The Tale Of Demon Boy Volume 1

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Chapter 14: Prepare

“Akumu, Yami, Tsumi, Kage” the grand king said to the clan leaders, they replied respectfully just to realize that one of them isn’t there. “Find Akumu at once!” the grand king ordered the other clan heads. They all obeyed, as they went to the Akumu manor, the maids were surprised to see that all 4 clan heads are there to look for Shiro’s father. Sadly, the maid told them that they were missing last night. The heads searched the whole domain to at least get a bit of information on where the two could be. At last, someone told the kings that Shiro and his dad went deep into the woods, so they went. They found the two of them quickly as they went in, but they noticed that the two are fighting, “What is this?” the Yami head asks, “Training” says Shiro. That is when the kings knew that Shiro has already been training for the tournament under the annual ritual. The annual ritual is when the 5 kings gather at least 3 of their best demons within the bloodline, battling for the crown, may it be male or female. “This year will be tough” the grand king said. “I agree” the Tsumi king said.

They looked away for a second, then looked back at them, it seemed that there is no damage done, but the Akumu king’s body could no longer hide the damage he has been dealt from Shiro’s attack. The Akumu king concedes defeat. The other kings were impressed how he could defeat their king in battle, the Akuma grand king was most impressed as he hasn’t seen a child of his age defeating a monster in his father’s skill. At that moment, he screamed in pain, the 5 kings asked him is he’s okay, but they got blown away by seeing him bearing wings on his back, though it is early, the grand king said that he is ready to take the throne, but after bearing wings, Shiro knew how to control them and tucked them in. “I don’t want to take the throne that easy, I’ll take it after the tournament” he says. Shocked, the grand king granted his wish and left him to prepare for the upcoming grand tournament. At that moment, the grand king wished for Shiro’s father to join them in their meeting for the grand tournament, he agrees, when they left, Shiro called out “come, 009, 008” his blades flew to his hands then ran to the woods, hunting even greater monsters than skill hounds. Shiro, while hunting, saw a dog-like creature with 2 heads, it intrigued him and started chasing it. While chasing it, he remembered that in some books, they found a dog with 2 heads and called it hell hound, a skill hound only more powerful. Excited, he unchained one of his wrists, and his speed went faster than before. The hell hound was outrun by him after he caught it, he beheaded it and brought it to the manor of the 5 kings, presenting its head to them, the Kage king was impressed that he could find such a creature. “No one has seen these in ages, although we thought they were extinct” says the Kage head. Shiro explained how he saw it and where others might be. “How did you get all this information?” the grand king asks him, “I studied them before, when I was 4” he replies. Shocked, the grand king wanted to find out more so he asked Shiro to go back to the forest and take a video of the remaining hell hounds alive. Shiro agrees to this with a condition “I’ll take that video for you, but you will postpone my crown for two weeks after the tournament has ended” he bargained, the grand king grants his wish. As he went down into the woods, he saw a pack of skill hounds running wild around the woods, “that’s not what I wanted to see” he said to himself. After a few minutes of diving deep into the woods, he then finds one hell hound killing an animal to feed his kin, after the hound gather the food he wants, the hound left to go to his pack, Shiro follows. It even tried to shake him off but then Shiro chanted “seal: nightmare rush” his presence was not felt by the hound and it fled to its pack. Once the hound reached his pack, Shiro turned on the camera given to him by the grand king, filming a whole pack of hell hounds. When he finished filming, he went and did something within the woods. He went back to the 5 king manor, presenting the video to the grand king, “impressive” says the grand king, Shiro thanks him for his praise then left saying “I must leave, I still need to prepare myself for the grand tournament” the 5 kings bid him goodbye as he left the doors of the manor.

After leaving, Shiro chanted “seal: port” to teleport himself to his training room. Inside, the field was set at the forest while he kept hell hounds in it “Now no one will ever find any of you here” says Shiro with a killer’s grin on his face. He then kills the hounds except for one, which he kept as a pet for himself. “I’m sure there is plenty of your kin from where you’re from” he said to the Hound. He gave it the name “Flash” since it’s the fastest in his kin. He trained him to obey his orders when he gives them to him, surprisingly, the hound learned fast.

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