to Himari saying “The next Eve would have to be won by contest” Himari was confused as she hears the announcement. But right after, she gets thrilled by the news, so she bids Shiro goodbye, then went home to train herself.

On the other hand, Hikaru heard everything and went to go training. Excited, Himari begins to train right after she reached her manor. Hikaru did the same thing. In the shadows, a girl with purple hair, and yellow eyes saw Hikaru running towards her manor, the girl’s father told her “Child, you must train. For this is your chance to claim the throne.” Determined, she obeys her father and began to train. Unsure, Shiro began to think that it might not be a good idea that he didn’t tell who his queen is, although he also thinks that he made the right choice. Since he wanted his queen to be the most capable woman in the realm. At the moment, Ryuu has begun to tame his dragon, although it seemed to be friendlier with the other incarnates. The head of the Akumu clan called out to Shiro to ask, “Why didn’t you tell them that your queen is the female heir of the Akuma clan?” “That is because I want my queen to be capable of protecting herself when I am not around” he answered. The king realized his plans and accepted his reason. A few days later, another school day is right around the corner, Shiro is walking alone towards the school, and so was Himari. Ryuu on the other hand is walking towards the school with a girl with purple hair and yellow eyes, Shiro saw this and suspected that she is a demon walking at the surface ’Must be another heir’ he thought to himself. Once that he was in his class, his homeroom teacher then follows bringing in the girl with purple hair. “Come on, introduce yourself” says their homeroom teacher. “Hello everyone, my name is Tsumi Mai, nice to meet you all” she said. Himari felt a suspicious vibe with her. Shiro on the other hand, was curious about who she is and why she was with Ryuu on his way there.

After class, Shiro went to the rooftop to get a full view of those that are leaving, while watching, he saw Mai going out of the campus. He chanted a teleporting seal to go to her before she leaves saying “Why were you with Ryuu while coming here?” “Why should I answer you? You jealous?” she bragged. Shiro brushed it off and asks her again, this time she said: “I was lost on my way here, sadly I didn’t bump into you but instead, I bumped into him”. She then asks him to walk home with her, but Shiro wanted to refuse for he thought that she has a plan but he wants to know more of it, so he accepts. When he takes a glance at her, he saw that her grin was of a killer’s, shocked, he went in and asked her “What are your intentions?” she didn’t speak. She led her to an apartment beside his, confused, he asked if that is her house “Yes, you have a problem with that?” she then asks, he declines, they then part ways. Going inside his house he ponders if what would’ve happened if Mai becomes the next queen. He brushes off the thought ’That’d be fine, Himari can take her down. But I don’t know if her strength is enough to take her down’ he thought to himself.

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