The Tale Of Demon Boy Volume 1

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Chapter 15: The Next Queen

As the grand tournament takes place, the 5 kings wanted to take a different tournament before proceeding to the “Grand Tournament”. “Today, the next queen will be determined by the next grand king’s wish, a tournament,” says the Akuma grand king. The crowd goes wild, for the first time in the realm’s history, the queen will be decided by a tournament like the “Grand Tournament”. “There are 4 young ladies here that were brave enough to face each other in a tournament for the next queen” says the Akumu king. The 4 young ladies take their post in the arena as they find Shiro in the 5 king’s thrones. “Today’s battle will be a battle royal kind of battle” says Shiro besides the 5 kings. Knowing this, Himari plans out her tactics on taking the three of them down, but she lacks the intel to do so, ’I’ll just have to wing it, for now, I’ll plan after I get to know their abilities” she thought to herself.

“These 4 are: Akuma Himari, Yami Hikaru, Tsumi Mail, and last but not the least Akumu Shizuku” says the Akumu king, although he is troubled because his own daughter entering a tournament for her blood brother. The battle has begun with Shizuku chanting all kinds of attack-based chants, while Himari only focused to fend herself. On the other hand, Hikaru and Mai are going against each other head-to-head. After a few minutes of the four of them fighting, one has fallen, Akumu Shizuku, the others, still competing for the crown, and mostly because Shiro was there watching them. ’Now I ca plan as I please’ Himari thought to herself. She planned out how she would take the others down that won’t take much of her power, “Then use me” Akibara whispered to Himari’s ear, she wanted to but she also wanted to prove that without Akibara, she can claim victory. “Seal: Lust: Snake’s passion” Mai chanted, poisoning the arena, Himari knew of this and took advantage of it “Seal: Dragon skin” she chanted, protecting her from the poison Mai leased. Hikaru admits defeat after inhaling some of Mai”s poisonous gas.

Finally, only two of them are left standing, Akuma Himari and Tsumi Mai, the two of them have been fighting for more than an hour, yet none of them are willing to let go. Himari insisted that she won’t use any of Akibara’s power, but if she doesn’t she will fall. “Don’t you think that this is the right time for you to use me” Akibara whispers to her ear. Eager to win, she invoked “Invocation: Akibara” a great flame surrounds her burning Mai’s fist, inside the flame, Himari’s body gets covered by Akibara’s Aura and armor. Once the flames dispersed, She invoked “Invocation: Lunar blades fusion: Luna” a katana rose from the ground bearing the name Luna on the blade, scabbard and sheathe, it flew to her hand then she invoked once more, “Invocation: Burning sandstorm” a vast tornado with flames covered Mai as it burns her body. When the tornado disappeared Mai was already lying down on the ground, fainted. Himari comes back to her normal state with a burned arm, claiming victory. The grand king, Himari’s father gave Shiro the crown as the next Grand king Lucifer of the realm, while the queen, Himari’s mom, gave her the crown, proving that two weeks after the grand tournament ends, they’ll be ruling the realm. Shiro told the grand king that he wants to announce something to the crowd, he granted his wish and gave him a microphone. “I, Akumu Shiro, will not be the grand king after two weeks of the grand tournament’s end, but rather, 2 years after it ends, this is my will and my will alone. The grand king can do nothing but to abide since the grand king already knew of his reason, he told this to the grand king before the match ended. “I still have a business to attend to, so I may not be able to rule for the next 2 years or so” he remembered Shiro saying.

Shiro then explains why he wanted his queens to fight for the crown, “This is to prepare my queen if I ever I am not around to protect them. Himari, on the other hand, has proven herself to be smart and strong, which is why she was able to reign victorious.” Before they all leave, a cloud of smoke covered the whole arena, the kings tried fleeing before something bad happens, but as soon as the smoke dispersed, the grand king was gone. The other kings thought that he just left without saying but then realized that he might be abducted. Shiro was still there, and so was the others, Himari on the other hand was protected by Shiro’s protective seal. The Yami king, Hikaru’s father, had suggested searching for the grand king. Each clan had deployed their men to search for the grand king and the abductor, Shiro came along with the soldiers deployed by the Akumu king. While searching, Shiro told the soldiers that he would take a different path, some of the soldiers deployed went with him while the others took different paths. After a few hours, Shiro went back into the other soldiers covered in blood, saying “The other soldiers were eaten by hell hounds found within the woods, I only escaped when they said that the next grand king cannot be damaged by these hounds” the other guards went to where Shiro told them to recover the bodies, but what the guards found is piled up men with dog bites over their body. Shiro grinned as he saw the expressions that were painted in the soldiers’ faces. The 4 kings have received a report that a third of the search party was killed by a wild pack of hell hounds, the Akumu was most furious as the report stated that the men killed by hounds were his men. Shiro retreated to the palace when the men have finished burying the corpses of the others, the Akumu king wanted to ask his son about the things that happened, but was stopped to see that his face seemed more displeased than usual.

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